Since the beginning of gaming, games have been either easy, medium, or hard. Even a game as simple as Tetris would let you choose, in some later versions, the difficulty mode for your gameplay. Easy would mean the blocks would come down slow making it easier for you to set them right at the bottom of the screen. Medium would move the blocks a tad faster than slow.

Hard would just shove the blocks down in little time, allowing you very little for acting on your next block, and so on, making the game much harder than the regular modes. Yet even with the hard mode on, gamers would still be able to figure out the Tetris board and not get “killed” by the upcoming blocks. Nowadays, there are games that go beyond the “hard” mode. And then some!

What Makes An Unbeatable Game

For a game to be “unbeatable”, it has to be considered harder than hard by the majority of gamers who’re into that type of game, title or category. When a game earns notoriety as being “unbeatable”, people aren’t saying you cannot finish it. They just say it takes a lot to do so. In retrospect, even a game of Tetris played on “hard” can be considered unbeatable, surely!

Yet when it comes to modern games, unbeatable titles have been constantly evolving to become even harder, and putting gamers under the pressure of not being able to pass that one mission, level or task they’ve been stuck with forever. What makes a game unbeatable? The element of serious, unmatched difficulty that gamers have to pass in a certain point(s) of the game.

The Best Selling Unbeatable Games

Right, now that we know what an unbeatable game is considered to be, lightly, let’s focus on the actual games that are seriously hard from our catalogue here at Egaming. We’ll share the top dozen games that we believe are seriously hard, some might even say unbeatable. And then we’ll share some tips on how to beat them regardless, obviously!

Dark Souls - Made available under the "Prepare To Die Edition" edition from Egaming, Dark Souls is a game about death. And you will die... INDEFINITELY, in this game. You will have that "YOU DIED" message simply imprinted in your head, from the many times you'll see it on the screen. You might as well get a tattoo of it if you're into "worst possible tattoos" experiences. It's no wonder this is the 1.000.000 deaths video game, and if you're up for the challenge of living through all of them? You're in for a pretty unique gaming experience that's unmatched by your typical RPG adventure.

Hotline Miami - Famous all over the gaming community for superb soundtracks and incredible violence, Hotline Miami might not be the fun frenzy you'd think in the first few moments of trying out the game. In fact, the more you play, the harder this weird game becomes. This is by far one of the most mentally exhausting and unforgiving games you can ever play in the action category. Every new level of the game puts you against a new puzzle, which requires your perfect aim and ability to move past obstacles just at the right time. When you get that level right, it's a unique feeling not many games can offer.

Kerbal Space Program - Not being able to enjoy a game like Kerbal Space Program has to mean something is wrong with you. Like, mentally wrong! This goof of a game is all about building the ultimate spaceships, and while doing so, witnessing how most of your plans are simply going bad and blow up in your face. But what if you'd take it seriously? If you do this, if you really PLAY the game, you'd see that it is one of the most complicated games ever made for your PC. Building that rocket to be fully functional is the worst nightmare, as so many tiny parts have to be arranged perfectly for it to work.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Out of the many games that require your full attention and impeccable execution of plans, Siege has to be one of the hardest. Even the slightest error and change of plans can erase you and your team off the map. One slight move of your weapon will immediately get you into troubles, deadly troubles, as you try and reach your next checkpoint. And if you're really looking for the "hard in hard", go for the "Rogue Spear" expansion of this game. It is the ultimate hard mode for any Rainbow Six. You're welcome!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Bethesda have done a great job with a series so popular, it barely needs any introduction. While most games in the series are hard and treacherous, none compare with the second of the genre, namely The New Colossus. What makes this particular Wolfenstein so difficult? Wherever you are, the enemy always knows where you are, for starters. Then, the gameplay is made so that you don't really know where the next shot is coming from, which leave you without a defend. Finally, there are no viable places to hide from these unknown dangers. You're basically luckying it out, if that’s even a word.

Cuphead - When you start out with a game like Cuphead, even by its name and cover, you'd assume this title is a kids-friendly one. What are you doing as an adult preparing to tackle... whatever this is? Well, you'd be very wrong in your assumptions. Cuphead is a run and gun animation, with old-school 2D graphics that require complete attention and focus. Fire your bullets and other weapons towards the bosses that will stand between you and further levels, and are extremely hard to beat. The final two bosses, King Dice and The Devil, are among the hardest bosses in the history of gaming.

Monster Hunter: World - This title made by Capcom is one of their best sellers of all time, and for good reason. If you don't get just how the many monsters get their powers, you're fit for doom even before the fighting starts. This is what makes the game difficult, the many mechanics you have to grasp before anything else. Each monster you'll meet in the gameplay comes with different attacks, so you'll have to mould your skills to it in order to make it past. With 48 different monsters to kill, and many weapons to pick for the job, and this is a lengthy, mind-bending game. But a beautiful one!

Dead Cells - While it might look like yet another adventurer, and a mediocre one, the level of difficulty behind every characteristic of Dead Cells makes it so relevant, and hard. The gameplay is set to happen in a moment-to-moment way, taking you through some corridors that are interconnected and filled with items and enemies. Speaking of enemies, they are simply unforgiving, coming at you from afar with the help of bullets, or close in groups of many. Health is extremely important, as it comes in limited quantity, and grows the more you play. The fragility of the hero at first is very VERY difficult to upgrade into something more... playable.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - This is not a game just for kids. Well, it might not be for kids AT ALL. Why? Because this time around, the game has had a serious bump in difficulty. How hard it is right at this moment? Very hard, to be more precise. So hard that it's made it on the lists of hardest games all around the web. It's unforgiving, more than difficult, in the sense that even the slightest mistake can break you. Instead of alternative routes, Crash Bandicoot crosses the dilapidated bridge directly. This is simply one of the biggest challenges in the history of the trilogy.

Alien: Isolation - Here's a game that's both hard and scary. What's scarier than an alien race that can experiment on you, after all, either than death itself? Not many things. The main "feature" of the game that makes it difficult is that it will have you agitated and frustrated, and want you to give up more than once. Simply trying to hide from the aliens and other creatures is hard enough. Learning to become a pro at hiding in obscure, uncanny locations, such as lockers, even shadows of other objects, or behind them, is a must skill to develop. If you can't, you're alien dinner meat.

DOOM - If there's one game that's famous all across the gaming industry, no matter which domain is your favourite, it has to be DOOM. Most gamers tried this game at least once, even if not all of them were converted into avid fans. For those who were, DOOM is nothing but a deadly, difficult, sometimes impossible challenge. What makes it so hard? The notorious Ultra-Nightmare Mode. This mode becomes active after you've completed the entire campaign successfully at whatever the difficulty level. When it does, the most unforgiving mode of DOOM will force you to restart the whole campaign when you die. And the monsters? Deadly.

XCOM 2 - This masterpiece from Firaxis is the sequel to the original episode, "Enemy Unknown". Left with some black holes to be explored, XCOM 2 is a developmental success. This sequel is everything that players have ever wanted, and then some, with the main campaign being as challenging as they come, from the very start right to the very end. Most missions require perfect play, anything below that resulting in your repeated death. You can, and will lose all of your fighters in one second. No matter how hard the game is, retaking Earth back from the alien masters is one of those causes that will get you through it.

How To Master An Unbeatable Game

If you’re ready to dive into some of these games, hold your horses. Don’t do it just yet. At least until you’ve not read into these tips that we’ve prepared for you. This is how you can beat the unbeatable. Crush the uncrushable. And destroy the indestructible! Truthfully, they’re more general than specific, but should still help you in winning the games!

Speed - The first skill you should work on is speed, moreover, the speed in dexterity. This means you have to train your hands to be fast. Typing on a keyboard is a good exercise. Simply find a website that has typing speed tests and go about those until you reach “supersonic” speeds! When you train your hands to be fast, you will have a much easier life when those difficult, fast-to-pass levels of your game come by.

Attention - Speed without attention is chaos. You can’t just go about pressing keys on your keyboard fast and expect to pass a hard level or mission. Attention is part focus, part expecting things to happen. When you focus right, when you are actually attentive to what’s happening in a game, on a screen, you then can coordinate your hands to do the right things, jump the right obstacle at the right time, and then do it again extremely fast.

Practice - Finally, the universal rule of all gaming. There is no progress without practice. Just as there is no progress without failure. The main thing with a hard game to overcome is not its difficulty but the frustration failing over and over again at a certain point gives you. With calm and a good sheer of practice rounds, you will eventually be able to come by any obstacle the game throws at you, no matter how difficult it was when you started to play it.

So there you have it! This is our complete guide to the most unbeatable games out there. Or at least in our catalogue here at Egaming. What’s your take on these titles? Do you play harder games? What is the hardest game you’ve ever played, and how did you manage to solve it? Let us know!