Looking for some video games to play with friends? Are you into those classic multiplayer video games, offering you access to open-worlds with tons of secrets to uncover, and bosses to fight? Are those games for teams the ultimate fun for you? If your responses are positive to these questions, you’re in the right place. Luckily, there are tons of amazing games you can play with friends online right now, and a lot of them are free.

What Makes A Great Multiplayer Game

A great multiplayer game comes with three very important features, which makes it different and more enjoyable than a regular game. Teamwork is the essential trait, followed by a variety of modes in which you can enjoy the title, but also the progress you’re going to be making while playing.

- Teamwork - The most important trait of a multiplayer game is the emphasis on teams and teamwork. When several players fight for the same goal, like taking down a final boss during a raid, the excitement is simply off the charts. Everybody counts, and if one goes down, the entire quest is ruined.

- Modes - Another important feature of a great multiplayer game is the many different modes it can be played as. For example, your favorite MMORPG is both a solo venture, in which you go about and kill mobs for loot or quests, as well as a teamwork game, for when you battle other players in the arena, or tackle a dungeon.

- Progress - Speaking of solo missioning, the coolest and most desired feat in any multiplayer game is the progress you're going to be making with your character. Levelling up, gearing up, getting a mount or a new weapon, these are all traits of impeccable multiplayer games. The same goes with forming a guild or a team, and running for the larger rewards together.

The Best Video Games To Play With Your Friends

Searching far and wide all over the Internet of Things, we've come up with a list of 5 of the hottest, must play and enjoy multiplayer games you have to try with your friends. These games, regardless if new or old, are simply the ideal team building and companionship-rewarding titles that will surely make you new life-long friends, both online and in real life.

PUBG - Once the round starts, which can host up to 100 players, hell breaks loose! The last person standing is the winner. No game is more fast-paced, competitive, and fun, than PUBG.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - The legendary first-person shooter series of Counter-Strike has reached players Nirvana with "Global Offensive", the latest version of the world-famous online game. Play as counter-terrorists or terrorists and be the first to take the enemy down, and win the round.

League of Legends - If there's one team based MMORPG we'd pick for an ultimate list of online games, League of Legends is that title. Choose your Champion from over 140 of them, and make the game entirely yours.

GTA Online - Grand Theft Auto is at the very top of all charts, and has been there since forever. Now, the online version of GTA V brings players together for the largest heists, most luxurious cars, boats, and houses, and other events you deserve after a day of hustling.

Fortnite - If PUBG is Battle Royale and that's that, Fortnite is PUBG on steroids! You've got battles, but then also creatively building an island, for example, or questing into the Save the World, as well as many other game modes designed to please all players. Fortnite is a gaming catalogue under one title.

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Minecraft - The acclaimed title designed for kids now finds itself into the charts for adults and beyond! Minecraft, the simple, yet evergrowing building blocks game is a world phenomenon, ideal for a night of fun with your friends via the webs.

World of Warcraft - You can’t have a “best video games to play with friends online” list without the MMORPG that started it all. The game that online gaming began with! World of Warcraft is 17 years old, but it’s still one of the most popular online games of today.

Where To Buy The Best Multiplayer Games

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