Games come in all shapes, sizes and price tags. Why? Because the market has to put everyone into perspective as a potential buyer. You can’t just serve cheap games to everyone because there is a market for those who’re into expensive titles. There are people out there who are ready to pay full price for a game that’s just been released, and gaming studios love these folks!

The main benefit of having more money than your buddy is this, being able to play a game that’s just been released faster than them. You get access to the new release by paying a little more than you’d pay if you’d wait, say, a month or two after the release. Games that are expensive are also top class in their domain, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

What Makes A Game So Expensive

Why is it that some games are just so much more expensive than others? Bottom line is, the more people are invested in making a game from scratch, the more it will cost for that title to get on the shelves of stores or on virtual catalogues like Egaming. It’s like with any product, the more people working on them, the more they have to be rewarded at the end of the day, the higher the price.

Games are expensive because they take a lot of time to make. Next, they’re expensive because most people want them right as they come out, which increases the price by a bunch. While you can find most games at around 30-50 bucks in general, newly released games can even cost $100 these days. For one title! That’s a lot of money, but then, you get to play that game among the first people in the world!

The Best Selling Expensive Games

Now that we know what makes games expensive sometimes, as well as why some games are more expensive than others, here are our most pricey games we now have on offer on Egaming. Sure, these games won’t stay the most expensive forever. But for the sake of it, you’ll get a sense of just how much expensive games cost, and if you can get some or not.

Death Stranding - Coming straight from the brilliant mind of game designer Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding is a genre-altering game that's all about action, puzzle-solving and adventure. Sam Bridges is the hero you're going to play in the game, a soul that's brave and ready to go. His mission is to retake control over a planet that's been torn down by Death Standing, a notorious organisation that is all about being in power. Sam has just discovered the last remains of the disconnected future of the world. He then embarks on a mission to reconnect the pieces and put the future together in his most ingenious manner.

Cyberpunk 2077 - One of the most long-awaited games in a decade, Cyberpunk 2077 is nowhere, and with a price to match the anticipation. The most expected game in a bunch, you will discover a unique open-world adventure that's all about action and character development. The place is Night City, a metropolis that will have you thirsty for power with everything that you do. Glamour is also everywhere, and the main difference from other games like this is the character customization, modification of the body and all other features.

The Guild 3 - The third instalment of the Guild series is here and at a higher price, but coming at you with all of the benefits of such a title. With additions across the board, The Guild 3 is all about the year 1400, when Europe was enveloped by the notorious Dark Ages. In the middle of these treacherous years, you have to find a place of calm from where to try and make things better. A place once filled with nobles and prosperity has now fallen into despair, disease and death. Happiness is long gone from these once flourishing cities, as well as trading and any other experiences a healthy society has once intertwined into. Now, the minds and souls of people are at risk of being lost forever.

The Sims 4 Cottage Living - This particular Sims 4 pack is the most expensive Sims addon that we could find, so why not put it here? Cottage Living is all about, well, living life at its core, in a cottage near the city and with the benefits that it implies. Slow living, family-oriented activities, nice, rustic furniture and a lot of calm and peace. The expansion pack comes at roughly 25 pounds, which is a lot compared to other Sims 4 packs, but you do get a ton of features to try. Including animal friends, garden-to-table meals, knitting as a community activity, and so on. You can also explore the forests and befriend the creatures of it.

The Medium - If you're a fan of weird games, then this title is right up your scary alley. With this title, you become an actual medium, whose job is to uncover the darkest of mysteries. Turn into the ultimate psychic and explore the worlds of both the real and the spiritual. Don't get too confused though, as the fine line between the two is crucially important. Mixing the two unwantedly will surely result in some maddening events, even death. While you're the messenger between the two universes, keeping the balance between the worlds of the people and that of spirits is a task you'll meet with great difficulty.

Mafia Trilogy - Priced just right for what it is, the Mafia Trilogy is probably the best example of expensive but reliable game price. It comes with all of the three legendary Mafia games, which have been released periodically but can now be played one after the other. This is a unique chance to take the Mafia story from the very start all the way up until the third episode, going not just through the storyline but also through the legendary transformations that the game has suffered. Feel the evolution in terms of graphics, sounds, storytelling and character development. It's quite a transformative experience, to say the least!

FIFA 21 - If you have to ask what FIFA 21 is, then you're clearly not a fit for this game or any computer game for that matter. The series that has brought football (or soccer for our American friends) to the masses now has over two decades of history. In the 2021 version of the game, things become even more real, and legendary. This simulation is like none other, offering fans of the most popular sport on earth a chance to play with their favourites on their machines. The new and improved version of FIFA lives up to the hype without a doubt.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - When it comes to games that have to do with war, Call of Duty is where it's at! This game has been around for decades and will continue to do so for probably eternity. Or for as long as gaming will be around. Besides the regular gameplay of Call of Duty in its essence, Black Ops 4 comes with a new element, namely zombies, to the mix of an already crazy shooter. Three new adventures await the hero to be engaged with, all having to do with the undead. Enjoy the game not just as a single player but also in the multiplayer realm, where the real magic of the game comes through.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Priced at the fourth most pricey game in our list, again, without being in a bundle or deluxe edition, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece on all fronts. Talk about graphics, sounds, gameplay and mechanics, this game has got them all and then a bunch more. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you play the hero who's living in 1899 America, when Arthur and his Van der Lingen gang are running away from justice. Your job is to keep Arthur and his team away from the hands of justice, which won't be shy of being brutal, should you get caught.

Deathloop - Our third most expensive game without being a special edition is Deathloop. One look at some gameplay clips of this game on the web and you'll quickly see why this game is a tad more expensive than your typical everyday shooter. This next-generation FPS is made by the famous Arkane Lyon, who's working for Dishonored, the multiple award-winning studios. The story of Deathloop goes about two rival killers, these assassins now being trapped in a mission that's mysterious and dangerous. It involves a time loop on the island of Blackreef, where the two heroes are doomed to repeat the same day forever.

F1 2021 - A game that's been long-awaited by all Formula 1 fans was the 2021 version of F1, the video game. The official video game of the most-watched sports competition on earth is a true gem of a title. The reproductions of the cars, tracks, the graphics, the sounds, are all going to transport you as close to a Formula 1 seat as humanely possible. Without actually being an F1 driver. Fun fact, the actual drivers of F1 use the game to get familiar with the tracks, before going to the simulator. Talking about being Lewis Hamilton for a few minutes...

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Priced at close to 50 pounds, this is the most expensive game on our offer right now. And for great reasons. Imagine having the entire world at your feet, literally, through which you can fly from one airport to the other without any restrictions. Imagine being able to fly everywhere, with most of the aircraft you know and don't know, and feeling exactly like a pilot as the recreation of the planes is close to 100 percent. Out of all of the planes on the planet, you've got 20 that were modelled exactly. 30 airports have been 100% recreated for the game.

How To Save For An Expensive Game

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t afford a certain game. In fact, it does happen that your gaming money is running low, especially during Black Friday or Christmas shopping sprees. Or afterwards. If you’re in that situation, but still want to buy the more expensive titles out there, here are some tips to keep in mind about saving money to buy your favorite new releases.

Save pocket money - Obviously, you cannot buy video games, especially expensive ones, without money. So the first thing you have to do is to save some cash for your purchases. Starting small with saving a little pocket money now and then. Instead of eating out tomorrow, have a sandwich made at home as your work lunch. That's about $20 saved right there. Instead of taking an Uber, take the bus, or just walk home from your appointment. How hard can that be, right?


Make a list - In order to have a constant incentive for saving that cash from the previous point, make a list of the games that you truly want to play in the near future. Checking that list every day will push you to save even more, as you've got a reason for doing it right there in front of you. It should be a physical list, written on paper so that you can fold away and have it with you everywhere. The more you feel like you're spending on nonsense, the more you should open up the paper and read it a couple of times.

Check for special discounts - Finally, the most important thing to remember is, constantly check for discounts from large gaming stores such as Egaming. Make a habit of checking your favourite online stores once a day. It takes less than 5 minutes to do this, but it can save you tons of money in the long run. Whenever you see a special discount, go for it right away!