If sleep eludes you these days as you can't figure out what games are coming up in 2021, we’ve got you covered. With this article, we’ve put together a great list of games that are coming up during this year, as well as a list of the most anticipated releases of 2021. With this list in hand, you can start planning your gaming schedule for the next months, as well as making an estimate of your budget spending on fun. Which should never be limited!

Video Games Releases of 2021

Putting together a list of the best video games of 2021 is nearly impossible, so the best we can do is estimate based on online chatter, professional charts, and on how the heart reacts when one reads a certain title. The release schedule for games this year is a promising one, to say the least, so here are 7 games that we are looking forward to until the end of the year.

Mundaun - With this title, you're getting the unique looks of a horror story "written" in nothing but pencil artwork. Everything is drawn by hand and the feels that you get just by looking at the trailer are to die for!

Drifters - Introducing a free-to-play hero shooter with a mission: to mesh the competitive style of Overwatch with the arcade fun of Super Smash Bros. Based on 5v5 teams, Drifters is about roles, and interpreting them the best that you can.

Outriders - Made by "People Can Fly", this particular title is a must of 2021. It blends shooting and RPG to create a futuristic style of gaming, in which Borderlands meet Mass Effect and Bulletstorm. On Enoch, teaming up is the only way forward!

Humankind - How does a SEGA game of the turn-based strategy type sound to you? To us, it sounds like one of the most impressive games releases of the year! It looks amazing, to say the least, and the trailers are screaming "thrills"!

resident evil games in 2021

Resident Evil Village - A new Resident Evil title is like that nightmare you've always been waiting for. It is one of the biggest launches of 2021, by far. Smash dead characters in the head, or cut their remains apart, it's all up to you and how you do things.

Deathloop - Rescheduled for 2021, this particular title is all about intrigue. It's a shooter made by talented Arkane Studios, in which players have to eliminate 8 targets during one in-game day. A new look on shooters, Deathloop comes with impressive graphics and features never seen before.

Back 4 Blood - Some say it's the resurrection of "Left 4 Dead". We say, there's just excitement you can expect from a game with death, worms, zombies, and a lot of blood. With such a gruesome trailer, it will surely be a hit!

Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2021

Now that we’ve covered some expected releases of 2021, let’s dive into those games everyone is waiting to get their hands on. The big titles. The most-wanted releases. These three video games are surely going to make the headlines of the year over the entire industry.

CHORUS - Deep Silver is coming back in 2021 and turns all heads with this new atmospheric shooter, in an outer space setup that turns you into Nara. She's a skilled warrior, but also a fugitive, running away from a cult. Her spaceship, Forsaken, alongside a trait of dangerous abilities, makes her the hero you'll want to play.

DIABLO 4 - When Blizzard announces a new game, everybody's all eyes and years! There's no sure date for Diablo 4 yet, but the great news is, everything points towards a 2021 release. The world of Sanctuary will turn dark once more, as it was in Diablo 2, and go way beyond anything we've ever known about a pristine MMO-like experience.

releases in 2021

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance - When muttering the words "Dungeons & Dragons", very few gamers are left without a little shiver going down their spine. This classic is now put into virtual realms, and into a sequel of the previous "Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance" international success. Wizards of the Coast and Tuque Games are ready to once again blow the minds of their fans away!

Where To Buy The Games Of 2021

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