Video games were first made for kids only. Nowadays, adults are a great market for these creations, but back in the day, it was kids who were playing in front of the SEGA consoles, or others, for hours on end. Thanks to the reinvention of the industry, games have once again been put to the needs of the little ones. And these games from below are all kids-approved, consisting of great fun, immense pleasure, and infinite adventure.

What makes a kids game

When it comes to the best games for kids, you can’t go wrong with a title that has a few key elements in it. First of all, there’s the captivating effect of levels. If a game comes with levels, and kids can literally see the progress, they’ll be hooked on that game for days and days. Second, there’s the achievements. Small prizes for their work that they can either find scattered throughout the game, or just placed at the end of a set of levels.

Third, a great game for kids is educative, but in a fun way. For example in Animal Crossing, kids learn about animals, managing land, constructing towns while taking a good look at resources, and cutting short on where it’s not that important. The same goes for a ton of other kids-friendly games, regardless if on a console, or on the PC.

Best kids games of now

We’ve done our best to come up with a list of 7 best games for kids in 2021. These games have it all, including adventure, teachable moments, fun, engagement, leveling up, achievements, rare items placed in hidden corners of the maps, everything. It’s certain, you’ll find a game for your kid in here, or if you’re the kid, you’ll surely have a lot of fun trying these ones out!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Made for the Nintendo console, this game has come out in 2020 and it is made for kids and adults, but mostly for kids. You move to a deserted island at first, and then have to interact with many anthropomorphic animals while turning the uninviting place into a thriving city. You can snorkel, fish, grow plants, trees and transform this island int your own world. This laidback, casual game is ideal for kids of all ages, making it possible for them to turn it into whatever they want.

Marvel's Avengers - If there's something that kids love, it's Marvel's Avengers superheroes. They are crazy about them and for good reasons! Let's face it, even as adults we enjoy the movies, the series, and the games. This game is a 2020 sensation, based on the famous Avengers team from the comics. Kids can turn into Iron Man, Black Widow, or Captain America, as they save the world from imminent danger. They can play solo or go online and meet in the adventure with friends!

Super Mario - It might be an old title, but the Super Mario series has made it to modern time. It's now in 3D and comes on many consoles so that it can be played by kids all over the world regardless of their system situation. One example of a beloved present Mario title is the "Super Mario 3D All-Stars", which comes on the Nintendo and lets fans enjoy reliving the three most iconic games from the past, "Super Mario 64," "Super Mario Sunshine" and "Super Mario Galaxy." It's a blast, nothing less!

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - Who thought about putting plants and zombies in a game... deserves a cookie! This reinterpretation of the neverending battle of the living vs. the dead comes in an unmatched, original form. Plants fight with zombies to take over Neighborville, and nonetheless, kids are adoring every bit of it. The game is available on the PC and consoles, as well as on mobile devices. Regardless of where you are, or on which side, the fun is guaranteed.

The Sims 4 - You might consider Sims a game mostly designed for life simulation adult fans but you'd be wrong. This game about life, development, creation and building up a personality is ideal for kids, especially the older ones. It's the perfect way to introduce them to responsibility, and taking care of house chores. Also, it's a lot of fun, as it's got dogs and cats, swimming pools, parties, and so on.

How to ensure games are safe for kids

Games made for kids have to come in a few very distinct forms, so that they can be right for children of most ages. First, there’s no need for violence in games for kids. Action games can be presented to the little ones at an older age. Second, the subject of the game, while fan, has to have an educational element in it.

For example with Sims 4, one of our examples, kids can learn about taking care of a home, or growing up to become a doctor, taking care of a pet, and so on. Third, kids games have to be free of any mature content, thus ensuring nothing but fun for the little ones.