The PlayStation console is the ultimate box of fun. It comes with whatever games you want, and it runs on powerful graphics and chipsets that will allow pristine quality gaming on the largest screens in your home. It has been around for ages, constantly improving its quality, capabilities, and library of games. There’s literally a game for everyone on the PS4, no matter your quirks!

Gaming on the PlayStation 4

When you talk about the best games for PS4, it’s first right to mention just what gaming on the console means. For starters, it offers impeccable gaming on the TV, which means higher quality images of up to 4K, and therefore a better immersive gaming experience. Then there’s the controller element, which is a different story than gaming on the PC, allowing for faster play.

Next, the console world is much more into the multiplayer genre of games than the PC gaming scene. You’ve got a better internal affairs system designed to support hours and hours of online gaming with friends. Finally, a PS4 console is not just for games, but also for Blu-Ray movies, internet browsing, music, and so on. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for your home entertainment.

The Best PlayStation 4 Games

PlayStation 4 games are still the norm in 2021, regardless of the apparition of the fifth Sony console. Due to the shortage in units, the PS4 is still selling all over the world as some of the top selling consoles of the day. And surely, games are still being made for it. These ones below are a must try for the 2021 season!

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Made by the very creators of GTA V and the first Red Dead Redemption, this sequel to the acclaimed game is about the epic tale of what life was like in the heartland of unforgiving America. The world of this game is vast, and atmospheric, providing the basis for the new, incredible multiplayer experience. Welcome to 1899 America.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Speaking of GTA, it's impossible to not put the famous V into this list, as it is still one of the most-played PS4 games in existence. And with the online version available, this game has turned into a multiplayer sensation, with casino heists, robberies of grandiose scale, as well as yachts and houses you can only virtually own.

The Last Of Us Remastered - Made specifically for the PlayStation4 system, with full 1080p, pristine character models, shadows and lights that have been improved, and many more gameplay upgrades, this game is all about survival. It happens 20 years after a pandemic has changed the way humanity lives and functions, with survivors killing one another for food. Will you be the last one standing?

God of War - Kratos is now a man living in the lands of the Norse Gods, way after the vengeance over the Olympus gods he's been able to pull. This unforgiving world is all about survival, and now with his son at his side, he must pass the techniques of fighting to the next of kin. You're mentoring your child and protecting him, you're all in for defeating monsters, creatures of all nightmares, and gods of the Norse lore.

Persona 5 - Released in 2017, this Persona 5 is all about the creation of a character that's a mask in a world of masks. One group of teenagers mask over them alter egos, as mysterious as they get, and turn themselves into their pantheon thief versions. Who are these teenagers? Why are they choosing to dress the way they do? What motives are behind their actions? And, more importantly, who and why is pursuing them?

Three PS4 Games To Look Forward To

The future looks good and bright for the PS4 console, meaning it’s going to stick around for longer than the industry has ever taught. These are a few PlayStation 4 games you should be looking forward two in the near future.

Far Cry 6 - Set in a completely new environment, a town, the sixth Far Cry is a long-awaited release that's been postponed numerous times. This is the year in which Far Cry fans will finally be back on it, and on PS4!

Chernobylite - This RPG survival horror mixes the elements of free exploration of disturbing locations with some hefty combat, masterful crafting, and non-linear science-fiction story. All while in the dreaded Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance - Prepare and team together with your friends in order to fight against the most vicious monsters, all on your console, or cross-platform, in the newest co-op action-packed adventure Dungeons & Dragons style.