Games have always had an element of fast-paced action in them no matter what they’re about. Sure, most games nowadays rely on long stories, online multiplayer modes, and many add-ons and extras. Yet when it comes to traditional games, most of them are fast-paced and simple to run. Think racers, which are extremely popular yet have one objective: drive fast!

Or think shooter games, in which you shoot at a target, be it standing or moving, like a terrorist in the case of Counter-Strike. All games that have come before the year 2000, like for example arcade games, have been designed with the element of fast gaming in mind, with simple rules to follow and even simpler mechanics. Kill the duck, drive past the obstacle, bomb the wall.

When Is A Game Fast-Paced

A game is considered to be a fast-paced one when the action takes place in level or rounds, like a racing game, for example. When you start the round, it usually ends in a few laps, in which the winner is the one who drives over the finish line first. The same happens with a fast-paced shooter, where you start the round and it usually ends in a minute or so when one team takes out the other.

Other fast-paced games are the ones happening in levels. For example, Tetris can be considered a fast-paced levelled game, as once a round ends, another one, usually with more complicated blocks falling from high up down, begins, and sometimes based on the difficulty, it shifts one speed up and moves faster. A fast-paced game is exciting, thrilling, and very entertaining.

The Best Selling Fast-Paced Games

Now that we know what a fast-paced game is and what it looks and feels like, let’s move on to our favourite part of any buying guide: the buying! Jokes aside, these are our current top fast-paced games you can find here on Egaming. There is no definition of a fast-paced game precisely, so you might find some favourites here which are considered just normal. Enjoy!

GRID Autosport - Most fast-paced games are naturally from the racing genre. Why? Because there's literally nothing faster than a race! GRID Autosport is basically the ultimate, most diverse racer you can experience, with many of the cars from the most famous racing competitions you can think of. There are many modes of gameplay at the ready for you to explore, but for most of it, the regular quick race will mostly do the trick, Race around the most incredible tracks in the world and enjoy the thrills of amazing graphics, superb sounds and crazy adrenaline as you beat the grid.

Injustice 2 - This second game in the Injustice series is simply divine. If you're a fan of the famous characters from the comic book world, having one-on-one battles with characters like Superman, Hellboy, Wonder Woman and so on will surely have you excited and entertained for hours on end. There are many ways to enjoy Injustice 2, but since this is the fast-paced games buying guide, you can rely on the classic one-on-one type of gaming in which you can play against the AI or a real-life adversary. Pick your DC Universe favourite, try out all of the legendary moves, and then beat them all.

TrackMania 2 Stadium - Gaming is all about quick fun. When you start out a new game, if it takes a little too long for the producers to explain what's about to happen, that is usually a red flag. Not always, but most of the time. With TrackMania, the rules are simple: you just race everyone, perform crazy stunts for extra points, and then cross the finish line first! With high-responsive cars that will obey your commands, most of the time, you will be able to enjoy the thrills of different tracks and types of racing. Keep calm, hit the gas, and enjoy the stadiums!

Mortal Kombat 11 - Out of all of the many fast-paced games out there, few can even come close to Mortal Kombat, not just the 11th title but as a general series of legendary games. Mortal Kombat 11 is the ultimate one-on-one fighting simulator. Boasting an array of powerful, legendary characters with special abilities, many combos for attack and defence, Mortal Kombat is unique and has passed the test of time not just once in its 30 years of history as a franchise. Pick your favourite from Scorpion, Rayden, Sub-Zero and the others, and kick your enemy's heart out with the legendary Fatalities.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Out of all of the most famous animal figures in the gaming world, Crash Bandicoot is the marsupial with the most fans all over the globe. Millions from across the world have played the now-famous game, and with the N. Sane Trilogy at the ready, you simply cannot fall prey to boredom. The path towards adventure is ready, and the new dance moves introduced with the trilogy are just insane! Spin, jump, and stump with him, as you repeat the moves and take the challenges, as well as the adventure, to a whole new level.

NBA 2K21 - Fast-paced gaming is popular with fans of the sports genre. If you're into basketball, NBA 2K21 is the right game for you. Regardless if you play with an opponent from the real world, or the one put together by the AI of the game, the thrill is the same. And don't reduce the capabilities of this realistic interpretation of what NBA is to just quick matches. Start with those to get some practice in, and when you're ready, go for one of the many modes of gameplay that will turn you into a superstar of the ultimate basketball league of the planet!

WWE 2K Battlegrounds - WWE is not just a sport but a spectacle followed by millions all over the planet. The franchise has been turned into not just fights but games, movies, series and so on. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is just one of the products surrounding the legendary WWE fighters you all know and love. The main difference between Battlegrounds and a regular WWE game? The more "child-friendly" graphics that the first comes with. More than 70 acclaimed WWE superstars await your professional fighting skills to be put into action and to acquire the most wins you can through their powers. Have a go at international fame right now!

Microsoft Flight Simulator - While flying simulators aren't famous for their fast-paced gaming, there is an element these games have that make them sort of fast. This game can simulate literally endless situations from when you're in the skies and fly towards your destination. Including disastrous issues with your aircraft. When that happens, this slow game of waiting turns into the most fast-paced title on the market. With seconds to spare and having to come up with a plan to save the plane and the passengers, it's not much that you can do but act. And if you don't do a good job, your customers won't be very happy at the end of the day. Or alive.

Clustertruck - Video games can be either slow with their overall story and gameplay. Clustertruck is a new way of looking at a platformer, a game that's usually considered fast-paced. In this game, your main objective is to drive yourself over a speeding highway, and you're not the only one moving, as the road does this as well! This means while you move, the whole environment around you moves along with you, and fast! Put your seatbelt on and get ready for a wild ride through futuristic lands and everchanging highways, with moves as fast as the speed of sound which have to be perfectly mastered.

FIFA 21 - Of course we'd add FIFA to our list of fast-paced games. With matches that can last as little as 4 minutes, FIFA 21 is one of the favourites when it comes to fast-paced gaming among friends or with an incredible, realistic AI. You can either play locally or with a friend that's continents away, the fun and the realism are the same thanks to the new game engine and graphics. You can slow down and build your own dream team, or try one of the campaign modes if you wish. But FIFA is a game of fast-paced action, and millions all over the world love it for this exact reason, as they should.

Overcooked - You know where things have to happen fast? The kitchen of a busy restaurant, that's where! Imagine patrons having to wait for hours for their food. A nightmare, to say the least! Overcooked takes you and three other friends on a fiery adventure through the world of... sure, let's call it "professional" cooking! You will be entitled to prepare the kitchen, cook the dishes, and then serve them out to your clients in the dining hall. All while managing multiple orders, shipping of goods, and unwanted situations that may or may not be caused by your teammates. If hell breaks loose, you're all in it for the cooking doomsday!

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair - Ending this particular list of fast-paced games with a masterful platformer, both fast and fascinating. See what we did there? Okay, back to the game, this adventure of a game is made by the same people who've made "Donkey Kong Country", so you know it's going to be nice and exhilarating. It comes in a pristine 2.5D graphics environment, which will get you into many troubles but also tons of fun at the same time. Capital B is their notorious enemy, and he is up to no good. Defeat the threat while you enter the Liar, which is truly impossible. But is it?!

How To Beat A Fast Game

There are a few elements that tie together these faster-than-normal games. You’ve got your speed, then you’ve got your levelling up of the elements of the game like difficulty and environments, and then there are changes in rules, even characters. These are some of the tips and tricks you can use in order to beat the fastest games you can play.

Dexterity - The number one thing you should focus on when trying to beat a fast game is dexterity. The more flexible your hands and fingers are, the better you’ll perform. It’s like with any other sport. The more you train a certain body part that’s to do a certain move, the better you’ll do in the challenge. With fast games, the hands have to be very action-ready, so to speak, as to allow you to physically react fast when the moment comes. If you’re literally slow and lack dexterity, you will never be able to jump over those obstacles. Especially in the higher levels of a certain platformer.

Focus - One of the most important things to look into when talking about fast-paced games is the focus. A lack of focus is destructive in day-to-day life, let alone a fast-paced game. When you lack the ability to focus on a certain thing, like a fast game, you naturally cannot go about it. No matter if the level you’re at is easy or one of the hardest ones, you simply cannot face the challenge. Why? Because your mind cannot focus on the end goal of the mission you’re at. Which leads to getting stuck, frustrated, and ultimately abandoning the gameplay.

Practice - As with all games, practice is everything when it comes to beating a certain game. All titles in the gaming industry are somewhat hard, let alone fast-paced ones. With practice, you can overcome all of those “impossible” levels or missions. How? By simply playing, taking things low and easy, and breaking them into smaller sections for you to pass. If a level is very hard, try and get to a virtual checkpoint first and master that first part. Then set a second checkpoint, and destroy that. Soon enough, you’d have cleared the whole level, and move to the next one.