Game streaming platforms allow players to remotely access a powerful computer, and then play their favorite games on it. The stream then transmits the visuals on their computers, no matter how weak they are.

In retrospect, the client, which is the gamer, controls the game as if it were played on his actual machine. It's the same experience but on a top-notch hardware configuration, one that would set you back thousands of dollars otherwise. This way, you're only paying for the game and a monthly service fee.

How Does A Game Streaming Platform Works

We're not going to be diving into the exact how and why these streaming services work. They just do, and the only thing you need to know is, you're going to need a great internet connection for the service to work for you. If you've got a slow or a very inconsistent internet connection, you're in for lag and tons of glitches.

And nervousness, of course. If there's even more than half a second of lag from the moment you click on the mouse, until the moment the action happens on your screen, the service will not be worth it. Internet connection has to be at least 10Mbps, with most streaming services requiring a 20Mbps connection, and above.

It's not that you need a wired connection, but if you can do that, it will be beneficial for you. Also, if you've got a fibre optics connection at the ready, the streaming service will truly shine in your case.

Most Famous Game Streaming Platforms

These following five streaming platforms are the most famous of them all when it comes to direct streaming your gameplay from a powerful computer to your regular home device. Some of them are free, and then some are available for a monthly fee. It also depends on the type of gaming that you’re in for, and the more you play, the more it makes sense to go for a paid subscription.

GeForce Now - Nvidia's streaming service allows you to play whatever games you own from your Stream. If you don't want professional services, you can play for up to one hour at a time for free. The paid version costs $25 per half year and includes unlimited time, priority on the servers, and RTX on.

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Stadia - Google has launched Stadia recently. This streaming platform is all about high-quality gaming, regardless if you're on your PC, phone, or wherever. The main downsides are the prices and the lag many players get when streaming on their TVs. After the first free month, the price per month is set at $12.

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Amazon Luna - Priced at $6 per month, Luna is the streaming service of giant Amazon. Still in its infancy, the platform is highly responsive and well made, offering an economical way to enjoy your games. Still, you'll have to purchase a gamepad for the full effect. The controller for Luna allows streaming on any device, and will set you back $50.

Sony Playstation Now - With 7 years of experience now, the PlayStation Now service of streaming is coming with a catalogue like none others in the cloud gaming industry. Gamers complain about the PC version of the app, stating it needs some work done, for the $10 per month price.

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Xbox Game Pass - After a first month that will cost you one buck, the price per month for this Xbox streaming service will set you back $15 a month. That's a reasonable price considering there are over 100 games you can simply play, wherever you are, from the library. The Xbox Live Gold is also included in the monthly pass, and the service is reliable and without bugs.

Best Gaming Streaming Platforms

The difference between a game streaming and a gaming streaming platform is, the first allows you to play high-end games on a regular laptop, while the latter allows gamers to stream their gameplay over the internet. When it comes to the latter, there are two main gaming streaming platforms that have been able to impose themselves as leaders over the years.

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Twitch - When it comes to gaming streams, Twitch is the absolute leader, and has been so for years. The most famous streamers are there, and therefore, their following is there. The superb UI interface attracts the crowds, as well as the gamers who've made it into the history books of the streaming era. Twitch is free!

Youtube Gaming - The only real competitor of Twitch is Youtube and its Gaming platform. Simplicity over Twitch's complex UI is the main bet that Youtube Gaming is relying on. Also, the quality Youtube is offering is up there, and normal for a service offered by the video streaming giant.