A genre that is around from the very beginning of the gaming industry, horror games have frightened generations of us, all curious about what the next corner would uncover only to have a creature of the night jump at us. And then lay there, eyes watering and bubbly, and think about how we are playing the games that we’re playing? Only to play some more, just seconds later.

There’s something fascinating about horror games, if you put aside the fright element of them. It’s the unknown, the lack of information and no action plan, that really set the horror games apart from any other genre. And the more you don’t want to play, because your mind tells you it’s not a great idea, the more your heart pushes you forward. And gets scared in the process..

Good Horror Games

Good horror games don’t really need a lot to be enjoyable. The more peculiar a title, the better it will do, generally speaking. Amazing horror games are both modern and taking advantage of the latest technologies, such as VR, but also “ancient”, surviving the test of time for decades. A great horror game starts with a great story, first and foremost. That’s the pinnacle of any game.

If the story is inciting and weird, then surely gamers will show interest and play the title. If the story, even the plot, seems boring, or appealing, then gamers will look away as there’s always some huge name lurking in the shadows, awaiting their money. Finally, there’s the element of surprise that games in the horror niche have. No startling means no success, and no attention.

The Best Selling Horror Games

Egaming is constantly on the lookout for the best games of any genre, including these horror favorites of fans from the world over. We’ve put together a dozen most incredible, frightening, disgusting even, horror games for you to try out. Take your time, and your heart pills, and go!

Doom Eternal - Out of all of the horror games that have ever been produced, few of them are as acclaimed and famous as Doom. Regardless of which one of the games in the series you're talking about, Doom fans are... well, eternal indeed! This later Doom, namely "Eternal", is one of the most successful of all of the titles in the series. The armies of hell, complete with demons and other nightmarish creatures, are once again wreaking havoc among the living. Defeating the demons soon becomes second nature for the hero, who's in it for the mission of a lifetime. Save the planet before it turns into hell.

Death Stranding - Made by legendary Hideo Kojima, who is among the most talented game designers to have ever lived on this planet, Death Standing has got it all when it comes to horror, but also action, adventure, shooting and so on. This is a new genre of games, one that is an experience that's immersive, intense, and not to be played lightly. You're either in it for the good, or not. The blend of adventure and action is mingled with puzzle-solving, a new mix that's unique in its own way. Death Standing is a new breed of games, one that you should try right now.

Quake - Let's take a step back in time, literally, but without needing a time machine. Chances are if you're reading this buying guide about horror games, you know a thing or two about Quake. In fact, there's a high probability Quake was one of the first video games you've ever played. Controversial, weird, and scary, this game was one of the first titles that have really boomed in the industry. It's part of the top three most acclaimed shooters in the history of gaming, for the monsters and the gore, but also the galore. Quake is a legendary title, one that's still alive and frightening.

Surviving Mars - The game in itself has little horror elements, really. Nobody is going to jump at you from the screen. There are no monsters but the ones you create or not through the humans you'll colonize. Yet this game makes it to this list of best horror titles because, number one, the idea behind it, us being obliged to colonize another planet because Earth becomes uninhabitable is terrifying, and two, the uncertainty of what a move like that brings is simply overwhelming. Sure, it's just a game, but with everything happening on our planet right now... it might turn into reality. And soon.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - Being one of the very first FPS games ever made, Wolfenstein is not just about shooting enemies, but about shooting enemies from another planet. Monsters, demons, weird contraptions of a very imaginative mind, they're all there for you to enjoy blowing into pieces. This particular episode of the legendary series is a refuel of the story that has first presented the world with a horror shooter experience, one to be forever remembered by the history books and players alike. When it comes to bringing down the Nazis once more, with their terrifying war machines, there's no better game for it than this title.

Kill it with Fire - Get your licence today and also, get rid of one of the most common phobias around, arachnophobia, the fear of spiders responsible for putting millions of people into complete shock at the simple gaze of a little 8-legged creature. With fur and all. Kill it with Fire delivers that exact experience, and although it might look and feel non-horror at first, imagine having the phobia for spiders and playing this particular game. Surely, you'll want to have a fire device to exterminate those hellish creatures with, isn't it? Kill it with Fire will help you get rid of your horrors, by flaming them down.

Metro Exodus - Introduced by Egaming under the Gold Edition, Metro Exodus is one terrifying game, a shooter like few others when it comes to perfect graphics, extreme realism, and many creatures of nightmares. You'll go through the underground of Moscow's metro station, and then beyond over the rusty, nuclearly destroyed overground, making your way through missions by fighting the undead, as well as many other devilish apparitions. Noted as one of the most immersive games ever made, Metro Exodus is so much more than a shooter. It is an experience in itself, an eye-opener about what true gaming feels and looks like.

ELEX - Here's a horror game based on creature creation, which has been done masterfully, but can be enjoyed by most people regardless of age. After being dropped in an universe set just after an apocalypse of biblical proportions, you quickly find yourself in an open-world that is just massive, with a roast of of characters and creatures that are interactable with at any given moment. Regardless if your choices are moral or not, they will have consequences nonetheless. The aim of the game is to gather the only resource that gives you magical powers, which leave people soulless once they're in possession of it.

Singularity - This game is all about saving the future while fighting for it in the past. Your mission is to stop Singularity, an event that's about to happen and will, eventually. And when it does, the entire world as we know it will be forever changed, mixing the alive with the dead. The fractured world that now stands before you is about survival, battling the monsters of hell, and you finding a way to fight them all before it's too late. Do you have what it takes, in both skill and courage, to face the deadly enemy and save the planet?

FEAR 3 - All fans of the horror genre need no further introduction when the word "FEAR" reaches their ears. The moment they hear about this particular title, their eyes go big, their mouths dry, and their adrenaline high. This third title of the most legendary of all horror series is about keeping the elements of what made the acclaimed game the first time it came out, while adding the new modern twists, such as gorgeous graphics and gaming mechanics. It simply is better, to keep things short. Face the ungodly paranormal fears, go through the nerve-racking fights, and immerse yourself in the storyline that's to be remembered for decades.

Killing Floor - Here's a game that's both creepy, both jumpscare-ish. When you'll meet your very first enemies, so to speak, you'll know why. Killing Floor is based on the most common childhood trauma and phobia elements, with not just zombies and monsters but also ventriloquist dolls, clowns and so on. It's a horror fest, this game. While keeping your head above the fear, which is a feat in itself, you will have to wipe the floor clean from these ungodly abominations. This horror FPS, although set within ravished cities in the English countryside, is anything but mellow. If you think it is, well, you are about to be terribly surprised.

Dying Light - Offered under the Platinum Edition by the people at Egaming, you're welcome, Dying Light is about facing the ultimate fears of what could happen. In this horror fest, you explore an infected world in which the ones who're going to make it are the strongest bunch of them all. Without mastering your own skills of combat, stealth, and ingenuity, you stand no chance of confronting the brainless creatures around you. And the undead? They're everywhere, and hungry for your flesh, bones and brains. The more you play, the harder it gets, and the more terrifying the plot becomes. Facing your fears is the only way to go with this one.

How To Beat The Fear Of Horror Games

Now that we’ve settled on the best of the best horror games in our catalogue, let’s focus on some tips on how to survive them before you dive into your top pics. Horror games are all about courage, technique and even spontaneous action, so take our words of advice into consideration before trying out your first few favorite titles.

Courage - Obviously, the first thing you need in order to beat a horror title is courage. You can’t walk into the nightmare without a little faster heartbeats, but it’s okay! No matter how terrifying the games might be, remember that they’re just that, video games that have nothing to do with real life. They’re mere interpretations of imaginative scenes and happenings, and will never get to appear in real life anytime soon. Fear is just a thing that’s happening in your mind, and cannot be real. In 99% of cases, your fears never become true. Remember that when scared to hit “play” on one of the titles above.

Tactics - Now that you’re all set with the courage part of things, let’s talk about tactics. Like with any good FPS or RPG games, which the horror genre is usually compliant with, you’ll find that most gameplays have some sort of tactic attached to it. Some are based on experimentation and redo’s until you get to the next chapter, while others are simply offering unlimited exploration capabilities for you and your hero. Whatever tactics you decide upon using, remember that it takes time to fully grasp it. This brings us to our final tip!

Practice - Naturally, and you’ve seen us recommend this with all games that we share with you in our buying guides, it all comes down to practice. Even on an emotional level, the more you face your fears, the easier it becomes for you to do so. So is with gaming. The more gameplay you put into it, the better you become over time. It’s not just about the game itself, but also about your dexterity, and speed of action, that get an “upgrade” with each new practice session. The same goes for those harder levels, the more you tackle them, the better the chance of you finally moving past them.