Gaming is not just about the games, but the setup behind them. And when it comes to gaming setups, it all starts with the mighty gaming chair. The best gaming chairs around are not cheap, but they should not “break the bank” from your first try. Meaning, you should spend close to $300 for a great chair, and only go above that figure if you’re REALLY serious about it.

What Makes A Gaming Chair Great

Gaming chairs can’t just be called that and then be great, or even good. Many companies simply brand their office chairs as “gaming chairs”, and expect them to blow up in sales. It does not work like that, as gaming chairs have to have a certain set of features in order to be effective. First of all, it’s the build quality. The chair has to be made out of top materials.

Second, it’s the ergonomic aspect, and just how much you can model the position of the chair and its elements to match your body. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll feel sick, literally, after spending a few minutes, let alone hours, in it. Third, a great gaming chair is a blast to look at, or appear in streams or videos if you’re a “certified” gamer with some online presence.

Best Gaming Chairs For Under $300

Gaming chairs can get you very far when playing your favorite game for hours on end. It’s the comfort, the relaxation, and the blend of good materials and ergonomic features that make or break a chair intended for gaming. These chairs from below check all of the boxes, and are all priced at lower or a little over $300, depending on where you’re getting them from.

Secretlab Titan Softweave - Namely "simply the best gaming chair" of 2021, this particular "gadget" of a seater is sublime. It comes with a levelled seat base with a racing back, 165 degrees angle of recline, 290 pounds maximum capacity in terms of weight, and three colours, black, charcoal blue, and cookies and cream. It feels and looks and acts like a luxury product, and it totally is. If you're looking for THE gaming chair, this is it!

Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody - Looking for the very best ergonomic gaming chair you can buy with the money? Logitech has the answer for you with this model, as this seat stimulates blood and oxygen flow better than any other chairs out there. It has unrivalled back support and can hold up to 300 lbs in weight. Sure, it's expensive, but some models have been put out for 300 bucks and maybe a little more.

NeueChair - Not all gamers are full-time gamers. Some also have to put in the daily office work so that they can live and pay the bills. This is why the NeueChair is the ideal mix between office and gaming, for those users who're into both. It's comfortable, adjusting, lightweight and very functional. It's not flashy like your usual gaming chair, but it gets the job done and you feel rested while in it.

AndaSeat Kaiser 2 - When looking for a gaming chair when you're new at the job, this type of model will usually pop up. This is the standard look and feel of a gaming chair, for most people. But the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 is no ordinary gaming chair. The main word here is "longevity", not in terms of life, but of hours you can spend in the chair without it turning into a punishment.

Corsair T3 Rush - This premium gaming chair is actually cheaper than the $300 limit we've installed for this part of the list. Well, a dollar cheaper, but still! The Corsair T3 Rush comes with a complete 180 degrees recline, it's made out of breathable soft fabric, and it is suited with 4D armrests, whatever that means! It looks stunning, and you are surely going to be comfortable on your next CS:GO or WoW marathons.

The Ultimate Gaming Chair Of 2021

Right, now let’s look into the world of the future of gaming chairs… of today! This one gaming chair is an actual thing. Yes, it does look like it’s from another planet, but you can order this thing right now, given you’re that wealthy and can spare the price!

Introducing the IW-SK Workstation Chair, or the Scorpion Gaming Chair, a monster of a station that's all about the future, the incredible looks, the RGB and the spectacle. This is no ordinary chair, for sure! Prices start at $3.499, and you can only get it with a prepaid order. We're not sure about the waiting list or times, but one thing is certain: this gaming chair is out of this world!