Ever since the beginning of the gaming industry, teams were at the core of the fun of gameplay. Even arcade games came with the one-vs-one and even two-vs-two configuration, meaning four people would be able to play at once on one singular gaming station. It’s one thing to play a game alone, and a completely different experience to play within a team, and against another.

Team-focused games such as Counter Strike, to name one legend of the industry, have been at the base of gaming success for decades. The example at hand has been around since 2000, so it now has over two decades of history under its belt. All it took was a dream of the perfect team-ready game, and execution under not-so-great circumstances. But the result was simply perfect!

What Defines A Great Teamwork Game

Taking the Counter Strike example into account, there are a few general features that make a great teamwork game. First, there’s the joined efforts to accomplish a goal. With Counter Strike, there’s the famous mission of counter-terrorists versus terrorists, in which one team has to take out the other before it’s too late. Games can either be focused on saving hostages or detonating a bomb, before the other team can react.

Another feature of a successful team-based game is diversity. Because it happens mostly online, the game can be played in many modes and ways, culminating with specially made maps by the players themselves, as well as levels or missions that outside developers can incorporate into the gameplay. Finally, the fun! There aren’t many things that are better than playing with your buddies on your quest to save the world.

Our Best Selling Teamwork Games

Egaming is always on the lookout for the best games out there, at the best prices possible. When it comes to teamwork games, you’ve got your shooters, sure, but also your RPGs and MMORPGs, your adventure titles, and many more. Let’s dive deep into our bag of goods and see which are the best selling teamwork games our site has to offer!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - You know there's going to be a lot of shooters on this list, so better start with one of the most famous right away! Call of Duty is a series that needs no introduction. The fourth title, Modern Warfare, comes with many team-based modes that will have you and your buddies fight for victory over the many battlefields. As you know by now, multiplayer action is a big deal in CoD, especially in the fourth episode and Modern Warfare. This title offers customizable gameplay among fans from all over the planet, suitable for all needs.

Street Fighter V - Wait, wasn't Street Fighter a game that's about one-on-one fights, with legendary, out-of-this-world fighters? Yes, and it still is. But the fifth title in the acclaimed series has taken the once simple, hero-vs-hero battles to the next level. Introducing modes like the Team Battle, Street Fighter is now so much more than a simple you versus your friend fighter game. It's about coordination, planning, and executing the best you and your teammates can. Along with the Extra Battle, there are many legendary new gameplay modes that will forever reinvent this timeless classic for veteran and newbies fans alike. 

Conan Exiles - Most games that happen online are usually focused on the hero in the middle of your screen. And so is this MMORPG based on the legendary Conan the Barbarian character from mythological times. But the Conan Exiles is also a game you can play in teams, as you can level up your heroes, and gear them up properly, with the help of team raids and dungeons. You cannot defeat the big, offering bosses of the game, or any other MMO for that matter, on your own. Putting together a team that works flawlessly together is the secret for a successful MMORPG experience.

Battlefield V - Most shooter fans from any gaming community have heard about Battlefield, regardless of which episode. This game is simply legendary, a true trendsetter and an epic adventure for all gamers who're into World War II reenactment. But is this campaign-based game suited for team gameplay? Yes, yes it is! The multiplayer mode that comes within Battlefield V allows up to 64 players to go into complete chaos at the time. The new multiplayer mode was rightfully named “Chaos of All-Out War". Two other massive experiences dedicated to teamwork are “Grand Operations” and “Combined Arms”.

Diablo 2 - Presented to you in the Gold Edition by Egaming, Diablo 2 is the story about the very Lord of Terror, falling under the church of Tristram. Now, with him out of the picture, the hero you're about to play is able to restore the peace once lost by his dreadful actions. In a world that's filled with despair and death, you're the only hope that's left. Diablo can be defeated on your own or online, with the help of up to 7 other people from your circle of heroes. The game can be played for free, kudos to the Battle.net Classic platform.

Syndicate - If you're familiar with the famous Syndicate game of shooting and domination, global corporations and intricate connections, prepare to take it to a whole new level thanks to the legendary 4-player co-op. Assemble your Syndicate for overtaking the world, with a team of four people who're ready to partake in the most surreal online co-op experience you've ever had. The game has been enhanced on a chip and engine level, with no less than 9 missions and many other online adventures. If you're a fan of teamwork and constant battles, Syndicate is your chance to shine and move on!

Port Royale 3 - Get ready to be turned into a captain of the seas, a trader and man of your word... or not! Port Royale is a series that needs little introduction, being acclaimed all over the world for its features such as ship battles, trading, routes creation and so on. Sure you can enjoy the game as a single-player experience, but for enhanced gameplay, go for the multiplayer option, a first in the series with this third main episode. You can team up with 3 others and play at the time, trading and battling alongside or against them over the web.

Titanfall - When there's no option left for the salvation of the people, bring in the Titans! This new shooter is a must for all teamwork gamers who're looking for the ultimate experience online. You can either be a simple pilot, or the Titan itself, it's all up to you. This game is the future of online multiplayer action happening today. The multiplayer on offer is an actual heart-pounding experience, combining cinematic moments with a dramatic turn of events. Enjoy the fiction, the characters, the universe around you, without leaving any of the features of the game outside your experience.

Unreal Tournament 3 Black - Out of all the shooters out there that are team-based and can be played online, few have been as successful as the ones from the legendary Unreal Tournament series. These games, with their ungodly heroes and unearthly weapons, have forever taken the hearts of gamers from all across the globe. There's just something about the environments, the weapons, and the overall excitement when it comes to the Unreal Tournament series of shooters. A staple of the industry, UT games are the ultimate team-based games, requiring coordination and mutual trust, as well as impeccable skills for taking down targets.

EVE Online - Coming to you as the Core Starter Pack, EVE Online is simply a masterpiece of solo or team-based gameplay. Happening across thousands of galaxies in a universe that's constantly worked upon, EVE is the ultimate space-themed MMORPG, capable of delivering endless fun with missions and raids, as well as other secondary activities. You'll have a whole pack of extras at your fingertips, should you acquire the Core Starter Pack that Egaming is offerring at this unbeatable price. Get started with simple missions, upgrade your spacecraft, and then take over the intergalactic world with your skill and determination for victory.

Half-Life 2 - While Counter-Strike, a free game actually, is their most acclaimed creation, Valve, the famous game's producer, is also known for the game that has started it all, namely Half-Life. This game, set in a weird environment, with uncanny weapons and out-of-this-world creatures to shoot, has been at the core of shooter games for generations. With Half-Life 2, creators have gone that extra mile required to bring the entire idea of alien shootouts to the next level. Go online with your friends and take down all of the hairy, ugly, ungodly creatures before they wipe you out first.

Quake III Arena - Adding the Team Arena Pack to the base game, proudly presented in this configuration by Egaming, Quake III Arena is the ultimate team-ready game you can play from anywhere, at any time. Assemble your arena team and get your shooting and looting skills ready for the ultimate showdown. If you're not ready, you've got plenty of opportunities to prepare with the many gaming modes at the ready. When you're up for it, go online and show what you're made of. Cooperation is key here, as with any team game, so listen to your mates and never take action on your own. Unless you're the only one left standing.

Egaming’s Tips On Winning At Teamwork Games

Now that you’re familiar with a dozen best selling games that have to do with teamwork, here’s a few tips before you go, on how you can win at these team-related titles. Or at least have a higher chance at winning at them. We’ve pulled out a few tips and tricks on what are the best strategies to go for whenever you’re playing a team-related game.

Communication - Make sure you and your team are sorted with the communication part of your missions before diving into the next one. If you’re at the start, a simple common call would do. But for the intermediate to advanced players, you’ve got to have the headsets with microphones happening for you! Communication while in a game is crucial when you need to make sure you’re on the right time and track with not just your abouts, but the statuses of your teammates as well. Without verbal communication, most missions are doomed to fail.

Practice - It goes without saying that communication is crucial, but something that’s even more important when talking about team-based games is practice. Before going for the strangers online with whom you’ll be playing against in the real matches, split your team of four into two teams of two. And then, go to town on each other. You know, in a kind, loving, practice-session way. Don’t stop until you can’t count who’s got the most kills, the fastest times, and best scores.

Companionship - Finally, if there’s one feature that’s crucial with team-based games, it’s companionship. You know this already, from the many war-themed games you’ve played, that if you don’t listen to your comrades, you and your mission will never get through. Companionship is when you listen and act together, not unwillingly and mindlessly by yourself. It’s when you take care of one another and leave no man behind. If you go down, the team goes down, so being there for your mates is what makes the difference between victory and defeat.

Now that’s a wrap for this buying guide on the most amazing teamwork games out on our online catalogue. Have a blast trying out these games with your mates, and remember to communicate, practice and cooperate with them for that sweet victory!