Role playing has been around ever since the invention of the theatre in Ancient Greece. Heck, even Egyptians used to play roles at the pharaohs temples, impersonating the most ancient of all buffoons to keep the supreme leaders happy. As time flew by, actors began to turn professional and turn even the most impossible role into a reality… on the cinema screen, sure.

When it comes to video games, there’s probably not a single other genre of the industry that’s more inclusive and expandable than the RPG one. These games have been around from the very beginning, as players assume the role of one character and then battle through the hardships with them until the very last mission, boss, or confrontation. RPG games are king!

What Makes An Amazing RPG

What are the elements of a great RPG title? It all starts with the main protagonist, the one who you’ll be interpreting as a player, and go through with them over the story of the game. This character has to be interesting, as unique as possible, peculiar, weird, powerful, but also weak in part. It has to shine, but also has some unstable features to make him or her more relatable.

Second, there’s the world in which the RPG is happening. This world, usually massive, is made out of the most amazing environments and filled with characters of all sorts, which you’ll meet in a friendly or combative manner. Third, a great RPG should mix and match combat with strategy. Weaponry with thinking, and planning, and acting right. These are all elements of quality RPGs.

Our Best Selling RPG Games

Egaming has catered dozens of RPG games, as well as MMORPGs, the “Big Brother” of the regular games, which are usually to be played online, all for you and your taste buds to be completely overwhelmed and satisfied. These are some of the best selling RPGs in our store!

Fallout 4 - Presented by Egaming in the best possible price range, Fallout 4, now also available in VR, is probably the most impressive out of all creations by famous producers Bethesda Game Studios. These guys have put together The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, as well as the previous Fallout 3. This is their most ambitious project to date, presented as an open-world environment preparing the inhabitants for a future that's part here, part to come. As a survivor of Vault 111, you're alone and desperate to find meaning in what has happened to you. After a nuclear war, it's hard to distinguish what's what…

Diablo 2 - We're offering the second Diablo in its pristine Gold Edition, just so that you can enjoy the many perks coming with this pack alongside the base game, which is already amazing. As you're introduced to the realms of the very Lord of Terror, falling under the new hero at the church of Tristram, you're starting your gameplay as a restorer of peace, a bringer of revenge, but also safety to the masses. This world, filled with despair and death, is in grave need of a new hero, one that can lead and show the people the way.

7 Days to Die - You know there's something about a certain game, without even knowing its genre, when you hear that it's been sold in more than 10 million copies. This game, 7 Days to Die, has reinvented the survival games genre. It comes with a different crafting altogether, impeccable world-building options, and many more RPG elements that are... to die for! Are you ready to face your departure? If you are, indulging in this unique RPG is the next thing you should do for your soul and dexterity, as this title is nothing less of a challenge to all of your senses.

Dark Souls III - This third episode of the Dark Souls series of games has made it possible for many to actually enjoy the franchise. An RPG in the true sense, Dark Souls III follows the story of brave heroes following the quests in the massive open world as they battle huge monsters and the environments around them. Nothing is safe when it comes to Dark Souls, as darkness lurks from every nook and cranny of the world, ready to attack at any time. Battles between gamers are ferocious, as the multiplayer of this game is simply incredible, and must be tried after you go through the campaigns.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - One interesting, yet not so famous, but still great RPG is Kingdoms of Amalur, especially the Reckoning episode. This game is probably one of the best, although somewhat underground things that have ever happened to the world of RPG gaming. In this game, you take the role of a character that you design and save the world with them afterwards. You will continuously evolve this character into whatever you wish for them to become, and engage in your favourite style of play. The Destiny System is brilliant for character levelling up.

Borderlands 2 - Coming in the Game of the Year on Egaming, Borderlands 2 is a mixture of many great genres of gaming, but mostly an RPG in which you'll enjoy the shooting and the rampage action. Borderlands 2 is a classic that has changed the way shooters and looter games have looked and felt for generations. Jack is the main protagonist, and he's not the type of guy who befriends others just because. You need to have a purpose to be with him or against him. Master the character and its features and be the best on the battlefield, against the AI or other gamers.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Also presented in its "Game of the Year Edition", Oblivion is one of the most sought after TES games ever made. Why? Because it's an advanced version of all of the previous legendary releases, now made into a fabulous title that's all about free exploring, a massive open world, and creating the character that you truly want. And then, doing whatever it is that you want out of your gameplay, one freedom not many games are offering today. Add in the expansions of the GotY edition and you're in for days of gameplay, fun and epic adventuring.

Tom Clancy's: The Division - Regarded as one of the best games Ubisoft has ever made, and they made a lot of games, The Division is an epic continuation of Tom Clancy's series of legendary titles. In a world that's plagued and on the verge of irreversible extinction, every single bullet that you shoot from your weapon has a great stake attached to it. Exploring the city and taking out the enemies are two base activities in this game. You also have other things like missions to accomplish and character upgrading to take care of. Become the best of the Division and set the world free from dangers.

SPINTIRES - This game is not just about controlling, navigating and manoeuvring trucks, on tracks and off-road, in races that just go beyond any sign of normality, no. This is the perfect combo of racing meets RPG, with a story, a line of events, and many more features that just give it away how amazing the title really is. Win the races without spilling the valuable cargo in your back, and make a name for yourself in the industry. Have the giants look for your skill and talents, and play your truck driver role with pride and dexterity, regardless of how challenging the next load and race are.

ELEX - This particular spectacle of an RPG is filled with action. Made by hand, by artists of international calibre, and offering an experience like few other games in the Gothic style, ELEX is a must for all those who're into the genre of dark-themed games. It comes with an award-winning story, sublime graphics, and the environment any RPG game would be proud to have. It just makes you want to play again and again until the end of the night. The mission of the game? Gather as much of the valuable resource that give you magical abilities. And use it for good or bad, as you please.

Oriental Empires - When strategy meets RPG, you know it's a great match to have in a video game. Oriental Empires is about building and then conquering the land with your unbreakable empire. If you're ready for a journey all the way down to ancient times, this game is the one for you. Oriental Empires is one of the most historically correct, challenging, and powerful strategy games ever made. You can control all aspects of your city, starting as a small tribe, and make history within China. Grow your men and settlements into the most impressive empire the world has ever seen yet.

BioShock - Egaming has been selling BioShock from the very first day of our story. We're actually offering The Collection box for fans who're really into what is one of the most acclaimed, appreciated, challenging and immaculate RPGs ever to be put out. If you haven't been up with the news lately, BioShock is a game concentrating around Rapture and Columbia, the two cities of industrial form in which the action takes place, as you shoot and loot your way through pristine environments, crazy monsters, and superb game mechanics. It takes some getting used to, this game, but once you do get used to it, it's never going to let you down.

How To Beat Any RPG Title

Role playing games have a reputation for being extremely adventurous and interesting, but also hard, long, and a few times boring in between the most exciting parts of them. If you want to beat any RPG game, here are a few tips you should consider before starting your gameplay.

Study the story - First things first, study the story of the game. Role playing games come with extraordinary stories most of the time. It’s a pleasure to look into them, to study the events leading to the beginning of the game, the lore, the realm, everything surrounding the game it’s worth exploring. This is not just a fun way to pass the time, but also a great way to learn about the secrets of the gameplay. About how to overcome levels or defend bosses. By studying the story, the core of the game, you master the gameplay and will have a much easier understanding about how the game actually works. If you can do that, if you put in the time and effort to study the story, you will surely have a great time playing through it in the game.

Learn patience - One of the most vital skills you can comprehend when playing a role playing game, or any other game for that matter, is patience. For gamers, patience is not that easy to grasp mainly because games themselves are made to be fast-paced, filled with action, and sometimes crazy. This is why patience is so important. It’s one virtue every single gamer should strive to master. Or at least understand, in the first place. You need patience for when the game becomes “impossible”, or for when you keep failing at that nagging level you can’t seem to figure out. A lot of patience is needed at that certain boss that keeps whipping your party clean. In all honesty, if you can master patience, you can master any game.

Figure out the main character - Finally, a role playing game is all about the main character of the story, the one character you’ll be playing while in gameplay. If you can figure out the main character, with its strengths and weaknesses, you’ve basically figured out the entire game. Main characters have strong personalities, a core of skills and features that are unique, as well as some hidden powers or tools that make them into who they are. These traits are all important for when you truly want to get the game under your complete control. If you can master the qualities and avoid the weaknesses of the main character, there is nothing that will be able to stand between you and the victory over the game.