Zombies are people who’ve died but then came back to life, because insert science fiction reason here, and now are hungry for brains. Although they can’t starve because they’re dead, basically. But can still lurk around, eating brains, or biting the living and turning them into zombies. Yes, the theories on zombies are never ending. As is the entire industry around them.

When it comes to zombies, these ungodly creatures have made an appearance everywhere over the past decades. Movies have been made about them and taking over the world. Books and comics have been written to put out zombie apocalypses. TV series have been shot with tons of episodes and many twists and turns. And of course, zombies are a favourite with gamers!

A short history of zombies games

1984 is, according to history, the year when the very first zombie-related game was released. Named "Zombie Zombie", the title from Quicksilva was released on the ZX Spectrum at first. This is considered the very first ever zombie game, and it was so controversial at first, designer Sandy White wrote a disclaimer in which the gamer was informed that the game was in no way an endorsement to the occult. 

Zombie Zombie starts with players being dropped in the middle of a city that's overrun by the undead. There are no axes here, but bursts of air coming out of a rifle that gamers use in order to knock the brain dead out. The story of zombie video games takes an interesting turn in 1988, when the undead make an appearance in one of the most famous games ever made, Super Mario Bros. 3. 

Producers never spoke about "zombies" in this title, but the Dry Bones in the game are essentially that. They have no flesh, and they are almost impossible to kill. Just like zombies! And they can resurrect themselves. Another considerable not-zombie-but-zombie apparition is the 1992 Wolfenstein 3D, with their zombified enemy, the undead guard. Those were a pain in the back to kill!

Probably one of the most notable zombie-themed games that first came out, after Resident Evil back in 1996, is the 2006 "Dead Rising" title from Capcom. It first came out of the Xbox 360, and was the more direct approach to surviving a zombie outbreak, much more green and true than Resident Evil. The game was inspired by the "Dawn of the Dead" movie by George A. Romero from 1978, in which the undead take over a shopping mall and wreak havoc everywhere they reach.

Best zombies games you can play

We’re sure that you’ve had your fair share of zombie-related games by now. If you’re not one of those people, then you’re in for a treat. Regardless of your current state of mind, yes, we did it, Egaming has a ton of games that are all about zombies, or in part about apocalypses and pandemics related to it. Because a small cold virus won’t cut it for all, isn’t that right?

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare - Look, this is a zombie games list, so let us start slow and fun with a game that's more of a parody, than a horror title about the braindead. Plants vs. Zombies have now been around for ages. Long enough that they released a few sequels, like the "Garden Warfare" one. Shooters are different from this peculiar game, although this makes the cut as one! Counter-Strike has nothing to do with this or Halo. In this game, you shoot zombies coming at you and attacking your... garden?! Because you're a... PLANT!?! As different and amusing as it sounds, this game is no joke. It's intense, fun, and really challenging.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - What's Call of Duty having to do with zombies? It's because of this new zombie trend that one of the most famous of all shooting genres of the industry has gone into making a zombie-ready game. “Black Ops - Cold War” is CoD's reinterpretation of a zombie shooter, and it delivers a good punch to the average war simulation veteran. Zombies are really just an addition to the already strong and serious gameplay Call of Duty is so famous for. You're just enjoying killing some brain dead while the rest of the game is happening around it.

Dead Rising 4 - This fourth instalment of the Dead Rising series, you play the evolved version of what is one of the most famous of all zombie games. Enjoy the new vehicles, weapons, goodies and extras, all through this new release of the groundbreaking series. If you're a fan of the zombie franchise and idea, for whatever dark reason you'd be a fan of that, this is THE GAME for you to play. Combining tactics with all-in battle, the excitement levels you'll reach is unprecedented. Other new features are the zombie classes, EXO Suits, but also the 4-player multiplayer co-op, which lets you and 3 other friends kill the undead together.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - Wolfenstein has been one of the few mainstream games in which zombies made an appearance. Not just regular zombies but Nazi zombies, and other monstrous creatures. "The Old Blood" is the prequel of the notorious "The New Order" episode of Wolfenstein, with millions of gamers from all over the world enjoying the twisted tale of the shooter. This is basically a reinvention of the classic FPS and adventure game of the century, now with more to offer for both the single and the multiplayer modes of gameplay. As war hero Blazkowicz, armed to his teeth with rifles, grenade launchers, and the bunch, you want to debunk and destroy the advanced war machine of the Nazis. Which is not easy considering what the Nazis have in store for you…

Dead Island - Released under the Definitive Edition signage on Egaming, Dead Island is a zombie game happening on an island where there are loads of the undead waiting to eat your brains out, literally. Just imagine being stuck on a beautiful island and enjoying your time. And then, once of a sudden, the goddamn zombie apocalypse commences! This game will put you in the middle of the horror adventure of a lifetime. Staying alive is not just a matter of imagination, but of actual life living. Are you up for the task? If zombie apocalypses on paradise islands are your thing, Dead Island is definitely the game you should try right away.

The Walking Dead - How are you with the idea of the world ending? If you're not prepared yet, get ready to train with force and tactics, and calmness of the mind. This game is a classic, made by the most famous comic books and TV series ever made about zombies. This is the legendary "The Walking Dead", a five-part series of games that are all happening in the universe created by the author who's won more awards for his comic books than anyone else. Lee is the character you're about to bring to life. This criminal, now given a second chance, will be fighting in a world in which zombies are everywhere. And he needs to take them out.

State of Decay - Presented in the Year One Survival Edition by yours truly Egaming, State of Decay is one game with a clear, concise title that's all about zombies and the undead. This is the ultimate zombie survival game, set in a world of fantasy and despair. Although a fantasia, the game looks and feels extremely real. You have to keep yourself standing tall and ready, while the entire society around you falls. Making your way towards liberation and safety is your ultimate goal, but these two goals are going to take you a load of time and effort.

Killing Floor - Here's another survival FPS horror that's the best example of a great co-op zombie game. Placed in the hills of the Great Britain countryside, Killing Floor is a game about the aftermath of a destroyed world, in which a cloning experiment gone wrong has thrown large cities and small villages into chaos. As the main mission, you have to clean the area up first before you go about your job of finding out what has happened. In your trials, you will have to get rid of horrifying creatures, zombies and whatnot. You are sent right in the middle of them all, so don't take this mission lightly. Surviving here is almost impossible, but that's what gives the title its charm and excitement.

Dying Light - Introduced in your life in the Platinum Edition by Egaming, Dying Light is one of the most acclaimed zombie games ever made. In an infected world swarming with the undead, only the very strong will make it out alive. In order to combat the ferocious braindead, you will have to master your combat skills and fight the monsters no matter their type. And do be careful, as the monsters aren't just undead, but also humans. And sometimes, the human kind of monster is harder to beat than the zombie one. The Platinum Edition comes with 19 items, including everything you need for a great experience.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Well, you can't have an article about zombie games without having a Resident Evil title in it! Biohazard is the seventh main Resident Evil title. The franchise has taken a big step forward with this one, but looking back in time to discover the roots of evil, and facing your fears as you go through it. Making it alive is the only thing you have to do, while you experience one of the best horror games ever made. You're not just playing a zombie game, but a part of gaming history.

How to win at zombie games

When you play a zombie-infested game literally, there are a few features that will be common no matter who created the title you’re playing. First of all, it’s going to be about killing the zombies in a certain way, mainly by crushing or cutting their heads. A zombie with no head can’t bite, so they’re “safe” to pass. Second, the weapons will be similar, either bats, knives or swords, or guns to help you blow those brainless creatures out of the picture.

Third, zombie games are always progressive, meaning they start slow and easy with just a few zombies, and then turn harder and harder the more you progress, reaching a point in which there will be zombies everywhere you look, all around you. When that happens, the game usually lets you in on a little surprise power, like a superpower or a unique feature that will let you get rid of more zombies at once. Here are a few tips on how to win at zombie games.

Practice - It goes without saying that practice is the best way to defeat any game, no matter how hard or its topic. When it comes to zombie games, practice will get you closer to getting to that next level, as the game usually doesn't throw the entire zombies at you. It does this gradually until it surrounds you with them.

Stealth play - Zombies are usually ready to attack you but only if they sense you somehow. This is why, in many zombie games, stealth mode is available and a resource for passing through large hoards of the undead. If you can go undetected and trip by the swarm, you can just move along and progress through the gameplay.

Combat preparedness - Stealth works until one point, and then it becomes useless. If one zombie sees you, you're in for combat. This is why the most important skill to master with a zombie game is combat. Fighting off the undead is incredibly important, so make sure you do prepare your combat skills, weaponry and moves when battling the brainless.