Out of all of the life and people simulators out there, there’s no game that’s been as popular and as serious with it as Sims. When it comes to how to play Sims 4, the tips and tricks you can use to boost your experience, and the best ways to go about creating your ideal virtual character and home, this article is all that you need for that to become a reality. It’s THE Sims 4 tutorial!

How To Start With Sims 4

First, you’ll need to download and install the Sims 4 game. This is easy to do, just look up the game, purchase the licence, and then download it on your device. Once you did that, install the game and then hook yourself up with an account. You’ll put in your email on Origin, the official distributor of Sims 4, and have your game ready to be played. Just double-click the game!

How To Play Sims 4

Now that you’re in the game, it’s time to start playing this amazing release. First, you’ll hit the “New World” so that you can set up your very first household. Here, you’ll be able to create your very first virtual Sims family. First, you’ll be brought to the “Create-A-Sim” feature, where you can customize your very first Sim. You’ll add a name, gender, age, appearance, everything!

how to play sims 4


Next, to add another member of the family to your Sims household, simply click the “Add a Sim” in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Once you’re good with the way your Sims and the family look, you’ll be taken to the selection of your Neighborhood. You can move into a house, or buy a vacant lot. Based on the number of members, families start with 20.000-34.000 simoleons, the in-game coin.

House of dreams

Building your home is the next and very important part of the experience. Choose the Build Mode, which has a hammer and wrench as an icon, and start building. You can make what you want from your home in terms of looks, styles, furniture, appliances, everything is possible.


Once you’re done with setting up your home and family, it’s time to play with them both! This means, you can make your Sims do things around the house, interact with one another, have them go to schools, parties, exactly like you’d do in real life. The best thing you can do though is to have your Sims “do their thing” and just get a feel of how they’re really like.

sims 4 tutorial

Tips And Tricks For Sims 4 Gameplay

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to start your journey with the Sims 4 universe, it’s time for some valuable tips on how to make it so much more than just another life simulator. These tips and tricks for Sims 4 gameplay will help you go faster, and beyond the regular playtime, most people get from this game. It’s not a complete Sims experience without them!

Play your own music! - In Sims 4, if you own a radio, you can play whatever songs you love during gameplay. Just download the songs and store them on your device. Then, find the "The Sims 4\Custom Music" folder, and fill it with your own MP3 files. Then, set the radio in-game on this particular folder, and you’ll listen to your heart’s tunes while growing your family.

Traits - Keep a close eye on the Traits of your Sims. These features are what makes the gaming experience so much more than it usually is. Traits like "Active", "Romantic", "Ambitious", or "Self-assured". These Traits are visible before you hit the "Save" button, so look carefully and try and make sure they're at good parameters. If your Sims aren't capable of raising these Traits, their lives will turn bad, and then depressive, and then miserable.

sims 4 tutorial

Build Mode Hotkeys - While building your Sims 4 home, you will most likely be enhancing and easing your experience by using the many Build Mode hotkeys available. Hotkeys, which you can set up for yourself just as with any other game, will prevent you from mindlessly clicking around the game screen, wasting your time looking for that button you need to press.

Bathrooms and emotions - You can face your demons, as in, your Sim's "moods", while in the shower, on the toilet, or at the sink, where the mirror lies. Based on how hot the shower water is, Sim can turn happy from sad, flirty from unwanting, playful from bored, or energized from feeling like a vegetable.