Very few things can beat gaming away with your girlfriend or boyfriend. And when it comes to the best video games to play with them, there’s a very good selection of them that we know about, and can recommend to you and your loved one for a night together. Regardless of what your ideal game looks like, these games will surely make your time together into a blessing.

Best Video Games For Couples

First, what makes a great video game you can play with your girlfriend, or boyfriend? First of all, it has to be online, or at least support a local multiplayer mode. Second, it must be something girls enjoy, not just boys. It can be colourful and fun, as well as have elements of battle and adventure. Third, girlfriend video games have to be just rightfully themed. Here are three games that are ideal for couples that you can download and start playing right away.

Worms - Possibly the most fun of all couple games, Worms is a staple when it comes to multiplayer and boyfriend vs. girlfriend playtime. Yes, you're trying to take each other out, but in a fun, loving, anthropomorphized way! From picking the names of your characters to customizing their voices and even choosing the tombstones for... later, it's the best time two can have at any hour!

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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 - If your girlfriend is into sports, but not so much so that she knows basketball rules, this game is ideal for a break from the regular multiplayers and into something fun, and new for her. It's the ideal introduction to something like basketball to a girl, and the perfect basketball-like experience for a boy. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is fun even if you don't know the game.

Dragon’s Crown - Chances are, if your girlfriend is into video games, she's also into fantasy and role-playing games, and not just the video kind. Dragon's Crown is a great 2D RPG filled with action, set in a fantasy realm and with all of the fixings of a Dungeons & Dragons title. You have your character classes, your great campaign and narrative, everything you need for hours of magic and fun.

Best Video Games For You And Your Girlfriend

When it comes to the best video games for your and your girlfriend, the main focus is on her. What does she like? What is she into? Maybe she’s a fan of fantasy, role-playing, or other more girly things. Regardless, here are two games that will surely turn you from a regular to a “perfect boyfriend” with just a few rounds.

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Pokemon - Pokemons are adorable. Irresistible. If there's one game you can count on to be enjoyed by your girlfriend more than you, you can trust a Pokemon title at any time. Both on the web or on consoles.

Borderlands - This FPS might seem to be intended for guys, but it's not a rule! Girls have been proven to love Borderlands, a FPS that's all about landscapes of colour and beauty. And girls are ferocious rivals in multiplayer, so look out!

Best Video Games For You And Your Boyfriend

Girls, we haven’t forgotten about you! Here are two games you can put your boyfriend through at any time, without risking going overboard with too much drama or lack of fighting.

Portal 2 - Cooperation is everything with all relationships. But the truth is, a little messing around with one another will keep the fire going. This is exactly what Portal 2 is, a great co-op game for couples that boys simply love.

LEGO Games - If in doubt, always go for a LEGO game! With these games coming in co-ops now, there's nothing better than ruling your heroes in brick form through missions and challenges. And getting them done, together!

So there you have it! These are the very best video games you can play with your girlfriend on a date night, considering you’re both gamers. Or with your boyfriend, considering you’re really into gaming as a girl. If you want to buy any of the games we’ve recommended in this article, you can check out our catalogue with hundreds of new and old titles.