In 1997, a young author was being published, after way too many declines by countless publishing houses, in the United Kingdom. Her novel, about a young boy wizard, was met with mixed reviews from the literary community. Who would want to read about a wizard with no measurable talent and a backstory that’s common and downright childish? No chance to fame.

Yet literary scholars are not very famous as authors themselves. This is why JK Rowling and her novel broke all the records ever set in terms of sales and publicity. The Harry Potter series is still the most famous and successful book series ever made. If you’re into books, there is no chance you haven’t heard about the series, or seen the movies. Or played the games. Speaking of games…

A Project Long Overdue…

Out of all video games from recent years, Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most overdue and sought-after. People, fans of the genre or not, are simply craving to play it. And who can blame them? The game looks incredible, the graphics are magical, and the idea behind it is spectacular: going to Hogwarts and taking a class, making magic, and all else from the books.

Although the series of regular Harry Potter games were somewhat successful, there is no doubt the RPG of the series will be a hit. Why? There are more than a few reasons for it but the biggest one is people have been waiting for it for a while. And surely, the moment it comes out in 2023, these people will just buy it simply because they are curious about it. “Overdue” works!

What We Know About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts has fascinated people of all ages, races, sexes and types from across the globe for decades. It was one of the largest and most detailed fictional places ever created, by a writer who had no literary experience before. While on a delayed train from Manchester to London, JK Rowling came up with the idea of the boy wizard. And one of the first places she'd imagined was the school where he was about to learn magic. So it is only natural for the franchise to now give us, muggles, the chance to explore the most beloved school in the world on foot. Virtual foot.

Release date - Known as one of the most delayed games in recent history, just like the GTA series or the not-so-great Cyberpunk 2077, Hogwarts Legacy now has a final, hopefully final, release date. The game will be put out on February 10th of next year. First, the RPG will come out on the PC, Xbox and Playstation. There is, however, an anticipated Hogwarts Legacy Switch release, yet we do not know the date for it. The Switch version will be put out later by Avalanche Software. The first release date was back at the start of 2022 but we all know how that went. Warner Bros. Games announced to the gaming world that there will be a very short delay with the development and release of Hogwarts Legacy. The announcement came out on August 12, 2022. The main reason for the delays, as noted by the producers, was so that the team could "deliver the best possible game experience."

Platforms - So far, we know that Warner Bros. Games has prepared Hogwarts Legacy to go on all platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. We know what the requirements are for the PC gamers out there, which caught many gamers off guard. Gamers on Reddit and other platforms are worried that the demands are high enough for the PC, let alone a device like a Switch. With 85 GB of storage required and a minimum video card of GTX 1070 and above, the long-awaited Hogwarts-themed super-game might just be too "magical" for many. Or a little too much, if we were to talk in regular English. The speculation that the Nintendo version will be on a cloud exists but there are no confirmed rumours yet. We’ll just wait and see…

Trailer(s) - Just so you get a sense of just how delayed this project is, the first trailer for Hogwarts Legacy came out in September 2020. From that PlayStation 5 event onwards it's been nothing but a brutal waiting game. The trailer, which you can find by clicking here, sets the stage for what will surely be one of the most ambitious RPGs ever made, clearly the most spectacular Harry Potter game ever to be put out from the saga. The teaser talks about Hogwarts from 200 years ago, about the available classes, and a first look at the Sorting Hat Ceremony. The second trailer, which came out a little later, also for a PS5 event, is 14 minutes long and shows gamers how the game actually looks. The gameplay dives a bit deeper into the world, as well as the setting and the concept behind the title. The video also comes with a few interviews with the people who worked on the game, with impressive insights into the making of the virtual Hogwarts, and the rest of the world.

Pre-orders - The game is already available for pre-order in the United Kingdom and the United States. When you have three versions of the same game available, there are many benefits of doing an early order on it, financially speaking. For example, if you get the game now, you will also receive an exclusive Onyx Hippogriff Mount regardless of the platform you will play the game on. There is also an exclusive PS4 and PS5 owners gift for early purchase in the form of a Felix Felicis Potion item, as well as access to the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest. All you have to do is pre-order the game on the PlayStation and you're in for these treats. And surely, for the ultimate fans of the series, there is also going to be a Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition, including 3 days early access to the game, as well as the Dark Arts Pack, coming in with additional in-game items which are all about the evil side of magic.

The Collector's Edition - Made a reality on August 24th, 2022, the Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition will be a blast for any convinced Harry Potter fan. This is a limited edition, a physical bundle that comes with all of the perks you'd expect from an exclusive Harry Potter universe buyout. You will get 72-hour early access to the game, so you'll be in the magical world before anyone else, for starters. Then, you will be able to enjoy the Dark Arts Pack, but also many other pieces of exclusive content that may or may not be already public. Also, there is the most wanted Onyx Hippogriff Mount, a superb magical creature you can ride across the lands, a Kelpie Robe to dress your character for a unique look, a case made of steel in which you can keep your copy of the game, as well as one floating Ancient Magic Want, complete with a Book Base. With so many goodies, don't be alarmed by the magical, almost surreal price tag of the bundle...

Price - Speaking of magically unreasonable prices, we do know how much this game will cost. And the answer is, it depends on the platform, of course. For example, the cheapest variant is going to be $59.99 for the PS4 and Xbox One games. For the PS5 and Xbox Series x, the game will set you back a little more, at $69.99 for the regular version. The price goes up again if you're opting for the Deluxe versions of the game, $69.99 for the PS4 and Xbox One and $79.99 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X respectively. And surely, the most expensive Hogwarts Legacy you can get is the Collector's Edition. It comes at $294.99 for the PS4/Xbox One and then $299.99 for the PS5/Xbox Series X variant. Now that you know the price, you can better assist your finances into buying the right version of the game for you and your setup.

The world - The setting of Hogwarts Legacy is way more than the famous grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The game is a truly open-world experience, with the characters being able to go from place to place across the map, not just in the castle but everywhere, including Hogsmeade village and the Forbidden Forest. There are also brand new locations Warner Bros. Games will reveal at the time of launch. Surely the castle that accommodates Hogwarts and its students is the main draw, and the freedom you are given in doing pretty much what you want, including going to classes, practising your magic, or taming some magical beasts. You can also discover the secret passages and dungeons of this 1000-year-old castle... at your own pace and on your own terms…

The story - The story of the main campaign starts in the late 1800s, about a century before the Harry Potter tale we all know and adore. The story of the game is unique, an original tale much like the Fantastic Beasts series. Through our characters, we will experience a fifth-year student's life inside Hogwarts. We are granted admission because we hold the key to an "ancient secret", so grave that it is threatening the world of magic in its entirety. According to Avalanche Software, we should get ready to "embark on a dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world" in this much-awaited Hogwarts Legacy. The story will also let us visit some familiar and new locations, as well as meet a brand-new cast of magical characters.

Characters - As a magical RPG, Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG with many characters and minions to roam with them along their side. Besides creating your very own customized character, you can befriend other Hogwarts students as you quest away and discover the world. These characters can come with you and battle away at monsters, help you with questing, or just tag along for a butterbeer in Hogsmeade. Characters you will meet through the lands will be able to teach you some new spells, which will allow you to unlock more of the story as you progress. The most common Harry Potter ghosts, such as Nearly Headless Nick, Peeves, and Professor Cuthbert Binns, also make an appearance. Through your fifth year, you will also be able to talk with professors teaching Charms, Potions, Herbology or Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Gameplay - Exploration will be the main characteristic of the Hogwarts Legacy RPG. Filled with action and secrets, this game will be compatible with most gaming styles. Create your character, sort them in their house, and then role-play your Hogwarts student story. Learn magic and abilities, brew potions, battle creatures and dark wizards, in both group and wand-to-wand combat, and level up as you go. Hogwarts Legacy IS the Harry Potter RPG this world wanted for literally decades.

Things We Don’t Know About Hogwarts Legacy

There are still some things we do not know about this most anticipated RPG. For example, we don't know if there is going to be an offline campaign or not. If there is one, we're not yet aware of it. Another thing we don't know is how much are we going to pay for being able to roam around the world. Is it going to be a one-time payment for the game, or maybe a monthly subscription like with World of Warcraft? We don't know these and many other things about this game and we will keep an eye on the news for any updates, as you and any Harry Potter fan should.