Hogwarts Legacy has taken the world by storm. With hundreds of millions of fans across the globe, the Harry Potter franchise is surely one that deserves a good game. And boy, is this one good or what? There’s no gamer who’s tried it who’s not liking the heart out of it. No expert or publication who’s not enjoying the magical world. The game of the century is here, no doubt.

Hogwarts Legacy has been launched a few weeks ago. Yet there are people who’ve discovered its darkest and most incredible mysteries already. How? By exploring the entire map for days on end without sleep. We appreciate their efforts and we will surely follow in their footsteps. In fact, we’ve checked out these mysterious hidden gems we found online before we decided to present them to you here on the blog.

About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG in which you can create your own Hogwarts student character from scratch. The game is made out of a huge explorable world, mainly consisting of the Hogwarts castle, the grounds of the legendary fantasy place, as well as Hogsmeade and the surrounding area of the fictional place described in the books. The entire map is explorable, with every inch of it being covered by mystery.

In the game, your role is to engage with the world around you. There are NPCs roaming around the castle, the grounds, and the adjoining areas you can talk to. There are also characters who will give you small tasks or elaborate missions, and your role is to complete them in a timely fashion. And surely, there is the exploration aspect of the game, one that many people simply adore.

Ten Hogwarts Legacy Hidden Gems

Now that you know mostly everything there is to be known about Hogwarts Legacy, here are some of the hidden gems people are raving about on the web, and that we tested and found ourselves on the map. These places or objects are quirky and magical, but weird. Just like you’d expect from a game made after the famous series of books and movies. Try to find them all!

The kitchen of Hogwarts - You know how in the books and movies, there's always delicious-looking food on the tables of the Great Hall? How does that come by? In reality, house elves are preparing the food for the Hogwarts dinner table feasts in the kitchen below the Great Hall. But how do you go and see them in action if you want to? That's the tricky part. The secret lies within the path. In order to reach the kitchen, one must go towards the Hufflepuff common room and search for the fruity portrait on the walls. The portrait stays as a secret entranceway towards the kitchen. Use the Revelio spell when you find this painting and enter the kitchen. Inside, players will stumble upon elves getting their tasty meals ready, although they might be doing it with... their bare feet! The food is prepared on tables looking just like the ones in the Great Hall, making it easy to then appear above ground in the exact same configuration.

A gallery of tapestries - If you're into magical art, and you probably are, then finding this gallery of tapestries should be on your to-do list while roaming around the castle. All you have to do is go along the stairways and find a wall with a tapestry that has a K on it. This looks just like any other painting at first. This is why most players miss the secret of it from the first try, of course. The K is actually a door, leading to a secret room that goes to, you guessed it, another secret room guarded by a werewolf's statue. The werewolf looks suspiciously like the one Professor Lupin changes into during the third Harry Potter movie, The Prisoner of Azkaban. Besides the secret room with the tapestries, there is a second room with a chest. You may claim it to get a Royal Maroon Coat. Free clothing!

The unreachable balcony - While walking is one of the main ways of transportation in Hogwarts Legacy, nothing beats flying on a broom around Hogwarts. And while you do so, maybe you will notice a tower with two chests on it. If you notice it, you will also notice that you cannot, for the heck of it, land on top of the tower's balcony. The chests are therefore untouchable, at least on first notice. The secret here is going at it from inside the castle, not from the air. Go into the school by the main entrance, right behind the fountain, and go straight up the stairway. Then, take a left and go up all the way to the top. That is how you will reach that balcony. Once on the balcony, inside the chest players will find a legendary item, as well as a frog statue that will get them to the other side of the said balcony. More chests await there, one offering a red wand handle of magnificent beauty.

The mysterious blue door - Speaking of unreachable things, there's this blue door people seem to be unable to touch. While most think the door is just painted, you can go inside if you want. Going to the south exit of the school is the first step. Then, cross the wooden bridge and reach the courtyard. Going inside the school like this, you make a right and go up the stairs. Now, you will be able to see the unreachable door closer. The higher you go up the stairs, the better you will see it and finally encounter a blue frog statue right before it. Interact with the frog and get teleported on the other side of the door. Obviously, a chest will await inside, with a wand handle stored inside.

The secret pathway - You'd expect many secret doors and pathways from a game about Hogwarts and the magical realm of Harry Potter and luckily, this one delivers! The school of witchcraft and wizardry is filled with many secret locations, blended without a trace within the environment. It really is difficult to stumble upon one if you have no idea where to look. One location that leads to a secret location is right next to the Central Hall, and to enter it you have to go down a sewer hole. There is more than one manhole on the bridge, yet only one turns out to be a passage to a bellow ground chamber. Although it is not the Chamber of Secrets, this room is filled to the brim with loot.

The Chamber - Speaking of secrets, there's no other chamber in the entire Hogwarts Castle that's more reliable and wanted than the Chamber of Secrets, of course. While you might think the chamber is well hidden from public sight, the truth is the game follows the description of the location of the Chamber closely from the one in the books. Therefore, you will find the Chamber of Secrets entrance in the Slytherin girl's bathroom. If you look really closely at the facets opposite the toilets, you will soon notice the engraving of a snake. You need to know snake language or parseltongue in order to be able to open it. While you can learn to speak this language, at the moment you cannot enter the Chamber of Secrets in the game. 

Hogsmeade Station - You'd think your journey towards Hogwarts Castle would start on the famous Hogwarts Express once you're done making your character. In fact, it begins aboard the flying carriage, pulled by the invisible Thestrals. This unfortunately takes away from the experience of being a new student at the witchcraft and wizardry school, but the good news is, there is a way to see the locomotive on one of the most famous modes of transportation ever imagined in literature and movies. How can you see the famous Hogwarts Express? Well, by visiting Hogsmeade Station of course! In order to do that, and see the place where students come in every year for their studies, you will need to either walk or broom to the location. It is a tad out of the way, yes, but the scenery is well worth it. Finding the station is not hard if you know where to go. Simply head East from Hogwarts, crossing the Black Lake and heading towards the bridge connecting the village of Hogsmeade with Aranshire.

The Astronomy Tower - This is one of those hidden gems that's not that hidden... but then it is. The astronomy tower is where some of the most important and life-altering things in the entire Harry Potter series have happened. It's an iconic spot,  much like the Great Hall or Hogsmeade. Well, prepare for a bit of disappointment then, as the sole role of the notorious Astronomy Tower is it being a classroom, and not much else. In order to reach the famous tower, access your Map and then head towards the Floo Network node mundanely called "The Astronomy Tower".

Hagrid's Home - Everyone knows and loves the hut where Hagrid the groundskeeper lives in the books or movies. Well, the hut was left astray for many years before Hagrid moved in, way before he even went to school and got expelled because of you-know-what. Naturally, this place is one of those every single new student wants to visit sometimes. It is not that hard to reach, although a little out of sight for most people. To find the hut, head South from the school, heading towards Lower Hogsfield. There's a roaring fire in the landscape, which is somewhat eerie, yet you can surely expect a unique feeling and experience. With the right tools, you can even turn the damped hut into a cool home, fit for a keeper of Hagrid's size. Or any size.

Mysterious Characters In Hogwarts Legacy

Not just places and objects are hidden gems in this game but also characters. While some of the characters in the books are featured, not many people seem to find them with ease. Characters are the backbone of any good story, and it so is the case with this one. Here are two mysterious, unique characters you can find in the game. If you look hard enough, that is.

Professor Weasley - Matilda Weasley is the Transfiguration teacher in Hogwarts Legacy. She is also more than your normal teacher as well. You surely know her last name, Weasley, and yes, she is related to Ron. And as you'd expect, just like the member of the magical trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione, this professor knows how to help out. This character will introduce you to the Field Guide Pages, as well as to the famous Room of Requirement. When around this professor, you are surely in good hands!

Ominis Gaunt - This is not your typical Slytherin. Coming with one of the best character stories in the game, Ominis is in complete repulsiveness of dark lords, which is both good and bad in this game. As you'd expect from a peculiar character, this belief Ominis has puts him into a fight with his lifelong friend, Sebastian Sallow, which turns into a conflict most of the time. Players will learn more and more about this character and his childhood, a harsh time for him, as well as about the Gaunt family, one with a history in the franchise's lore.

Sebastian Sallow - Surely, there's no doubt the greatest character in the entire game is Sebastian Sallow. A Slytherin and rebellious figure, Seb has an interest in dark magic. And a great story, one that even beats the ones from the main quest lines. As he searches for a cure for his ill sister, Anne, Sebastian goes deep within the realms of Unforgivable Curses, loose morals, and death-defying stunts. This makes it a villain and a hero at the same time, a combo that just can't be beaten.