While the entire world was shutting down in 2020, one of the few industries that stood up and unchallenged almost entirely was the gaming industry. Being that most of the work gaming designers and programmers do can be done online, the disturbance was minimal. This is why, while the rest of the world was closing, the gaming industry was opening up, literally.

This meant a great deal of new games came out in 2020 and then 2021, the second year of the pandemic. Titles old were resurrected for the modern consoles, while titles new were making the headlines in the specialty media. Gamers were the happiest out of all of the tragic, yet fruitful situations for the industry. Tons of new games came out for them to try and enjoy at home.

The 2021 Gaming Industry

180 billion, that is the value of the whole gaming industry in 2021. The entire thing marked a 10.7% growth between the years 2016 and 2017, rising a little more by 10.9% between the years 2017 and 2018. The most important games are the ones that cater to the mobile device users, as well as the ones which are catering to console gamers, both single and multiplayer titles.

By 2026, the gaming industry’s value is going to double, to more than 360 billion. That growth is incredible no matter what you compare it to, but in regards to gaming, it doesn’t just relate to the games. It also takes things like merchandise, in-game purchases, subscriptions and so on into account. Overall, the gaming industry is on a growth boom, and gamers appreciate it all!

The Best Selling PC Games Of 2021

Now that we’ve set the scene, we will take a closer look at the latest releases of 2021 and just which one titles were the best in regards to number of titles sold and the overall experience gamers can expect from these best releases. Sit back, relax, upgrade your computer to the maximum that you can financially, and enjoy these best releases of the year 2021.

Deathloop - One of the most anticipated releases of 2021, Deathloop is also one of the most giving and successful titles of the year. With a realism that beats most of the crowd, Deathloop is a game in which you play an upgraded, next-gen version of your typical first-person shooter. Arkane Lyon made the game, who are the same people that are behind the making of Dishonored. So naturally, you just know it's going to be good. As far as the story goes, Deathloop tells the story of two rival assassins who are trapped in a time loop, a mysterious place that has them repeating the very same day over and over again, on the island of Blackreef.

F1 2021 - Most games that are having the sports genre as a subject, and come out every year, are not that exciting to their fans anymore. The lack of new features and even the reuse of the older graphics and sounds make these games into okay, but never extraordinary releases. Well, the 2021 version of F1, the official Formula 1 video game, changed that. And big time! With new everything, the game looks and feels as realistic as one can get to ever driving an actual Formula 1 car. With the new career modes, F1 is a complete game with a great level of immersion.

Going Medieval - Not all games that have come out in 2021 made it to the charts, the tops and the media. But that doesn't mean there weren't tons of quality, yet undiscovered games released this year. Going Medieval is one of them. In this game, a mix of indie, simulation and strategy, you're put in a virtual world of the Dark Ages, with the societies and the misery that was omnipresent. While people die of the plague, the remaining population on the entire planet is at around 5%, after the disaster succumbs. You can take this as you wish, but do make sure you treat this right, as either a curse or a blessing in disguise.

Biomutant - It was one of the most awaited titles of the year 2021. And for great reasons, as who's not into games that are fast, fun and different with every new session of play? Biomutant is the answer to the question that everybody asks: what happens when you combine mutants with an open-world environment ready for exploration, a post-apocalyptic scenery and some RPG? Oh, and Kung-Fu legends, of course! Well, you get a new game that's unlike anything else you've ever played, taking martial arts to the ultimate level with the addition of weapons and mutant powers. Offering a diverse combat scene, Biomutant is simply addicting!

Days Gone - One of the most acclaimed games of 2021, Days Gone could not have gotten a better time slot than this, based on its storyline. This game is all about the days after a global pandemic ends and leaves the world in the worst shape it's ever been. Adventure is the main genre of the game, in a spectacular open-world environment that's great for exploration. If you like post-apocalyptic cities and plains, that is. Besides that, you've got your typical zombies, monsters that want to eat your insides, for some reason, but also the great customization you can put your main character through. Deacon, a former outlaw biker, is hunting for food and for reasons to stay alive, much more than for his next meal, in a world in which death is everywhere. Scavenging through the lands, made out of abandoned towns and villages, he is gathering weapons, items, and valuables to keep himself breathing.

Endzone - A World Apart - 2021 has certainly been the year of end-of-the-world sort of games, and it's no doubt a reflection of the actual situation around the planet. In Endzone - A World Apart, the game puts you in the middle of a world torn apart after terrorists have blown up the nuclear power plants all over the planet. The whole Earth is dealing with nothing but complete chaos. This really is the apocalyptic, yet very different than the biblical, end of the world. But surely, with a hero like yourself, the hope is not yet all lost. How do you manage such a crisis? One step at the time, obviously.

Resident Evil Village - The 2021 Resident Evil was long-awaited, and frankly, it did deliver on most fronts. Not on all fronts, but as far as the franchise goes, it did extremely well. This eighth main episode of the legendary zombie series is set right after the happenings of "biohazard", in terms of storyline. Ethan and Mia are back at it, in the spotlight and both alive, living in peace. But tragedy always comes after the now-famous couple, and they soon start to relieve the many nightmares of their past lives. While in the Resident Evil series everybody knows that Chris Redfield is the hero, in “Village” this is not the case. Here, the hero turns villain, as he returns with some sinister motives under his belt.

The Medium - This game was a big surprise in 2021. Nobody expected anything this good from a game that has a medium in the spotlight. In this game, you become a medium and are on a mission to uncover a dark mystery, obviously. As a gifted individual, it's easy for you to travel from the world of the real to that of the spirits. Exploring both worlds will turn you into the ultimate messenger between the two worlds. But don't take your abilities lightly. Although you're just a mailman, your life is always hanging by a thread when dealing with the spirits of the beyond, and their living counterparts. One wrong step and you're forever banished from the remarkable border of the two worlds, into the abyss of the nothing.

Subnautica: Below Zero - Released in May, Subnautica: Below Zero was designed to be a kids game at first. And still is, because well, all games are made for children! When you enter the below zero temperatures of this fantasy underwater world, you feel like you're immersed in the most surreal environment. This is by far one of the most unique adventure games that happen underwater, maybe ever made. The action takes place in an alien ocean world, where the next Subnautica story commences. As the hero of the story, you start by preparing for a sub-zero expedition of a lifetime, on the famous arctic Planet 4546B. You get here with nothing more than a few tools on you, some basic survival skills you have to upgrade constantly, and your wits. You start by doing a thorough investigation on what happened to your sister first, and start discovering some things that are clearly out of the place.

Skul: The Hero Slayer - Humans have attacked the notorious Demon King's castle many, many times, but while this is nothing new, they have never been able to overtake him and his powers. Now, the Adventurers have paired arms with the Imperial Army and the Hero of Caerleon, preparing for the final battle with the mighty Demon. An attack on the stronghold is now imminent, but the Demons know this and they will not leave their home lightly. Somehow, the army, as furious and as ready as they could be, have been able to take over the castle and get rid of all that was dark and ungodly. One singular skeleton was left at bay without being captured as a prisoner of battle. "Skull", the mighty fighter of the dark, is at large and your mission is to find him and eliminate him before he can release the dark forces back into the stronghold.

Most Anticipated 2022 Games

There’s enough gaming for you to do here, with these 12 titles, that we’re sure you’re covered until the end of the year, and far beyond. But speaking of the future, it is always good to keep an eye on it. Here are some games that the community is expecting to be released in 2022.

Elden Ring - The new and awaited game is here! Elden Ring is the ultimate action fantasy RPG, in which you'll be exploring a vast world filled with excitement, create your own character based on your likings, and discover the epic drama born from a myth, happening in the legendary Lands Between. Become the ultimate Elden Lord and rule the lands.

Starfield - This release, anticipated for the last part of 2022, is the very first original RPG of Bethesda studio in 25 years. With this sort of a legacy, we can't but expect great things from this space-set game. The game was announced nearly 3 years ago, yet it took them this much to get it somewhat done, and with a release date. Starfield is "like Skyrim in space", said one of the producers.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Taking place in a twisted version of Japan's legendary capital, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a PS5 and PC exclusive. This game puts you in the middle of a crisis caused by a malicious fog that covers the city and causes 99% of its inhabitants to disappear. The Visitors have spared you, with their leader Hannya, a mysterious masked figure. Your job is to explore the city and uncover the truth behind the fog, the alien visitors, and how to bring everything back to normal.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - Made after the popular movie, Frontiers of Pandora is the very first large Avatar-based game. Developed by Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment studio, the game is made in collaboration with Disney, among others. Made exclusively for the PC and the next-gen consoles, we can expect spectacular graphics from this game.

Hogwarts Legacy - A Harry Potter game is usually mundane, almost bland. But not this one! Set to release in 2022, Hogwarts Legacy will be the first open-world game related to the legendary book series. Get your wand ready and prepare to live the adventure on your own terms.