Many games have been able to capture the imagination and excitement of gamers over the years, but few genres have been able to do it with such power like the space games. The best space games, having to do with space, or happening in space, have been around and tempting gamers of all ages and nationalities for the entirety of the gaming industry, and history.

When it comes to games about space, there are a few titles that instantly pop into the minds of avid games. These titles about exploring the cosmos, fighting the aliens, establishing human basys on other planets, or on their orbits, are all about survival, making it past the borders that we’ve set for ourselves, and once and for all conquering the mysterious beyond.

The Space Games Genre

The space games genre is special, to say the least. Virtually, everything about space can be turned into a game. Take exploring, for example. You can be on your way to the next galaxy, aboard your spacecraft, and never get bored by your surroundings. And when you mix some alien fighting in there? It’s a sure win, that’s what that game is!

The Best Games About Space

Let’s dive right into the issue here. The following best space games have been around for long enough to be considered classics, but also are new enough, in some cases, to still be taken as marvels of the modern gaming times. See which one is your favorite, and then try them all!

Star Trek Online - Out of all of the space-themed franchises out there, few have more of a diehard fan base than this one. Which makes it natural for the creators of the TV series and movies to come up with a game about it! With microtransactions happening, this game is not just a place where you can fight enemies, but also where Star Trek fans can hang out and chat about their passion.

Star Conflict - This MMO is made for the fans of the dogfighting style of gaming. Pilots clash all around the maps, through asteroid belts, and all above or under planets, in the most fast-paced action-oriented battles ever. The game focuses on player-vs-player combat, but it also mixes quests and exploration, crafting and much more.

Eve Online - Out of all of the space-related games ever made, Eve Online has to be amongst the top 5 that are world-renowned and still extremely popular. Even today, Eve Online is played by more than 500.000 people every single day, who just love to indulge in the fantasy world crafted by the masters behind the title. Gameplay is based on fleets made out of players, and works thanks to a complex system of mining, trading, research, and manufacturing.

Stellaris - Another hit with the fans of the space genre of games, Stellaris is not just another game, but a galactic RPG with empire simulation elements, giving players the chance to play however they want, even creating their very own space species. Play as a fundamentalist, like a lizard king, farmer, fighter, whatever your space aspirations might be, you will be able to virtually reproduce them with this legendary title.

Distant Worlds - Universe - This game is a 4X that's all about the massiveness of the universe, and the idea that you can be and do whatever you want in it. The game focuses on exploration, as you play the role of the captain of a vessel that's part of a huge empire, just discovering the distant parts of the cosmos. The game is also focusing on trade, so keeping your eyes on your bank balance is key if you want to move further and further.

Surviving Mars - A new space exploration and building game, this title is all about heading to Mars to transform the Red planet into a new home for humans. You're in charge of colonizing the new home, and you must build your civilization from the ground up, starting with a single small dome and transforming the Martian desert into a bustling metropolis. Don't focus too much on other things when your oxygen is running low. Focus on that, and then on the rest!

Elite Dangerous - Here's a more underground space-themed release that's basically putting the entire galaxy at your disposal. Start with a basic ship and move along the ranks, building upon your strengths and making yourself into a space pirate, a masterful trader, an explorer of stars and planets, you name it.