Mysterious strangers, magical creatures, and a whole array of spells, puzzles, and oddities. These encompass the amazing world of magic and mystery games, a genre of gaming that envelops all types of titles, from RTS to RPG, and from puzzles, to MMO, even shooters and action titles, not to mention the many adventure and world-building ones, of amazing quality.

Magic and mystery games are spread around the entire world of gaming. Coming from decades of development from real-world games, such as trading card games, society games, and other types, you can’t be a gamer without ever playing Dungeons & Dragons, for example, or any reinterpretation of the Lord of the Rings phenomenon. Whatever the story is about, it will surely live the test of time, forever. This magic, it just keeps on giving!

Games About Magic And Mysteries

What constitutes a great game in the magic and mysteries subcategory? Well, it depends on personal preferences. Some people go right to the source, and enjoy the reinterpretations of books or movies into gamified formats, like Harry Potter or the above-mentioned Lord of the Rings series. They’re fun, straightforward, complex and great for all ages and genders.

Others, on the contrary, look for the original, the unexpected, and the different. And there are many magic-related games filled with spells, secret talents, mysteries you have to unravel to move forward in the story, and so on. Magical games can be of any type, but one thing that ties all of them together is the constant search for becoming a better hero. That’s your job in the title.

Our Best Selling Magic And Mysteries Games

Egaming is constantly on the lookout for the best games of any genre, let alone this beloved mix of magical elements and mysteries to be solved. When it comes to this extensive, ever giving sub genre of games, you can find dozens of titles on our site. Here are our top 12 magic and mystery games on the portal.

Heroes Of Might And Magic V - Right, let's start with the basics, as in, a game that you most likely have heard about, maybe even tried before. Presented in the Gold Edition by Egaming, at a great price, Heroes of Might and Magic V is a game about magic, heroism, and powers beyond our understanding. With the Deluxe Edition, you'll get your hands on the two expansions, as well as many other features that will further enhance your experience while gaming through the campaign and the other modes of gameplay. The fifth episode is also the legendary finale of one of the most acclaimed magic-driven saga of the gaming world.

Magicka 2 - Put up for grabs in the Deluxe Edition by Egaming, Magicka 2 is the continuation of the legendary title that's all about Magicka fantasy game, in which Wizards of the fallen world are the last standing hope for restoring peace in the world and making all things right again. This Deluxe Edition comes with all of the perks you’d want from such a title, including the Warlord Robe Set, as well as other extras. Midgård is at your feet and ready to be casted upon by your unbeatable magic, making you into the Wizard you know you can be.

Age of Wonders Shadow Magic - There aren't many gamers who're not familiar with the AoW series. And if you're one of them, grab the first Age of Wonders right now, and start from there. We'll just assume you're not one of those people and have you diving straight into "Shadow Magic", one of the most incredible episodes of the series. This disruptor of the RTS genre comes in a new weave of skills, talents, items, quests and raids, with new races and powers beyond anyone's belief. Only the greatest of all magicians will be able to strive in this new episode!

The Sims 4 - Realm of Magic - The Sims 4 is as popular as life simulators ever get. You should be familiar with this game by now. If not, grab a copy. We'll wait. Okay, good to have you back! "Realm of Magic" is an expansion over the Sims 4 regular reality, one that involves supernatural powers, wizardry, magic and spells, and everything else that's mysterious and occult. If you want your Sims to really get out of their comfort zones, have them learn the spells, go through the portal to a new world, and experience magic from all sides!

Tomb Raider - If there's one movie, book, or game that speaks "mystery" from its core out, it has to be Tomb Raider. The famous adventures of heroine Lara Croft are known all over the world and adored by millions from the first instalments of the series. Now, you can also tackle the mysteries surrounding Tomb Raider in this legendary title, one that's filled with questing, planning and doing, and even some unexplainable, magical happenings. If you're a fan of the RPG genre and are looking forward to solving one of the greatest mysteries in the gaming world, Tomb Raider is a must for you.

Alice: Madness Returns - Have you ever dreamed about going through the keyhole, wormhole, or other magical holes towards a land of magic, and mystery? Dream no more, and start doing! Alice in Wonderland is a world-famous story, which by now has been transformed into movies, games, memorabilia, apparel, you name it. This title of the games series, "Madness Returns", is all about a Wonderland made to look and feel like an utter nightmare. Alice is once again troubled by visions, seeing demons that are taunting her existence. Alice: Madness Returns is a trip down the darkest, deepest, most violent parts of the human mind.

Dragon Age 2 - Famous all over the world for their appearances in stories of might and magic, dragons have been part of traditional folklore first in China, and then spread across the globe with their mysterious wings and supernatural breaths of fire. Dragon Age 2 is the story of you embarking on an ultimate journey about becoming, about reaching your new life as you turn champion of the Kirkwall. Get ready to fight the most epic of combats, while you keep track of the decisions you make, all impacting the world around you. Are you ready to determine the fate of civilization?

Earth 2150 Trilogy - Games of magic and mystery don't have to happen solely in the past. The future is as magical and mystical as it can get as well. Earth in 2150? That's one of the most mysterious questions you can ever ask, as the future is surely the biggest unknown of humanity. In this game, you'll imagine living in the year 2150, going on a trip through space and time, battling powerful enemies and even encountering things such as governmental treason, among others. If you're up for the challenge, you'll show it by skill. If not, you'll have the perish of humanity on your hands.

Fly'N - When you combine magical elements with platforming gameplay and puzzles, you end up with a unique game such as Fly'N. This title is all about exploring, discovering, upgrading and growing. Not just your character but the main story of the game, the tools and the skills behind your hero. Fly’N is the greatest combo of styles you can find, with a puzzler, a platform, and tons of fun! There are up to 40+ levels of gameplay, set in a world of luxury with pristine visual graphics, as well as many hero features that will allow you to grow your character to the maximum.

Don't Starve - You know what keeps people going? Starvation! Everything else can be put to the side but when it comes to hunger, you will do anything, even some dark magic, in order to survive. Don't Starve is the game that combines survival, magic, science and mystery for the ultimate gameplay. You will be given a true test for your skills, an honest try in exploring and making it into a world of despair, with a twist by the end of it. Can you guess the main objective of this game? Well… just don’t starve!

Prototype - Magic doesn't have to be just about spells. How about your main character being able to shift his form into anything he wants? Alex Mercer, the main protagonist of Prototype, is capable of doing just that, being enriched with shapeshifting abilities and crawling his way into the heart of the conspiracy that created him. Whoever is responsible for this abomination of nature and its laws must pay the price behind it. You may reconfigure your body with the fast and deadly shapeshifting combat feature, making it out alive out of any situation.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Ending this magic and mystery games list with a classic, the "Skyrim" episode of legendary "The Elder Scrolls V" game from the acclaimed series. Few games are as impactful on the regular gamer as this one, and because it's all about magic and mystery, it had to be put on this list. Battle dragons and other mythical creatures as you grow your character and their skills, both in terms of physical and magical powers. When you're ready for it, become Dragonborn, the dragon who's able to face even the deadliest of enemies. Learn the secrets of this majestic, unearthly creature, and defeat everyone. 

Ultimate Tips On Playing Magical Games

Good, now that you’re all set for the games part of this buying guide, let’s also take care of the tips and tricks part of it. Magic-related games are mostly based on skill development, leveling up, and gearing with the best items that will help you along your quests. And then there’s the leveling up, the questing, the raids and dungeons, the mysteries, and the retries. So. Many. RETRIES!

Skills - The first thing you should learn in order to be able to beat a magical/mystery game is what skills does your hero require in order to get better. Many magic-related games are based on skillbuilding, such as spells, weaponry, stealth, speed, and so on. Find out which ones of these skills are crucial for your type of hero, and build up on those. Slay as many monsters as needed, in order to get those specific skills as high as possible.

Leveling up - Most games that have a magical aura surrounding their gameplay are based on some form or another of leveling up. Your character starts small, usually from level 1, and you then have to take them through the lands and missions in order to literally grow them. They won’t change their appearance much, but you will be able to put better items on them once they’re a certain level. Also, you will be able to learn more powerful spells with each new level.

Gear - A very important part of any magic and mystery game is the gear. When you’re playing any RPG or MMORPG, you’ll find out soon enough that there’s no growth without the right gear. You have to search far and wide, or buy into some better gear before being able to face a higher-level mission or monster. Gear items can be either on the body, such as armour and trinkets, or in hand, namely weapons and enhancements for them. Trading gear is also an option regularly used for players growing their heroes up.

All right magical people, there you have it! This is Egaming’s guide to magic and mystery games, with our top titles you can find right now on the site, as well as our look at the best tactics for you to master this type of game. Remember to enjoy the experience of these unique games as much as the leveling up, and to make sure you do good, never bad, with your magic. We all know that, in the end, and no matter what, good always prevails!