Us gamers are always dreaming about that ultimate setup. We’re spending hours searching for the latest video cards, processors, and other components, imagining how it would feel and look to run our favorite games at max settings. But the reality is, not all gamers have the budget for something like the highest possible PC configuration ever. In fact, most regular gamers don’t.

The thing is, you don’t need futuristic looking PCs to enjoy some good, yet a tad less demanding games. Having a low-end PC is not an ultimatum to just play Solitaire or Tetris. There are countless good, enjoyable, fun and adventurous PC games made entirely for the low-end computers. When it comes to the best games for slow PCs, count on the list below!

What’s A Low-End PC?

Before diving into the actual list, let’s first establish just what is a low-end PC configuration like? First of all, a PC that’s low-end is usually slower than nowadays computers. They run slower because of age or components. Second, a low-end PC can be modern, as in, with today’s components, but those components can be the ones at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Third, a low-end PC might be one entitled for office work, for example, but which can still be used for gaming of the slower type. Gaming on a low-end PC does not have to be hard, or end up with slow frame rates, PC crashes, or errors upon errors. With the right games on hand, you can enjoy the fun even on the slower computers, if you do your homework right about them.

Very Best Games For Low-End PCs

Now that we know what a low-end computer is, let’s dive straight into the list of the best slow computer games we could find. These games are from all types and genres, from racers to strategy, and from puzzles to role playing.

Among Us - This game allows up to 10 players to pit against one another, with one, two, or three being Imposters. Crewmates, the other players, have to go through some tasks in order to find out who the Imposters are. Imposters have to pretend they're clean.

Disco Elysium - With very low specs and so playable on most devices, no matter how old, this game is about you working on a murder case while being an alcohol and drugs abuser, and detective. Are you up for the task?

World of Warcraft Classic - This game takes you back in time when things were simple, and when MMOs were playable on all machines. Fantastic creatures and heroic characters await your expertise in Azeroth, questing and raiding away. Start leveling up right now.

Stardew Valley - A classic of the genre and one of the oldest farming simulators, Stardew Valley is also about making friends in the city of Pelican town, falling in love, and turning your paused grandfather's farm back to its glorious health.

Minecraft - One of the most famous games of all time is playable on most devices, but most people don't know it! In Minecraft, you use blocks to erect many buildings, landmarks, environments and secret passages. Mobs are ready to make your life harder.

Darkest Dungeon - Prepare to face some unspeakable horrors in this darkest of dungeons! This 2D game is based on side-scrolling, coming in with a, yes, mental health management simulator! Heroes must go through hell without falling into the abyss below. Sounds easy enough, but it's far from it…

Firewatch - This is one of the best indies of today, and yes, it's worth it to give it a try! Firewatch is a laidback, relaxed title in which players observe, and enjoy the process rather than the action. And it inspires people to go out and embrace nature!

How To Boost A PC With No Money

Before you leave to play some low-end but still fun games on your classic device, take these three tips from us on how you can make any PC a little better, how you can boost your machine to perform faster with zero investment.

Uninstall unnecessary software - There are tons of programs on your PC for sure at the moment. Go through the list of software and get rid of all of the unnecessary ones.

Limit the programs at startup - When your PC boots up, many programs start with it. Go through the list of startup programs and deactivate the ones you simply don't need.

Check for spyware and viruses - Perform a virus and spyware check and see if your machine is being slowed down by an unwanted crawler. It happens more often than you'd think.