Gamers of all sorts usually have their favorite genres of titles. Some love strategy games, others are into RPGs, while many cannot live a day without logging into their MMORPGs and leveling another level on their characters. But the type of games we’re about to break down into this particular buying guide has some for everyone. Why? Because everybody is into sports.

Regardless if you’re into football, or soccer, for our American friends, basketball, tennis, Formula 1, you name it, sports turned into video games are as exciting as you can be without actually competing in an international championship. Sports simulators have been around for ages, making it one of the most popular genres of the entire gaming industry. Ready to play? We put together the ultimate sports games list, just for you.

What Makes An Amazing Sports Video Game

When it comes to games that are simulating sports, there are a few main features each of them should encompass in order to be taken into account. First, being that this is the 21st century, it’s all about the looks of these games, and the mechanics of them. It’s crucial to play a game that looks as good as possible, as realistic as possible, and that feels as close to the real thing.

Second, you can’t have a sports game without a main campaign, as well as a multiplayer mode, to ensure gamers can take care of both the regular solo pursuit and the challenging online multiplayer tournaments in one go. Third, sports simulators have to bring something new every year, thus keeping things interesting not just for novices but also for the veterans of the series.

Our Best Selling Sports Games Of The Moment

Without further ado, here are our top 12 best selling sports games you can find on Egaming at this hour. You can pick one or many out of the list below and try your dexterity and patience with them. When you’re ready, strike the solo campaign or go online and test your skills with the players from around the world.

FIFA 20 - Is it even legal to start a buying guide of sports games and not begin with FIFA? Most likely not, so here it is! FIFA has been the ultimate sports simulator ever since its inception back in the 90s, forever charming the hearts of football fans from all over the world. Or soccer, if you're from the United States. FIFA has come a long way since its debut, now featuring realistic graphics, improved engines and mechanics from one year to the next, as well as new gaming modes and features one could only dream about back in the day.

NBA 2K21 - One game that's popular, but not as popular as football, but still popular is basketball! This is why NBA 2K21 is one of the best selling games on our site. There are plenty of gamers who just love to dream of themselves as the great stars of the National Basketball Association from the US, and play their favorite legends in the virtual simulation that is this title. Made to feel and look like you're on the course, 2K21 comes with many new features and improvements over the last editions, as well as new gaming modes for those who really want something fresh.

Assetto Corsa - Sports don't just revolve around a ball. An incredible and huge part of sports is represented by motorsports, with the legendary pilots and their fast cars. Assetto Corsa is one heck of a racing simulator that will put you in the driver seat, turning you into the ultimate pilot of a supercar all from the comfort of your home. Made to look as realistic as possible on a screen, this game allows you to drive cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Pagani, Porsche, on some legendary tracks from across the globe, like Silverstone, Monza, Mugello, Imola, Brands Hatch, or Spa. It's thrilling, to say the least!

F1 2021 - Speaking of racing sports, you can't have a weekend of races and speeding tournaments, turns and crashes without the legendary sport that made all of the rest. Formula 1 is the king, the absolute boss, and the Grand Circus of all motorsport. With this simulator, you're getting just enough, but not all, of what it means to be part of an F1 team, and putting yourself at the wheel of the monoposts. Feel the excitement as you go through the practice and qualifying on the historic tracks, and then the maximum adrenaline as race day comes, the lights go out, and away you go!

TrackMania 2 Stadium - TrackMania has been reinvented to cater for the urges and needs of those who are into stadium races. With this second title of the series, namely "Stadium", you will get your hands on the ultimate racer, part of a larger world called the ManiaPlanet. This environment is just sublime, and you won't believe your eyes even when you'll be in the game, while literally trying it. Other new features are the improved graphics, the refined editor for all of your custom tracks, as well as many others making TrackMania Stadium a one-of-a-kind, must-play game for racing fans.

Rocket League - Keeping it up with the motorsports theme in this sports games buying guide, let us present this game to you, Rocket League. This is not your ordinary gas-and-brake racer, but a piece in which you drive booster-rigged vehicles ready to be crashed into walls at terrible speeds. There are many arenas all made in high detail, conferring gamers with that unique blend of feeling the reality and the fantasy of such titles. The new physics system in this game is to die for, maximizing things like one-on-one control and a better overall experience of the adventure on track. Get ready to race!

Euro Fishing - Out of all of the sports on this planet, you'd think fishing is not such a big deal, right? You're only catching some fish, isn't it? No, it's not! Fishing, as both a sport and a leisure activity, is huge in the entire world. The industry is worth billions, and the competitive sport around it is an example of just how exciting something as normal as fishing can get. Euro Fishing is the ultimate virtual fishing simulator for all those who love the sport of nets and hooks. Master your rods, lines, and angles, and overall techniques to catch the largest prey you can. You can't beat real fishing, but virtually, this is the closest you'll ever get.

PGA TOUR 2K21 - Coming to you in the Digital Deluxe Edition from Egaming, PGA Tour 2K21 is the ultimate simulator for fans of golf. This phenomenon of a game has captured the hearts of many, combining the thrills of hitting the hole and the calmness of before the shot. Combining these two in perfect balance is what makes or breaks a great golfer. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the MyPlayer addition, the new tour mode, the Pros mode, as well as the new courses and the option to build your very own ideal golf course. If you've ever dreamed about one ultimate golf course, now you can build it!

WWE 2K Battlegrounds - Introducing a sports game that's part technique, parts effort, and parts showmanship. Loved by fans from all corners of this globe, WWE is a phenomenon of fighting, TV drama and many other things. This game is an interpretation of the famous televised series, with the arcade-style over-the-line action, made in the most impressive 2K Battlegrounds style. With your Superstars and Legends by your side, get ready for the ultimate battling with your rivals, in a world that's highly interactive and completely customizable. Put the little fighters to the ultimate test and have them grab and smash their opponents with glorious moves!

The Hunter: Call of The Wild 2019 Edition - This edition of The Hunter has everything you need for an incredible experience. Get ready for some quality hunting simulation, with the most amazing guns, the greatest prey ever to be put in the forests, and the rewards that follow the largest hunts of the season. Compete with other hunters in the championships, gather around the fire and talk about your best hunts, and when the time is right, upgrade your arsenal and skills so that you can get even better at this very competitive sport. This is the most immersive hunting experience any simulator is capable of.

Pro Cycling Manager 2020 - Cycling is one of the most competitive sports out there. You've got your Tour de France, your Vuelta, the Giro d'italia and many other large global events. And then you've got the smaller venues, national or regional competitions that still get the attention they deserve and are important for all cyclists who're looking to get into the larger events later in their careers. Pro Cycling Manager 2020 makes you into the manager of your own cycling team, and all that comes with this title. The preparation for race day, the wins and the dramas, they're all there for you to feed on and evolve into the ultimate team captain.

Monster Truck Championship - Ending this list big, literally, with a simulator that's not for the faint of heart. Monster trucks are hugely popular in many parts of the world, and as brutal and straightforward they might seem, it takes so much more than just driving around in an oversized truck to compete and win at this sport. A motorsport like none other, monster truck races require precision, technique, and sporadic decision-making. Get ready for the ultimate racer, travelling from Sin City all the way to Florida, and its serene beaches, going head-to-head with some of the most experienced monster truck drivers around! 

Four Tips On Winning Most Sports Games

Now that you’re familiar with the best sports games we can offer you on our site, here are a few tips on how you can generally go about these simulators. It’s not a general rule that works for all games in this genre, no, but these tips will surely help you in figuring out the game and making the most out of it. Having fun is all that matters, as well as getting some trophies at the end!

Practice - You all know that there’s no sports performance without constant practice and dedication. Luckily the same goes for virtual sports! You need to put in a bit of practice and dedication in order to have the best results from these games. If you’re a lover of football, practice your way towards the victory of the season. Formula 1 fans? Steer and gear all day so that you’re ready for race day properly.

Learn the secrets - Speaking of practice, there’s no better way to win a sports game than by learning its secrets. Put on a strategy about how you’re going to tackle not just the next event but the entire season, just like you would in real life. And don’t stop there. Learn the small secrets that will help you win the big match, the many combos and special features, anything that will help you push through and score.

Patience - Finally, get ready to dedicate time and effort, as in, patience, to these games. Sports are hard to grasp and pursue in real life, which makes them equally challenging in the virtual realm. You can't expect to just start racing and then become great at it after two races, You will be at the end of the race your first many times around. This is where you need to exercise your patience and stay with the game for as long as you need in order to master it. Be patient, learn from your mistakes, and then thrive the next time you get on the court, on the race track, or wherever your favorite sports simulator is taking place.