Video games have had a clear tendency to go up in prices over the past decade. There’s been a news piece over the past year saying that new games will now be 40% pricier at launch than before. This means that a game that used to cost $50 will now be $70 or more. This is not a great piece of news for avid gamers who are always looking to buy the newest releases on the market.

But you don’t have to despair if you’re the budget-type gamer. Luckily, there’s a lot of gameplay left for you, even if your monthly budget for new games is $10, for example. On Egaming, the list of games that are $10 and below is long and sturdy. We’re not just telling you which games are cheap but offer an honest list of the best cheap games we currently have on offer for players.

Cheap Versus Expensive Games

What is the main difference between a cheap versus an expensive game? First of all the price, obviously. The more you pay for the game, the more it should return your investment in terms of graphics, gameplay, mechanics and online readiness. Cheaper games will usually be simpler, naturally, but you can still enjoy having a great time and fun while playing them. It’s not a death sentence.

Playing a cheap game is liberating if anything else. While you don’t spend one week’s worth of groceries on one title, you can still enjoy the basic features of a good video game. Decent graphics, good mechanics, challenging missions and levels, as well as online readiness in many of them. Overall, cheap vs. expensive gaming is not about price, but about the freedom to pick what you want!

The Best Selling Cheap Games

Now that we’re clear on what cheap video games have to offer, let’s dive right into the matter at hand! These are our top dozen cheap video games that sell, and a lot! Have at the list, make some notes and when you’re done reading it, try some of these awesome titles out yourself!

Quake - The original Quake game might be old, but it's not overdue! The thrills gamers still get from this sensational game are as real as they get. Enjoy this shooter that has forever changed the gaming industry at the cost of a sandwich thanks to Egaming. The main objective? Kill as many monsters as you can, before they kill you. Not that hard, is it? This is why Quake still breaks records decades after its launch, presenting a simple interface, quick gameplay, and excitement all across the experience. And of course, an unbeatable price you won't find with new, modern shooters.

Age of Wonders - Priced at roughly two bananas, Age of Wonders will not let you down. Got a few hours to kill before an appointment? This game is, well, wonderful for doing something you enjoy in that spare time. Age of Wonders is the people's favourite when it comes to world-building with an element of awe and inspiration in it. The wonders of the world made by you and your people will stand up high and tall for the realms to see. This "ancient" is one of the most successful turn-based strategy games ever made. You surely want to be part of its history.

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin - With a price that's just ridiculous, thanks once again to the team behind Egaming and their fast response when it comes to amazing deals, "Destination Berlin" is a must if you're a fan of war-themed games. Commandos as a series is legendary among war lovers in the gaming realm, and this particular episode is impressive in terms of accuracy and action. Take the charge of the armies and move them through enemy lines all the way to the victory that will bring an end to the deadliest conflict in human history, the Second World War.

Port Royale 3 - Here's another world builder and adventurer that you can buy for less than a train ticket from Doncaster to Sheffield. The Caribbeans? These paradise islands weren’t as heavenly as they are now in the 17th Century. With forces like Spain, France, England, and the Netherlands all fighting for the surreal islands, you can see why one would not characterize them as "peaceful" at all points in history. Port Royale 3 is you being put in charge of making out your very own version of the turbulent history of these lands. All it takes is tactics and imagination, and the rest comes naturally.

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death - We've now featured this game in a lot of our guides, not because we're set on selling more of it but simply because it is exceptional. And at just a few pounds, you can rest assured your pennies are put to exceptional use. This game is all about turning Marlow into the ultimate hero, by battling the bad guys and doing some good into a world that's crippled by fear and destruction. A hero that never shies away from dangers or possible death, Marlow Briggs has got them all. You will love or hate him, there's no middle ground.

Fly'N - Priced at a little over what you'd pay for a small coffee at Costa, Fly'N is the ultimate combo of a puzzler, platformer, and fun bringer overall. This combination is unique and put into a game with sublime mechanics. You've got more than 40 levels to go through, one more exhilarating than the other. The world you'll be flying in is luxurious, with superb graphics that will make you think of fairy tales and magical realms far beyond our human world. Save all of the World-Trees before it's too late, and in doing so, save your kind from the destruction of no return.

Doom 3 - You'll pay a little less than a pack of smokes for this game, and if you know anything about gaming, then you're aware this particular title is the ultimate nostalgia bringer you can play right now. Enveloped by monsters of all kinds, you'll be put in a world of terror and despair. Your objective is to shoot and kill, no matter who's attacking you before the creatures reach your neck. If they do so, and you're in the treacherous Nightmare Mode, you're out of the game and have to start from the very beginning. Doom 3 needs no further presentation. 

Manhunt - At the price of 4 pounds, which is what you'd pay for a large soda in a fast food place, Manhunt will not get you fat but just entertain you. Manhunts in themselves are thrilling, even debilitating for the uninitiated. What happens though when your manhunt is for a guy named Cash, who's been murdered recently? How do you hunt down a ghost? Is he a ghost after all? The answers will take some sacrifice to be revealed. Violence of great controversy awaits gamers with this title, as well as uncertainty and utter despair. You're most likely not ready for this... but go ahead and play it!

Max Payne - Coming to your terminal for the price of a fridge magnet, this game has been around for generations. Yet it is still as common and up-to-date as many of the newer versions of it. Or any other shooter game, to be more precise. Max Payne has revolutionised the way we look at shooters, by adding a story around the main character and turning the anti-hero into the ultimate star of the show. Add a violent urban environment to the mix and you've got a badass game with many challenges, a lot of uncertainty, and tons of nightly fun.

Syndicate - Many are the scenarios about how the world is going to be run in the future. Syndicate plays on this idea of the planet being run as regions, by the mega-corporations named Syndicates. When war becomes an overall business that everybody is invited to take part in, and the weapon is nobody else but you, then you know you've got a hit on your hands. You become the prototype agent of Eurocorp, a ruthless Syndicate in an even more ruthless world, dominated by nothing but greed, and your powers need to be harvested for profit. Did we mention this game is about 4 pounds? Yes!

Just Cause - Sold by Egaming at an astonishing price of about one round trip fare from East to Central London on the tube, Just Cause is one of those classics people simply adore. This is a game that lets you make the rules, as you create the very world around you in which you'll later play. You begin as a field operative, trusting your Latin origins until the very end. Your speciality is regime change, and as backup, there's a whole US secret agency ready to help you out. Destroying the ruthless San Esperito government is a tough challenge even with this help. 

Bomber Crew - Ending this ultimate list of cheap games with a bomber, literally. You'll pay scraps for it, but don't let that fool you. Bomber Crew is EXACTLY what you'd expect from paying a fiver on a video game. Tons of fun, simple graphics and mechanics, and a lot of challenges. Bomber Crew is the ultimate survival simulator. It happens inside a bomber, a plane of large proportions that travels around and explores the skies. Reach for the skies but look through them in order to avoid getting shot down. When the target is in your eyesight, do not hesitate in pulling the trigger!

Why Are Some Games So Expensive

There’s a debate going on about why some games are so expensive, so much more than others, considering video gaming is such a competitive market. This is a multilayer question, to say the least, and it all starts with what creating a video game implies. It’s not just about people writing code in a darkened room anymore, no. It’s about tens, if not hundreds working together.

The first reason why games are so expensive is production. For every single game that you play in this day and age, there are hundreds of people working for the final product. Artists draw the first sketches of the characters. Storytellers write the narrative of the main campaign, as well as the missions and other events. Musicians storm their creative juices to find the right piece of music for the scenarios. And programmers bring them all together under one piece of code. It’s a laborious process that can take years to be put together.

Another reason why games are so expensive today is, believe it or not, availability. Because there are so many games being made, the best of the best have an unwritten rule of being more expensive. Not just because of production costs but also because they have to stand out everywhere you might see them. Be it in a store, on the web, or in your PlayStation virtual shop. When you see a game that’s priced higher than the norm, your interest goes up, for some reason. You might not have the money for it now, but you can save for it. Companies bet on it!

Finally, games are expensive today because of demand. It takes time and dedication, as well as a ton of work, to do a game. Hundreds are involved in the development, which means everybody who’s working on a game has to get paid for their work. This means very good programmers are hired by the best studios, where the demand for new titles is high. But because they’re the best, their prices will also be the highest. This means your game will be more expensive as the studio has to cover its costs. It’s all about maths in the end. You pay for games that come out now and are more expensive, just to keep the studio working on more games, even though they are more expensive, but which you’ll still get.