Grand Theft Auto. GTA. The three words (or letters) that changed the gaming industry forever. The three letters that every single one of us who’ve ever played a game knows. All it takes is just mentioning them, and the conversation is ready to take place. Among gamers, there’s a constant debate on which is the best gaming franchise ever made. A lot of people believe it is Grand Theft Auto. And they have all of the reasons to state that statement, as you will see.

From the very first game filled with excitement to the second one complete with controversy and imploding violence to the modern IV or V episodes, Grand Theft Auto has forever revolutionised the gaming industry. When introduced to the public, the first game in the series performed so well, that even producers were caught off guard. GTA V is the bestselling video game ever made after Minecraft, which is mostly sold to kids and therefore has a larger audience.

Before GTA V

It all began in 1998 with the release of the first GTA. The 2D graphics were primitive at best at the time, and the characters were tiny pixels on the screen, moving around in an overhead view. The many cars and trucks included made for a spectacular diversity at the time, so the game quickly picked up momentum. In 1999 the game was released on the PlayStation with an expansion, "London 1969". The gameplay stayed the same yet the scenery changed.

The same year, the second GTA was released, including a near-future setting with some more gang rivalry in town. Missions were to be completed for one gang, and the sway for that particular group would go up for the character, as well as release more missions. At the same time, the anger the other gangs would feel for you would increase, and if you were to go into hostile gang territory, you'd feel all of the rage in a heartbeat. Weapons were readily available for purchase later in the game, as well as tweaks for your car.

In 2001, Grand Theft Auto III came to the market, after many debates and controversies over its release. When it came out, offering a 3D world of the GTA now-acclaimed world, the industry was simply taken by storm. The game revolutionised the way gamers would interact with their characters, both visually and mission-wise. A new encouragement was made to players. They were to explore the city at will, gaining ground with every mission they would do.

Although the difference in production from the first to the third Grand Theft Auto was dramatic, the spirit of the games stayed mostly the same. Producers kept the open-end gameplay design of the first game, allowing players to explore the city as they wish. You can still jack cars, shoot people at will and make a mess out of everything around you. One of the true changes in the gameplay was the addition of the main storyline, a well-written one, influenced by movies such as Heat or Goodfellas. The plot integration gave Grand Theft Auto III players a better integration sense with every new mission they have to do. With every package delivered and every rival mafia boss killed, you were getting ahead of the mob war alongside your family.

Vice City was released in 2002. The game didn't change the franchise in a fundamental way, at least not the same way other games did. The game just piled on everything the other games introduced, making it a bit too much for your average gamer. Vice City is a virtual establishment set in the 1980s, introducing one of the best soundtrack lists in the history of the franchise. The masters of the 80s were featured in the game, including Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson and others. The other thing that gave the experience more depth was not just the incredible music but also the commentary the DJs would make while driving around between missions.

Based on the state of California, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allowed players to go around an entire state, not just a municipality. The game came with three different cities, impersonating Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. The map was made out of easily recognizable landmarks inspired by the ones people find in the actual cities. The game takes place in the early 1990s, taking most of its plot from the famous gangster films of the era. You play CJ, or Carl Johnson, a youngster who grew up in Los Santos trying to get rid of the gangsta life in Liberty City. After his mother passes away, he is pressed back into illegal activities by a corrupt Los Santos officer, played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. The game develops from there into one of the most famous stories ever told in a video gaming format.

Ten Things To Know About GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a miracle of a game, considering just how important and revolutionary it was for the entire industry. It came with pristine graphics, incredible sounds, a great story divided between three main characters, as well as the later released Online version, which has its own part at the end. When it comes to tips and tricks about GTA 5, as well as things to know about the game, the list below is the ultimate trainer for any master of crime wannabe.

Sleep - As we know, sleep is very important. while we don't really know why, the producers of GTA 5 decided to include sleep as a major feature in the game, for the first time ever in the series. When they sleep, the characters are regaining their strengths and can then move into activities easier. While saving the game, you will notice that while Michael sleeps for only 6 hours, Franklin goes for 8, and Trevor for a whopping 12 hours. Being a malefic genius takes a lot of mind rest...

Lamar - Spoiler alert, this is about the end of the game, so if you don't want to know stuff, skip this part. For the rest of you, the end game has three options. A and B, in which Franklin kills either Trevor or Michael, or C, in which all of the blokes are still alive. Yet after some gamers/programmers dug through the code of the game, they discovered that Option C would've originally ended with Franklin getting killed. And then replaced with a fully playable Lamar Davis!

The Alien - You know the secret military base from GTA San Andreas? You know the bases from V then. But do you know there is an actual alien in the game that you can... admire? Okay, we will go with "admire"! In the prologue, in the sequence in which two of the main protagonists, Michael and Trevor, and a third guy named Brad do their getaway, you will be guided to the railroad tracks. If you instead go right, you are in for an alien. Go under the bridge, stop, and look in the river.

Canis Bohdi - The legendary red truck that Trevor uses all the time is of great significance. It is named after one of the antagonists of the 1990s movie industry, Bohdi from "Point Break". Bohdi is also the name of Steven Oggs' son, the actor who voiced Trevor in the game. Talk about legacy placed right in the heart of your product...

Personalities - Rockstar made the game with the idea of 3 personality types for all GTA players. They then modelled the characters based on those traits. Michael is the retired criminal type, impersonating people who've won the game and are not intro taking things slow. Franklin on the other hand is the traditional player, the one who is ready and eager to learn the game, and turn into the criminal of tomorrow. Trevor? He's the chaotic type, the one who destroys now and asks the questions later. He's free.

Depths - Diving about 500 feet under Sandy Shore's coast, you will stumble upon a hatch that looks like the one from that famous show Lost. Swimming just above it, a strange tapping will start to get more and more noticeable. The message is coded. Once decoded, it will say something like “Hey, you never call, how’d you fancy going bowling?” Strange…

Money - GTA 5 is all about money, influence and... movie references. Like the one from "Deal Gone Wrong", a mission that's a special event, occurring randomly somewhere on the western base of Mount Chiliad. The plot refers to "No Country for Old Men", the immortal classic, as the player stumbles upon the aftermath of a failed drug deal. You take the briefcase and immediately start being followed by the angry dealers looking for revenge. Killing them all will leave you with the money.

Age - The difference in age is important when switching between the three main protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5. Just like in real life, younger and older people have their flaws and pluses. Trevor is for example at least 20 years older than Franklin, yet he is more of a doer than the more novice character. Michael is the middle-aged success guru who's done with the law and wants to pursue his career as a criminal. And he can do it greatly, with his experience in everything regarding money and status.

Creep - While playing the game, you might find yourself at a party in one of the huge mansions in Vinewood. While there, you can see topless women having a blast at the pool. If you want to get into trouble, just like in real life, snap some photos on your phone with their lady parts exposed. In a minute, they will not only call you a creep but you will also have to fight their angry boyfriends as well.

Burnt rubber - Having a rough car on the streets of Los Santos is an indication of power and fame. Pulling up to another supercar at the light and starting to rev your engine, you will most likely get a reply and, when the light turns green, it's lights out and away you go! Burning rubber on the street, as well as engaging in other attention-getting stuff, will have NPCs take out their phones and start filming. Fame is dangerous!

How To Deal With GTA 5 Online

GTA Online comes with a huge world, and if you're not familiar with it, heading in unprepared is a prospect that sounds at least daunting. We will let you in on the most important aspects of how to start with your GTA Online gaming. If this is your first time setting foot in the Los Santos multiplayer, you might be wondering just how one starts their journey, and what is crucial to do in the early moments of your future crime empire. In this short beginners guide, we will take care of aspects such as making money, getting the best weapons, as well as missions to be pursued first.

When it comes to GTA Online, money makes the world go round, literally. If you want in of the coolest stuff then you have to invest some crazy virtual bucks into your desires. If you want to make money fast, there are many guides on that but the general rule is, get in a heist, get your part, repeat. Another important aspect to keep in mind is Rank. Going up in the Ranks to 100 and beyond, you will be able to get better weapons and custom items, as well as other benefits. The process is long and tedious but the more you play, the easier it will be to rank up.

When it comes to missions, there are plenty you can undertake while in Los Santos and the rest of the map. All missions come with their particular degree of trouble and rewards. The best missions to play are the ones near you at the moment.