Out of all the video gaming categories out there, fighting games hold a dear place in any gamer’s heart. Why? It’s the competition aspect of them, the direct confrontation element, that gave and still gives fighter games their popularity even today. It’s one thing to play a good RPG, which is still really enjoyable. But a different experience to fight your friends one-on-one.

With the invention of the arcade game, people of all ages have started to make a passion for direct virtual fights. From Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat, and the many other copies that followed, the industry has seen a boom in the genre. So popular and wanted were these games that arcades were later turned into home entertainment systems. Mainly because of these titles.

Brief History Of Tekken 7

While the gaming industry has made it into a mission to offer as many games of a genre as possible, not all of them stand out for quality and gameplay. With the well-defined leaders of a genre, it’s very hard to cut into the slacks of it and enter the market with a new title. Yet the people behind Tekken 7 somehow managed to do it. And in a big, visible, disruptive way.

Tekken 7 is the seventh main episode of the franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is the ninth main game of the series, being launched on the arcade in March of 2015. The very first Tekken game came into the world scene in 1994, right after Mortal Kombat’s 1992 first appearance. The first 5 Tekken main titles were available on the PlayStation consoles only.

Even though you can play them anywhere and on any devices people are familiar with, Tekken games can also be found on arcade machines still. They’re among the most popular of the genre when it comes to arcade gaming, with millions playing them in video gaming rooms or bars across the globe. Tekken also holds massive tournaments with the best players from everywhere.

Ten Tekken 7 Characters

Now that we’re a bit more familiar with what Tekken represents for the global gaming community, let’s dive into the matter. Below are ten of the most important, unique, controversial and beloved Tekken 7 characters you can find in the game right now. Many have their favourites, and it’s always going to be objective, yet these are the icons of the Tekken world.

Akuma - Alongside his brother Gouken, Akuma was the disciple of Goutestu. They were taught martial arts combined with the hybrid style of Satsui no Hado. The brothers parted ways after a while, as Gouken was unable to make peace with the fact that the teachings of Goutetsu were deadly. He wanted to create his own version of fighting, focusing on self-preservation and spiritual growth. Akuma, on the other hand, was ready to make Satsui no Hado his second nature. He was ready to give up on his humanity to grow his powers. After defeating his master to death, Akuma is now the master of the deadly martial arts practice.

Lei Wulong - This character came later in the game. Lei Wulong came with your regular offences to the list, although his look is more like of a divorced father than anything else. The greatest advantage of the character is his ability to simply sweep the enemy off their feet. When the other player is on the ground, it gives Lei a chance to capitalize on them. When his combo set is started, involving mid-air fighting moves, the opponent is stripped of most of their defences. Lei Wulong comes with very little backstory in Tekken 7, being a later addition. There's not much to write home about his voice actor either. Yet picking him as a fighter offers the sweeping offence very few other characters have, which is a huge plus.

Hwoarang - The kicking counterpart to Bryan, a character we will feature momentarily, Hwoarang is famous for his rain of kicks that will take down pretty much any opponent. Unlike Bryan, Hwoarang has the powerful ability to launch his enemies into the air. The character has a striking offence, allowing him to jump in mid-air and attack his enemy without stopping. Hwoarang simply doesn't fall back on the floor for a decent amount of seconds. You are okay to choose him even if you can't master his combos, as all it takes to make the most out of him is spamming his kicks. Although nothing big, Hwoarang is more important to the Tekken 7 story than others.

Fahkumram - A talented fighter, Fahkumram has a gift for martial arts. Ever since he was young, he showed incredible skills in Muay Thai, a special type of martial art, with many considering he will surely become the next big champion of the genre. Everything seemed to be going his way up until the age of 12 when he was the victim of a lightning strike. Fahkumram survived to tell the tale, although he went through a slow and painful recovery. His strength allowed him to push on developing his fighting skills at the same time, growing to over 2 meters tall and turning into a powerful fighter. Fahkumram was now a champion at 18, with a popular family and a powerful mind.

Julia - Starting from a native American tribe, Julia Chang learned the ways of the group she was living with in the first place, way before becoming a fighter. She loved the people of the tribe the more she got to know them. Michelle, her mother, was the person she loved the most. In order to protect her people, Julia developed fighting skills in her young years. Martial arts were on the disappearing spectrum, so Julia and her mom travelled to Japan to meet Heihachi Mishima. With her mother on her deathbed, Julia took part in a tournament and discovered just how strong she really was. Michelle was saved but Mishima made it his plan to ruin her, and the planet. So Julia turned into a Tekken warrior and started protecting the Earth.

Asuka - One of the most popular characters in the game according to most online sources, Asuka started training from a young age in martial arts, especially Kazama, with her father. She was raised with the values of justice in her presence at all times, as well as with attention to fairness. Once back home Asuka found many pupils of her father were beaten up. After looking into the case she discovered it was the act of Feng Wei. Learning that the attacker would be in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, she joined the competition to find Feng. Although unsuccessful in her quest, Asuka discovered that Jin Kazama was the one who's turned the peace of the world into chaos. Her pursuit of justice and fairness continues in the lore.

Jin - With the full name Jin Kazama, this character is one of the central ones of the story of Tekken. Jin is a fighter, trying to make it work by both protecting his mind from the devil as well as the world from Mishima Zaibatsu and their family's corporation. He asks for pity if you think about it but he is still a fierce warrior. What's more dangerous than fighting the enemies of the outside world? Trying to battle and win the war with the ones from within, Jin would say. Jin Kazama was talented right from his childhood. His mother was his mentor, she was the one who taught him how to control his emotions. Thinking with his head and feeling with his heart, was his mother's motto for him. An attack from the Orge on his home on his 15th birthday changed his life forever.

Marshall Law - One of the original characters of the series, Marshall Law hasn't got much in terms of variety when it comes to his moves. Yet the power he brings in the moves he executes is the crushing factor of his fighting system. To summarise his story in the lore, his life is more of a joke than a serious tale. He does have chemistry with Paul Phoenix, which is an entertaining factor for your average fan. As the main offence move, Law can toss his enemies into the air and do it on repeat, executing the move for as long as you desire. Of course, there is a block to the move at a certain point but Law has a countermove, his famous and powerful downward-pounding punch. This breaks any defence mechanism and puts Marshall Law on top of things once more.

Heihachi Mishima - Tekken hasn't been great to its own characters all of the time. After making fun of him and his persona in 5 and 6, the lore finally took a better approach to this important character with Tekken 7. Heihachi is the main character of the seventh title, the hero you will play the campaign with, unlocking the secrets of the clans his family has put together, the notorious Mishima. Heihachi, therefore, turns from a joke of a character into the leading storyteller and protagonist of the game. When it comes to fighting abilities, Heihachi is versatile. Thanks to his enhanced abilities, he also comes with a knack for movement. He is famous for his headbutt move, which is a great opener regardless of the opponent. Don't forget about his legendary fist combo, one of Heihachi's main moves and a classic of the Tekken universe.

Yoshimitsu - When it comes to design, Yoshimitsu is probably the one character in Tekken that has the most unique appearance. He comes with a ninja body and a Maiji clan head. The character is also beloved for his quick moves and his speedy katana attack. Yoshimitsu is a master of many styles of combat for his katana strikes. He can even heal his wounds through the Meditation move, but also kill with a single Harakiri death blow towards his enemy. Yoshimitsu does this by striking his katana into himself, which halves the life of his opponent in an instant.

King - A legend of the Tekken lore, King has the most incredible backstory of the game considering the weirdness of the Mishima family's history. It starts with his mentor, a drunk priest dressed as a Mexican in order to be able to raise money for an orphanage. So that he can keep the dream alive, King does exactly the same. King, apart from strange looks and backstory, is a phenomenal fighter. With a good base of punches and a strong variety of combos, King is a true force in the hands of the right player.

The Secrets Of Tekken 7 Fighting

Tekken is not your regular fighter game. It brings together more elements than a regular game with normal gameplay, which makes it that much harder when it comes to the fine details. You're moving from left to right but also up and down in a 3D environment, for starters, which makes everything twice as difficult when it comes to attacks as well as defence. 

Once mastered this skill of moving about the two axes is very rewarding, yet a real headache until you get the hang of it. In fact, players of all ages and backgrounds state that this is the hardest thing to get used to when starting to play Tekken. As usual, the best advice one can give or receive when talking about such a complex game, and getting better at it, is practice. 

The more time you spend in the game, playing and training your skills against other people, or the AI, the better you will become. There is a very small margin of error the game allows when you do the moves and prepare your attacks. One mistake and you're in for a quick, "painful" death. Yet once you practice enough and can deal with the pressure of fast attacks and strong defences, you will get to taste the sweet flavour of victory.

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