Many games have linear gameplay or storyline. You start and then you progress through the story as you would in real life, going over obstacles, making changes where you need to, and then reaching its inevitable end. This is usually a final mission, in which you need to defeat a bad guy or pass through a very challenging environment to reach the finale of the title.

While most games end with saving a queen, or any other character, a lot of them end in you and your friends defeating a monster. Keeping in with the theme, in Mario, your final encounter is with the Bowser, a dragon/turtle contraption with a shell made out of spikes and filled with special destructive powers. Beating Bowser gets you to the princess and, surely, to win the game.

What Is A Game’s Boss

A game’s boss is usually a character put to be defeated by the end of the gameplay. Bosses are usually enchanted with many features that are meant to put you in difficulty and require tactics in order for you to combat it. When you reach the boss at the end of the game, you’re expected to know the mechanics well enough so that you can defeat it in a few tries. Or many tries.

A game can come with one final boss, but usually, there is more than one boss in a campaign. Notorious for their many bosses are MMORPGs, which have many bosses in raids and instances. Figures like Onyxia or Illidan are familiar with World of Warcraft veterans, being among the most famous and fought bosses in the history of gaming. Bosses are fun especially for teamwork, as they’re ideal for parties to work together in defeating them.

The Best Selling Hard Bosses Games

When it comes to hard bosses to defeat, there are no favourites. Most gamers enjoy defeating them with a team behind their backs, but there are many hard bosses that are beatable in a single-player format. Here are our top picks from the current Egaming offer that come with some unbeatable bosses. That is until you come along!

Senator Armstrong - This particular character is famous with all Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance fans from all over the globe. In a game dedicated to Raiden, a soldier child who is brought up to be a half-human, half-cyborg ninja. Senator Armstrong is the last of the many tanks and bosses you'll meet while gaming. The character is an embodiment of American excess and corruption, as well as a strong NPC that will most likely kill you a couple of times before you can say what's what. Look out for the potent punches, diminishing your health bar in no time. His views on America and politics are also... hard to swallow.

Viper - This particular boss is part of the legendary Titanfall 2 game. As much as Titanfall 1 was a game with no story mode, Titanfall 2 comes in with an almost impeccable campaign mode, a great surprise for fans from across the globe. When it comes to epic fights against powerful bosses, few can even compare to Viper, the bossiest of them all. It is nearly impossible to take Viper down, not without dramatically changing the ways you battle while in Titan. Viper comes with all of the glorious arsenals Titanfall 2 is made out of. It shines as an ultimate example of what it means for a player to be exploring the entire arsenal of the game, not stick with one configuration.

Ghost of Lady Comstock - BioShock Infinite is a peculiar game that's loved by millions all over the world. The least favourite part of most of these gamers is defeating this notorious boss, Ghost of Lady Comstock. It's not the hardest boss in the series, but a challenging one nonetheless. This spirit was made out of fear and resentment, as the story goes. She comes with an army of undead soldiers who are willing to attack the hero in many deadly ways. When she reanimates the dead army, you've got a chance to hit her when she's at her weakest. But do notice she's strong and capable.

The Alien - Bosses are usually strong but not that frightening at the end of things. The Alien in Alien: Isolation is scary. Nightmare material, actually. This is no traditional boss, as it behaves like nothing else. The boss is not met in a final fight but it just comes into your vision at random times, ready to eat you alive if you can't face its hungry monstrosity. Figuring out how to avoid being consumed alive by the NPC is going to take time and tactics. If you fail to look past the boss and become pray, you're done.

Nemesis - What makes this Resident Evil 3 boss so notoriously hard? First off, you've got the looks: a big zombie with "perfect" teeth and a rocket launcher will welcome you with a singular focus, and that is to destroy you. One of the most memorable bosses in any Resident Evil, Nemesis will start by killing your friend Brad, poking a tentacle through his face. The boss follows the hero all throughout the game, forcing them to get rid of precious ammunition and healing powers. When you finally get him out of the picture, he just keeps coming back. This tenacity is what makes Nemesis into one of the most impossible bosses ever made.

Deathshead - Wolfenstein is a famous series of games involving some of the most brutal conflicts in human history, namely the Second World War and the nazis. Surely, it has been reinterpreted for video gaming capabilities, as the nazis have superpowers and can destroy you in a heartbeat. Deathshead is a jerk of a boss, as he is the sole architect of the entire Reich. BJ Blazkowicz went after this character for decades without being able to take him out. While the arena will go up in flames around you, you will have to fight not just the boss but also the tricky navigation. Pummeling the nazi scientist with all that you've got is the main thing to do.

Spider Mastermind - The original DOOM is one of the most notorious games ever made. It simply is a masterpiece, and one to be remembered forever, not just among nostalgia-driven gamers. One of the bosses in this original legend is Spider Mastermind. This boss is basically a giant brain with legs, and although that might not sound that scary at first, you will run into him by the end of the game. And that's when pure horror will envelop you! Made out of sci-fi and horror of the occult kind, Spider Mastermind is equipped with a chain gun that is just deadly. Rush this boss around and get around him, where you can't be hurt by the chain.

Ginso Tree - Here's a game you've most likely never heard of. It's called "Ori and the Blind Forest", and comes to you in the Definitive Edition thanks to Egaming. Ginso Tree is one of the bosses of this game based on the events of a fantasy forest filled with might and magic. This end-of-the-level boss is a water type, and if you touch the water while fighting him, you have to start from the very beginning. You will be fighting uphill literally, fleeing from the menacing water that can drown you at any second.

Terramorphous the Invincible - Wow, that's a long name for a boss of a game isn't it? It's like you haven't even started the fight against them and you're already beaten! Terramorphous the Invincible is one of the raid bosses in Borderlands 2, presented to you in the superb Game of the Year Edition by Egaming, of course. He comes up when you do the "You Will Die (Seriously)" mission. A killing machine, this NPC comes at you with many limbs that can take you down in a single hit. Although the cap level was set at 50 in Borderlands 2, this boss is level 52. Good luck!

The Nameless King - Considered to be among the hardest bosses to beat in a video game to date, this NPC from Dark Souls III will 100% give you a run for your bucks. This boss will surely raise your blood pressure, and other vital bodily functions, while you try and take it down. Introducing a tall man with a spear that's electrified, and a story talking about ancient monarchy and slaying dragons, The Nameless King is the absolute boss to be beaten. With many phases to go through in order to defeat it, the King is notorious for the many wipes your party will "enjoy" until you'll finally be able to destroy it.

C’Thun - Out of the very many bosses in the most famous MMORPG ever made, World of Warcraft, C'Thun is probably the hardest. Especially if you play it in heroic mode. You will meet this boss by the end of the legendary Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid dungeon. An Old God from Warcraft's lore, C'Thun has taken down many of the most performant guilds in WoW's history. This boss can swallow players in an instant and without warning. If he swallows your healer, just because he can, and you're 99% there... good luck fighting that 1% down without help! C'Thun can be defeated just after very careful planning and trial and error. This might be a video game NPC, but as far as bosses go, it's a masterpiece of video game mechanics. 

How To Beat A Difficult Game’s Boss

Now that you know which bosses are ready to be fought, we’ll be focusing on the “how-to” part of the buying guide next. As in, how to defeat most game’s bosses from the very first tries. Because no, you won’t be able to do it from a first try, especially with these “hardest bosses” games. Sit back, relax and note down the tips.

Rules - Every single game boss will come with a specific set of rules that can’t be broken. If you’re smart enough to have read them, you have a chance at beating the mighty NPC. If you don’t read the rules, your chances of going through the phases of the boss the right way are basically zero. In order to defeat the boss, read the rules and the mechanics of the combat right away.

Tryouts - What’s more valuable than knowing the rules of the boss? Trying your luck with it, of course. Regardless if you’re playing against a boss on your own, or with a party, it’s imperative that you try time and again to defeat them before you quit. Most bosses won’t fall after a first or even second tryout, no matter how good your technique is, or overall party.

Patience - Now that you know the rules and the truth about tryouts, you ought to know that patience is what’s ultimately going to defeat the boss. Not weapons, not mechanics, nor technique, but the patience you will be putting into it until the very end. When that loot hits the floor, you’ll be dancing around in awe and feel accomplished. A universal rule to any game, patience is the one virtue you will need to be able to successfully turn the boss into a pile of loot.