Sims 4 has become such a popular title in the gaming community, it’s only natural players were excited to find out there are many different cheats that they can use in the game. When talking about the best Sims 4 cheats that you can use today, the list is endless, but the very best are easy to spot out. Let’s look into the most important cheats of the Sims 4 legendary game, and see which one will bring about your next level Sim creation today.

Best Sims 4 Cheats

Without losing so much time with useless descriptions, here are the very best Sims 4 cheats that you can use for your gameplay today. We’ll start with the most useful 7 cheats, and then move on to other codes. To add these cheats into the game, simply use the Cheat Console by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC or Mac.

Money - If you need some Simoleons because you're running out, type in “rosebud” or “kaching” for 1.000 more of them, or “motherlode” if you need 50.000 coins;

Choosing a home - When starting out with the Sims 4 game, picking your home can be challenging. The best thing you can do is to open up your spectrum of properties and type "FreeRealEstate On" so that you can move into whatever dream home, regardless of costs. type in “FreeRealEstate Off” to turn the cheat off.

Career Items - You can unlock some Career Items in the Build catalogue to purchase simply by opening up the cheat box and typing “bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement”.


Teleportation - Sims usually move slowly around town. If you're looking for an instant way to get somewhere, you can teleport by the use of a simple and effective cheat. Simply open the cheat log and type "testingcheats true", and then click anywhere on the map while holding down the Shift key. You'll get an option to "Teleport Me Here", and clicking on it will get you where you need to be.

Happiness - If your Sims are unhappy, and they might get to that for any number of reasons, simply make sure that your cheat console is activated, typing "testingcheats true" and then holding the Shift key, click on the Sim and select "Make Happy". Done!

Moving objects around - While in Build mode, you can move objects like couches or windows where the grid will tell you not to. Activate the console again, and then type in “bb.moveobjects on”. Select the object, and place it wherever you want in your home.

Hidden items - Hidden objects - Some hidden objects from the Build or Buy catalogues can be accessed regardless, even events, by simply activating the cheat console and typing “bb.showhiddenobjects”.

Most Popular Sims 4 Cheats You Can Use

Now that we’ve covered the best Sims 4 cheats, let’s look at the most popular of these codes. You can add these to the game to make it a little more accessible. And by that we mean, by a bunch! These codes are also playable via the cheat console, so just press the “Ctrl + Shift + C” combo on your keyboard, type in the code that you need, and you’re good to go.


Relationships - If you want to have a new friend without the hustle of friend-making, simply type "relationships.create_friends_for_sim". If you want all of your neighbours to know you instantly, the code to type into the console is "relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others".

Skills - You can instantly give your Sim the maximum skill for anything that they might want to do, like becoming a bartender or a fitness guru, by typing "stats.set_skill_level [Skill Name] X" , and replace X with 1-10 (10 = max) to set the skill.

Playing with death - Sims can become immortal if you just type "death.toggle true" into the cheat console. If you want the Sim to get back to his mortal status, just type "death.toggle false". Try the afterlife by making your Sim into a ghost for a few hours, with the “sims.add_buff Ghostly” cheat.