If you’re reading this best games to play when you’re absolutely bored article here, chances are you’re absolutely bored out of your mind. In all honesty, no happy gamer would ever go on Google and search for the best games to play when they’re bored, right? But never fear, as this article is the ultimate cure for your gaming boredom. It’s just a bad phase, and after reading this piece, the healing will commence once you try out our recommendations!

Boredom Cures

Boredom is cured with fun activities. And the most fun you can have while doing anything is picking up a new game, and then starting out with it either on the main campaign, or directly online with the multiplayer. Regardless, there’s no boredom when your brain is engaging in something new, and unfamiliar. This is why our list of top games to play while bored is unique.

What makes this boredom cure of a list unique? The fact that these games are rarely big, famous titles. In fact, they’re picked from a handful of games that, while doing great in sales and whatnot, were never on the very top of some lists made by pro gamers or reviewers. They’re amazing, but kept underground to the slightly few who’ve really done their homework right.

Top Games For Boredom

When it comes to games for boredom, it’s natural for the mind to go for racing or shooter games. Yet some great games for when you’re bored are also strategy games, as they keep the mind extremely occupied trying to search for the next ideal move. RPGs work sort of the same thing, putting you in the boots of your hero in a more direct way.

Stardew Valley - Here's a role-playing game that's all about killing some time over doing something very fun and mind-consuming. This title is about farming, starting it from the very bottom and raising not just livestock, but also vegetables and fruits, and making it work in the end. When you need some upgrading, you go to the nearby mine and find some precious materials.

Cities: Skylines - There's no better boredom cure in terms of gaming than a city builder. Go ahead, find one! We'll wait... Okay, now that you're back, this title is all about offering the first-class city-building experience you've always dreamed of. It just makes the time fly by like there's no problem, and you've never been bored. It takes seconds to log in, it's relaxing and purposeful.

Hotline Miami - You know what kicks boredom away? Violence! Hotline Miami has all of the violence you were looking for in a virtual scenario so that all of your boredom will just slide off of you in minutes. Neons, high-octane action, challenging missions, and killing time by killing virtual enemies, these are all parts of the game that will cure boredom for you in an instant.

Papers, Please - Introducing a boredom-curer game that's all about soviet puzzle-solving and Cold War situations. This unique title is certainly not famous, but it will cure boredom in a heartbeat. You're a border agent and have to examine the papers of the people passing through your checkpoint. Check them for errors, weird signs, and counterfeit marks. With every level that you pass through, the tasks become more demanding, and the vigilance you need to express has to turn into so much more!

This War of Mine - Another weird, twisted, unknown, almost underground title, this particular game is about the Siege of Sarajevo in the 1990s, and the events that followed. It is a brilliant game, that's not complicated, but will keep you on your toes all the way through for sure. Scavenge for resources and food at night, and build a shelter to protect yourself from foes during the day. Survive.

Two Extra Games For The Mind

The mind is the one that gets bored, not the soul or the body. When it comes to the mind, here are two games that will surely keep your brain entertained and surprised all the way through.

Tetris 99 - Tetris 99 is one unique game. In order to be able to play it, 98 other players need to be logged in to its signature mode. This is nothing but a Battle Royale in Tetris form, in which players clear lines with the now-famous pieces, just like they always have, but they send those lines to players from across the world, as they try to knock them out. Mastering this game takes practice, patience, and strategy. But when you do win the match in the end, the feeling of victory is tremendous.

The Room - If you're bored, the name alone of this game will put you on your toes. The Room is an award-winning 3D puzzler remastered now for the PC and Nintendo Switch. You follow a trail of mysterious letters to begin with, and are quickly surrounded by secrets, deception, and darkness. You're left in a room with nothing but a puzzle box, and you have to go through the unknown in order to unlock not just the puzzle, but your own life.