Manager games are a type of product that offer hours of fun to a very targeted audience. Luckily for the industry, that targeted audience has grown exponentially over the years, now making for millions upon millions of users who are into the genre. With not much to go in terms of intellectual strategy from gaming, managers are here to make you think profusely about every single move you are about to make in a game. And then think again.

Although they might seem boring to most who’ve never tried them before, manager games are strategy games that meet your favourite hobby, for example, football, or soccer, if you’re from the United States. When you combine the two together, strategy and hobbies, you get a game that is all about planning, trying your plan, revisiting it time and again, and then learning from your mistakes. And then somehow, make it work for your end goal.

What Is A Manager Game

In laymen's terms, a manager game is a game that puts the player in the skin of a manager, be it for a football team, or any other sport, as well as the one from a restaurant, a farm or a dungeon. Yes, a dungeon, you can manage a dungeon even. And why not, since we’re talking about games, virtual realities about literally anything you can dream of. When you play a manager, you’re usually greeted with a simple interface with many buttons.

For the football managers, which are by far the most commonly played games of the sort, you’ve got a manager’s dashboard, where everything happens and you can keep track of anything. You’ve got your team’s players, upcoming games, money status, transfers, you name it. Whenever you make a move, as in, put a player on the bench and get another up for the main team, the entire ecosystem moves. Every single move affects the entire game.

Our Ten Best Manager Games

Now that we’ve managed to get through the explanations of what manager games are, let’s dive right into the matter. On Egaming, we strive to bring the best of the best regardless of the type of games you are into. When it comes to manager games, although we’re not there yet, we are closer to a broader library than ever before. These 10 manager games are our favourites, and just giving them a chance will prove to you just how much fun they can be.

Motorsport Manager - With this particular title, you get a detailed introspection into the fascinating world of motorsport racing, team management, and adrenaline pumping. Hire drivers, built cars, and turn yourself into the best manager in the entire world of racing. Details matter and need to be sorted accordingly for every single piece of the puzzle to turn just at the right time and velocity. Important decisions need to be taken while your cars are on the track, racing towards victory. Also, the plans you put together before the start of the race are equally important. A combination of race time management and pre-race detailing will make the difference between a victorious finish and a disastrous one.

Franchise Hockey Manager 6 - Start by choosing one of 32 leagues around the globe and select a team to guide to glory. Including a chance at the ultimate prize. As the game is licensed by the NHL, you can take the reins of your favorite franchise to capture the Stanley Cup. Or create your own hockey universe, or even choose a historical NHL start date from any year in league history right back to the beginning in 1917. Sign free agents, trade players, draft the next crop of superstars, and much more! This is as close as you'll get to sitting in a General Manager's office without drawing a paycheck from a team.

Football Manager 2022 - If you burn with passion for football, and know how to reign in your team and secure swift victory, this game is for you! If you are a football enthusiast, you will be glad to hear that Sports Interactive and SEGA present us with another installment in the FM series - Football Manager 2022. As expected of this renowned franchise, the newest release offers advanced improvements that will guarantee the best e-sports gaming experience to date, so both veterans and newcomers alike are in for a treat. Buy Football Manager 2022 Steam key, put your capabilities to the test and secure your team’s position as the best in the football world!

Pro Cycling Manager 2016 - Who's ever watched the famous Tour de France knows just how thrilling a cycling competition can be. Especially towards the end, when the cyclists are really giving it their 100%. Or when they're on a climb, trying to reach the top first in order to ensure their yellow shirt. With Pro Cycling Manager 2016, you are in full control of everything that’s happening in and around your team. Negotiations, recruiting, contracts, cyclists, sponsors, staff management, training, race calendar, everything is up to you. During the races, your role will also be of utmost importance, as real-time decisions will impact the trajectory of your success or failure. 

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager - Wait, a dungeon manager? Yes, and it is much more exciting than the title suggests, actually! In this original mix of Dungeon Management and Roguelite, you will lead your career as a Dungeon Manager. Join the Dungeons Company and climb the corporate ladder. Crush so-called "heroes" and protect the company's treasures. Hire monsters, manage your employees and your stock of traps. Deal with employee strikes and other fun events. All of these and many others are the jobs of the manager of a dungeon, much like the manager of a football team cares for the entire thing. It is a demanding "sport" but oh so rewarding!

Farm Manager 2018 - Well of course there is a farm manager, which is just another term used for a farm simulator. Maybe with a larger incline towards the technical and the financial, rather than the actual agriculture. Expand on your business as a farm owner, and produce the best products to sell for a profit. Control the entire thing, from land cultivation to employees, buying new equipment, raising livestock, processing, harvesting, all of it! With the many camera modes available, you will get to see everything as it happens, both as a manager and as an employee. With each season there are going to be new challenges awaiting your action. Greenhouses are great in early spring, for example, as they help you stay in production and sell further.

Pro Cycling Manager 2018 - Here is one of the newer Pro Cycling Manager games we have in our offer. Complete with an array of improvements from the last ones, obviously. With the 2018 version of the game, from the now respected franchise, you may compete in more than 200 races with over 500 stages, all over the world. Imagine going through with competitions like  the Vuelta, or the Tour France, the most iconic cycling race of them all. You are in charge of making the decisions here, hiring amazing cyclists, staff, negotiating with sponsors, scheduling races, everything. With this game, you won't miss even a second of the challenge and fun!

Football Manager 2019 - The 2019 version of Football Manager brings you closer the heart of the beautiful game than ever before. New features and enhanced game mechanics enable you to control your team in fresh and authentic ways, creating an ever more emergent way of storytelling. Bespoke sessions and schedules precisely modelled on the professional game give you complete control when preparing for your next fixture or developing your stars of the future. You can also reap the rewards without the hard labour by delegating this to your backroom staff. Push the boundaries and create a unique philosophy with new styles and phases that reflect the most popular tactical innovations in modern football. 

Pro Cycling Manager 2020 - In 2020 this game really got its most round, complete shape. Both in the technicalities as well as in graphics, options and competition. The prospect is the same, as you turn yourself into the manager of a cycling team, and put the cyclists on their well-deserved pedestals. Manage the finances right, recruit the right people, and train them as per your success strategy. For the very first time in a Pro Cycling Manager game, you have to take the moral and the mental health of your cyclists into account. Listen to what they need from you, from the team, and from their lives in general, not just the races.

Franchise Hockey Manager 8 - The Franchise Hockey Manager series returned for the 2020-21 season with plenty of new additions to the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you can find. Choose one of the dozens of leagues around the world and select a team to guide to glory, including a chance at the ultimate prize: FHM 8 is licensed by the NHL, allowing you to take the reins of your favorite franchise to capture the Stanley Cup. Take control of a national team and try for international supremacy. Choose a historical game, where you can begin in any year in NHL history right back to the beginning in 1917. Or if you'd like to create your own customized league, you can do that as well!

How To Win Any Manager Game

What’s the best way to beat a manager game? It depends on the title, obviously, but for the record, there are about three rules that apply to most manager games that you can use to enrich your chances of winning the game. If you follow these rules, you will ultimately make a better sense of the game and beat it, one level after the next until the end credits that we all crave.

Patience - This is the fundamental rule for when you’re playing a manager game. Patience is a virtue that few gamers can safely say they’ve managed to get a hang of. When you’re playing a game that relies on discovering the managing traits and putting pieces together to form a whole and move to the next level, you will fail a lot. And when you do fail a lot, it’s easy to quit fast. Patience gives you one more chance after the last and will keep you playing until you ultimately reach the solution to that manager ditch you’ve been stuck in for days.

Observation - The most important thing you must do in a manager game is observing. A great sense of observation is crucial for those who’re into managers, as they allow them to understand the game better. For example, if you’re in a dizzying stop and have to get out, you will surely need to be 100% on your best observation game in order to find the best trial and run out of it. If you can’t do the observation properly, you’ll simply spend hours, even days with the issue.

Creativity - One of the most important elements of a manager game is the creativity behind it. With a racing game, for example, it takes very little control of the car to play the title. You just hit the gas or the brake, steer, and then that’s it. With a manager game, where everything is about being creative with your issues, your sense of creativity has to be on the money. Without your creative sense and mind activated fully, you will struggle to find the tiny details, so beautifully put, that will move you on to the next chapter, or level.

Finally, remember to have a ton of fun while playing a manager game. It might be demanding, and even hard at times, but it’s still a game, and it’s meant to be enjoyed. If it gets too much, take a break. Ask a friend. Cheat! But keep it fun, as that’s its ultimate purpose.