Humans are great planners. Sometimes they’re not, but we’re always trying to improve on making plans, on thinking about what to do next, be it in life, at work, or in a video game. Speaking of video games, have you ever played a more intriguing, demanding, or exciting game than a strategy title? Few gaming genres are more complete in terms of gameplay than these.

Strategy games have been around for decades. Ever since the start of the gaming industry, we’ve been able to enjoy titles such as Age of Empires, the most epic of all strategy games, or Warcraft, Command & Conquer, Heroes, XCOM, the list goes endlessly, all games that have defined the entire industry, and kept players happy for generations on end. And still do!

The Perks Of A Great Strategy Game

What makes a great strategy game? Progression, in a word. Seeing your empire or world slowly but steadily building up from a single garrison, or unit, to a massive empire. And then battling for supremacy with other amazing gamers, or the game itself, to overrule the lands and forever become the king you’ve always known you were. Even if in a virtual form, yes, still a king!

Another great feature of a successful strategy game is the idea of completion. With a racing game, there’s racing and… well, that’s about it. The same goes with a great shooter. You shoot, the round ends, and then you do it all over again. With a strategy title, there are many elements put together to form a beautiful whole, with planning, executing, attacks, defence, everything!

Our Bestselling Strategy Games Right Now

We here at Egaming are constantly on the lookout for the best games there are. When it comes to strategy titles, they truly are special to us, because most of us here started to enjoy being a part of the gaming community through a strategy game. Oh, we miss those Warcraft days, yes! But enough of the nostalgia, let’s dive right into the list of our best strategy titles right away!

Total War: ATTILA - One of the most sought-after of all Total War titles, ATTILA centres on the story of the famous explorer and fighter of ancient times, ready to bring a true apocalypse over the heads of those who would oppose him. ATTILA is a strategy game that focuses on the year 395 AD, when the great Attila started to make a name for himself as a true, fearless leader of the lands. Fight for the expansion of your empire and strategize every move to succeed. With great power comes a great chance to fall victim of your own strength.

Surviving Mars - Welcome home, on Mars! This game is about a strategy for humanity to not just make it, but also survive on the Red Planet. Colonize the new home of humans by erecting many buildings like homes, centres for disease control, greenhouses, and so on, and then keeping your men and women high in morals, spirits, and entertainment, you know, after you put them to work. When the time is right, expand on your land and take over even more of the Red Planet. Here, it's all about oxygen, but also other precious resources. Put them to good use!

Company of Heroes 2 - The second base game in the Company of Heroes saga, this title is one of the strategy games that has forever defined the genre. Put your battling and war skills to the ultimate test, with tanks and other vehicles for fighting, in a simulator of conflict that's all about fast response and correct decisions. Our library has the Masters Collection on offer, as you can see by the link in the title of this game, so you can enjoy the extended experience of one of the most important strategy games ever made!

Age of Wonders III - When picking such a game for our list, we're not just saying that the third AoW is greater than the rest. The entire series is to be praised for the new, the magic features, and the history they've made while being played by millions. This just happens to be one of our best selling Age of Wonders, the third one, in this Deluxe Edition with so many perks, we'll be here for a while! A perfect mix of empire building, war simulation, and RPG, Age of Wonders III is matched by very few games, in terms of uniqueness, adventurous style, and gameplay.

Planet Coaster - The more modern strategy games focus less on fighting with an enemy, and more on fighting with one's self. As in, let's put the entire focus on achieving a higher goal than just winning a fight, for example, creating something extraordinary. Like the most amazing roller coaster themed park the virtual world has ever seen. With Planet Coaster, you will be tested for strategy and planning, as well as for executing those plans. Building the theme park of your dreams is now possible, and all it takes is a little careful consideration, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together right.

Cities: Skylines - Speaking of modern strategy games, Cities - Skylines! This city builder is the ultimate experience if you want to know what it feels like to run a megalopolis. Start small with a few buildings at first, then build roads, new neighbourhoods, skyscrapers, shopping malls, industrial zones, and so on until you've got yourself a very large metropolitan area with liveable quarters all around it. Erect the most impressive of landmarks, and have your airport or airports flooded by tourists from all over the globe. And when you're ready, build a second city, and then a third.

Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition - Planet Zoo needs no introduction for fans of the zoo simulators. It's basically the title that has defined this subgenre of video games. Prepare to erect the ultimate zoo, with natural zones, enclosed spaces for the more dangerous beings, as well as food stalls and other zones for the visitors and their entertainment. Treat your animals right and grow your park endlessly, by adding the many perks and features from this Deluxe Edition, as well as the many other DLCs available for this title. If you love animals and themed parks, Planet Zoo is endless fun for you!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI - This turn-based strategy game barely needs any introduction. Now reaching the sixth title of the series, Sid Meier's Civilization is a legendary apparition, one that gamers from all over the globe cherish and still play in large numbers. The main scope of the game is your constant attempt at building the perfect empire. This is an empire that, above all else, passes the treacherous test of time itself. When you start, you'll be doing the most basic of tasks, like gathering men and resources. Soon enough though, your numerous armies will fight for land supremacy, and eternal glory.

Age of Empires II - We're serving you the most epic of all strategy games under the Definitive Edition. Why? Because this way you can enjoy all of the perks of this legendary game, the game that defined all else (hence the "Definitive", got it?) from the genre. Age of Empires is the ultimate empire building and strategy gameplay title, letting you opt in or out of the action when you wish. Erect your settlements from simple villages to amazing fortifications, and then build upon your armies that will help you obliterate your most impressive enemies.

Shelter 2 - Out of the many possible subjects a strategy game can come with, this particular game is about life around and within the animal kingdom. You are the mother lynx, out of all creatures of the wild, and will go on giving birth to your own cubs as the game begins. Then, you'll be entitled to raising your little ones from being just balls of fur all the way to maturity, when they can hunt and take care of themselves. This game is about strategy, as well as survival, life in the most frugal way, and also the burden and sometimes blessing of death.

Arma 3 - This huge military sandbox is not just about combat, as one uninitiated might believe, but also a lot about strategy. What's combat without strategy other than a mere excuse for losing your grip, and finally, your men? With a variety of content for both the single-player and the multiplayer modes, you've got more than 20 vehicles and 40 weapons to choose from, as well as unlimited personal content creation capabilities. The most amazing of all military games is now ready for you to enjoy on your PC, featuring authentic, open, and diverse gaming. Arma 3 will put you right into the midst of war. Are you ready?

Stellaris - A game with such a gorgeous name surely stands by its fame when it comes to visuals and sounds. It's superbly done, with amazing graphics, mechanics, and a cursive storyline. You turn into an explorer who keeps on discovering other planets and stays curious no matter how strange and uncanny his discoveries turn out to be. You'll be journeying through the stars, and put together a strategy that will have you meeting new species all over the galaxies. All these new beings are particular, peculiar, and very interesting on their own, as well as when you discover their special traits and features.

Tips On How To Beat Any Strategy Games

Strategy games are always evolving, from the very basic ones, to the ones requiring many skills for you to master. This is why we’re not going to let you leave this buying guide without a few tips on how to beat most strategy games. We don’t own a magic formula for all of them, but keeping these next tips in mind will surely asure you with a decent head start.

Attention to details - The most important trait you should work on when establishing yourself as the next big strategy game master is attention to details. Every single move that you make now will impact the game much sooner than you are ready to believe. Even building a new construction somewhere, or deploying men in the fields, will have an immediate impact. Strategy is like a game of chess, the more attentive you are to the smallest details, the better you’ll perform and outperform your enemy.

Being one step ahead - Speaking of outperforming your enemy, be it the AI of the game or another human being, the most important thing you have to do in order to get yourself victorious when playing against them is keeping yourself one step ahead of their progress. If they’re already fortifying the outside walls of their citadel, you better be preparing the troops for attack already. If they’re ready to attack, you better be ready to defend your walls. Whatever the enemy is doing, you have to stay one step ahead of their strategy in order to beat them.

Mimic the best ones - Chances are, you’re playing a strategy game that is being played by millions all over the world. In this case, you can start to master the game before even hitting the “Play” button. How? By watching the live streams or YouTube videos of the masters of the title. Go over their content and pull out some tips and tricks on how to beat the strategy game easier. Don’t copy their work move by move. Simply go online, find your favorite game which others have gone through, and pull out what you think it’s best. And then make the victory your own. Nobody is against copying things here! But hey, at least put in some work and turn your victory into something you can be proud of!