One of the most sought after gaming domains is the adventure kind. Why? Because it encompases a large variety of games, made for absolutely everyone of us gamers, regardless if new or veteran. Most games have an adventure part to them, but not all can be called “adventure games” in their entirety. So adventure games? They’re a special breed!

When you play one great adventure game, you’ll remember it for the rest of your days. The thrills, the maps, the progress, the failures and retries. The countless deaths, and respawns. The endless fights with bosses and other powerful NPCs that are simply turning your nights into bright, never-endind days. What’s not to love about a great adventure game? Exactly!

What Makes A Great Adventure Game

When it comes to gaming, the taste is personal. But as a general rule, a great adventure game has a few features that will usually ensure a great experience. For starters, there’s the layout. Great adventure games have an easy, usually level-to-level layout, in which the main protagonist goes from one end of the level to the other, trying to not die as they do so.

Second, there’s the element of figuring out the next quest, or level. You have to progress in a good enough fashion that, once the new challenge is in front of you, you’re ready for it and will not take hours to move on to the next one. It’s easy in theory, but most games have middle points in which getting over a certain level or mission is harder than the final ones.

Finally, a great adventure game is memorable in terms of story. It tells a great story about whatever the game is. You talk about it with your friends the night after, over some drinks and chips. It stays with you even after years, and you tell your kids about it. That’s what a great, legendary adventure game will do to you. It’s not just about the game, but also the emotions.

Our Top Adventure Games

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let us dive into the list of the best adventure games you can purchase right at this moment here, on Egaming. These games have been chosen from the never ending list in our library, just so that they can accommodate as many tastes and preferences as possible. Enjoy!

Death Stranding - In this game, you take the role of Sam Bridges, a brave soul who's on a mission to rewin control over a shattered planet that's been turned upside down by Death Stranding. Sam has taken over the very future of the world, now in disconnected remains, and is ready to take on a journey to reconnect the pieced-out world. Hideo Kojima, the legendary designer of games, is the person behind the incredible looks of this particular adventure title. And yes, you will get some incredible adventure out of it, battling your way towards the future of yourself and humanity.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons - Introducing a game that's about adventure, brotherhood, trust and friendship. The plot of this precious release is simple, as you guide the two brothers on their epic fantasy journey. Made by Josef Fares, the visionary Swedish movie director, in collaboration with Starbreeze Studios, a simple look at this game will be convincing enough for you to try it out. It's that good, visually, sound-wise, and story. You will control both brothers in the co-op play in single-player, like none other games, as the two have different talents, personalities, and hidden powers you'll uncover.

Fly'N - If you're dreaming about flying around in the shape of a sea creature, all through the maps and levels of a pristine video game, then this title is surely the right adventure for you. Set in a 2D, but 3D world, Fly'N is all about reaching the top levels passing one after the other, one more challenging than the last. It's the story of saving the trees from Dyer, a bad hair-dryer who's up for no good. In excellent graphics conditions, Fly'N is level after level, 40+ of them in total, of total visual and adventurous bliss for gamers of all ages.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood - Famous character Ezio is now back in the new Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood release. This master of legendary assassinations is once more put through the test of skills and luck, against the notorious Templar Order. Go all the way to Rome, the Eternal City, where adventure awaits on every rooftop, or backstreet. It's all about the world you'll find there, filled with not just wonders of the ancient world but also greed, crime, and despair. It's not all fantasy and pleasure, but hidden secrets, lost mysteries, and terrible truths, once they resurface. An Assassin's Creed game that will surely turn you adventurous!

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - One legendary series of adventure horror games is Resident Evil. In fact, this game is so important, it has created a complete snowball effect outside the gaming industry, with movies, books, even clothes made out of the idea behind the games. In "Biohazard", the seventh Resident Evil, you play your role in rural America, in the days of modern times, taking over the events after the sixth instalment of the series. With elements from the original game, the atmosphere of the game speaks volumes, and survival is all you need to be concerned about.

Shelter 2 - The second instalment of the Shelter series, this game is all about the elaborate, intricate features of the gameplay. You've got things like stamina and movements to look after, jumps, prey, and survival to manage, and that's with every level that you go through. When you're done with your hunting, you will also have to take care of the more maternal issues, like calling on your cubs or hunting some more for them. Smell for prey, drink water to stay stable, and then if danger shows up, put your cubs to safety. A game like none other? Shelter 2!

Star Wars: Battlefront II - What's a more adventurous game than a Star Wars title? Not many, really! The second Battlefront comes with three eras for gameplay, Classic, Prequel, and New Trilogy. Go for the one that best fits your style, and make the most discoveries that will forever change the course of the galaxies. With more than 30 years of events in one, the single-player campaign is massive and extremely enjoyable. Learn how to fly, and use the force, just like the heroes in "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens" episodes of the legendary movie series.

Hello Neighbor - To say this game is peculiar would be an understatement. In Hello Neighbor, your tasks involve beating a game that's looking after every single one of your moves, learning your style inside out as you try and fail at it. Wanna grab a look at your neighbour's backyard and are ready to move in through a window? Maybe you'll be met by a bear trap once you lay foot on their property?! How about the main door, you "feeling lucky" noser? Well, there are cameras all around, so take care of those first. A game of adventures and thrills, "Hello Neighbor" is about stealth, planning, and nerves of steel.

The Walking Dead - Adventure is nothing without a little horror, or so they say. Or intrigue, violence, some fear and a ton of unrest. "The Walking Dead" is the PERFECT combo of them all. This game, in which you follow Lee as he makes his way through the world of post-apocalyptic zombie walkers, is ideal for anyone who's looking for something more from their gaming. It's episode after episode of apocalyptic survival, in the best shape and form that's ever been put out there. Decisions are critical, and can make or break you as the intense gameplay goes on.

Titanfall 2 - The second episode of the Titanfall series has made it on this list because, like most games, Titanfall has really gotten into its groove by the second title. This explosive FPS is unique in the way it's presented, and now because the second title is here, it's been enhanced and improved on all levels. Titanfall 2 is about a new story, as captivating as they get, in which the connection between titan and the pilot is stronger than ever. And the multiplayer? Oh boy, did they get it right this time!

Mass Effect Andromeda - Surely, there's a lot of adventure in outer space. And when you murmur the words "Mass Effect" and "Andromeda" in a room full of gamers, you'll see at least 10 heads starting to wobble in excitement. With this title from the famous series, you travel way beyond your Milky Way home. In the galaxy of Andromeda, we're the aliens, not them. Fighting for a new home, you'll encounter many challenges and important decision-making moments. Find your way through the war and you'll win not just a new home for humanity, but overruling the entire galaxy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - We'll end this list on a high note, and with a classic now turned into a sequel. The second Red Dead Redemption is everything that the first game in the series was, and then some! It's an incredible experience you can live from the comfort of your living room, in which you're living the life of a gang of outlaws in 1899 America. It's a game of tales, twists, and turns, and mostly running away from law enforcement, but instead of cars, like in GTA, you're using horses and other modes of transport. It's so good, it simply cannot be missed regardless of what you enjoy playing in general.

Skills Required To Beat An Adventure Title

Whenever you play an adventure game, there are a few elements that are common to most titles. Adventure games are never short, so you’ll have to deal with having some good hours dedicated to gameplay in order to go through as much of the campaign as possible. When you’re having a job and maybe other familiar troubles, this can prove to be a Herculean task.

Next comes the difficulty modes of the adventure games. Most of them have the three famous ones, ranging from Easy to Hard. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to set the difficulty on Easy, just so you can get a grasp of the game first without constantly failing at it. Then, when you feel a little confident, turn on the Medium level, and when you’re really into it, go for the Hard setting.

Finally, the best way in which you can beat an adventure title is by learning patience. This virtue is crucial with any game that requires skill building, especially an adventure title. Why? Because you’ll try and fail a lot. Before you finish the game, you’ll be drained of nerves, so be patient with the medium and hard levels, learn the tricks that will get you through, and keep on gaming.

So there you have it! This is our complete adventure games buying guide, for all of you who’re into this massive, offering, exciting genre of video games. From the very famous, all the way to the more peculiar, there’s a title in this list for any of you out there. And if you can’t find a favorite here, we’re sorry, and as an apology, you can click here and pick your very own!

Have tons of fun playing these games, never go overboard with your gaming time, learn patience and start from the lowest level of difficulty, building your way up towards impeccable play. Good luck!