A great video game has to have a certain length. And by that, we mean it has to be long enough to be challenging, fun, and adventurous. While not being boring, as that would immediately cut the fun out of the equation. When it comes to the list of the longest video games ever made, we did our best to find not just the longest, but also the most demanding titles we could find.

What Is A Long Game?

First of all, most video games are long. You’ve got campaigns running for days, with newer games taking their fun into the online, where there’s literally endless exploration, missioning and expansion. So what makes a video game long, without putting the title in the multiplayer realm and making it without end? In our books a long game is any game that surpasses 24 hours in campaign mode.

When the game is longer than a full day in “working” hours, as in, the hours you have to put in in order to finish it, then that’s a long game. Surely, there aren’t many games sprawling more than a full day of gameplay, but the ones that are like this? Oh boy, do you need time for them to give in and lead you to the finish line! A good long game is never boring, but always demanding and full of surprises!

The Longest Games Ever Made

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let us dive right into the list of the longest video games ever made. Well, the longest we could find, because in this industry, you never know what treasures lie in plain sight, and you miss them by a click. These games are long, adventurous, and full of fun.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Timed at 162 hours, this game is all about patience, but also action and perseverance. Facing tons of criticism for the backstory of the main characters, which indeed are questionable, "The Phantom Pain" comes in with unmatched visuals, an incredible story, and some of the most impressive game mechanics around. Everybody knows that MGS is a definitive series, but with this title, you're in for a long one!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Clocking in 173 hours, at more than 10 over MGS, "Wild Hunt" is all about exploring the massive open-world, which really looks pristine. You can vary and customize your character hero the way you want, which is one top attraction of the game. As you move through the massive gameplay, you won't be turned down any minute by the size, but excited by the possibilities all around you.

The Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild - With more than 180 hours of gameplay at the ready, this Legend of Zelda is a true marathon, but one to be enjoyed at your own pace. "The Breath Of The Wild" is the latest in the series, and Nintendo went all the way with it. It's filled with quests, new environments to explore, and all the good stuff of an open-world masterpiece.


Elite: Dangerous - Covering a whopping 213 hours of total gameplay, "Dangerous" is one truly unique game from the Elite series. You'll be exploring space and fighting the many spacecraft coming your way from aboard your own flying vehicle. Is the Milky Way a big enough environment for you? You'll have to see for yourself, but for the most of us, it's damn nearly impossible to cover border to border.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - In our books, this is the longest game we could find that's open-world and free-roaming style. It offers no less than 225 hours of gameplay, which is enough for three people to go through, let alone one! This Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not just probably the longest game ever made, but also one of the very best releases of all time. It's a must, to keep it short.

Tips On How To Survive A Long Game

What’s a long video game if you’re not ready for it properly? A pain in the behind, that’s what it is! Gamers think they’ve got what it takes to go through a Witcher 3 campaign in one or two sittings, but they’re wrong. If you want to survive a marathon gameplay, you need to be prepared. And, to quote a famous World of Warcraft icon, “You are (most likely) not prepared!”

In order to survive a long video game in one or two sittings, rest is crucial. Make sure you’re well rested, calm and full of energy before diving into it. Next, snacks! Have snacks at hand for when you need them, as you don’t want to ruin your good stride with a meal break. Speaking of food, have a bathroom at the ready for when that former food and drinks want to come out.