Choosing the best gaming mouse for your setup is nothing easy. It comes with a few important decisions to be made. Size, features, ports, buttons, everything that matters for you as a gamer, the best mouse has to have when it reaches your gaming desk. Mouses might not be the very first thing you think about when talking about gaming setups, but in fact, they’re probably the most important.

Why? Because most of your actions in a game of any sorts will happen with the mouse, and the way you push it and move it. If it's buttons are not responsive enough, you’ll miss the target by a microsecond. If it doesn’t move as smoothly as you want it to, you’ll be hit before you hit your enemy. Which will result in your virtual passing and surely, the destruction of your progress. And you don’t want that.

What makes a great gaming mouse

We’ve identified three aspects that make any mouse great for gaming. These features are crucial for when you pick your own next best mouse for gaming. We’ll look at them one by one and then move on with the best gaming mouses of 2021.

-Size: Holding the right sized mouse in your hand feels in a certain way. It’s like a sushi master finding his ideal knife for perfectly cutting the pieces of delicate tuna. The size of the mouse has to be ideal for your hand, so that when you put your hand over it, it fits like a case over a phone.

-Buttons: Many gaming mouses come with tons of buttons for this or that. All of these buttons are customizable, allowing for action to be happening on your screen just by a small push of a button, not a key on your keyboard. It’s either simple, or complex, the way you go for these.

-Movement: A very important aspect of a mouse is the way it moves, based on surfaces, settings, and situations. You want your mouse to reenact the exact movements you’re making physically, while gaming. If this happens with great accuracy, your gameplay naturally goes up.

Five gaming mouses for the 2021 season

Long gone are the days of the ball mouse. Or even the cable cord mouse. No more entangled wires or rubber balls falling off the desk. Now, mouses are made to work magically through wireless technology. And have many buttons, not just the two and the scroll. And when it comes to the best gaming mouses out there, these are the absolute top 5 of the 2021 gaming season.

1. SteelSeries Rival 710 - Balance, performance, features, this mouse has got the best of them when it comes to gaming. Yes, you'll pay a small fortune for it, but the thing comes with an OLED display and haptic feedback for MOBA gamers! Based on modular pieces, you'll always get upgraded for the latest tech.

2. Razer Viper 8K - Keeping up with the game and your rivals is all a gaming mouse is for. This Razer supermouse has a lower than 0.125 ms latency, which is unworldly. It's probably the fastest mouse in the gaming business, with a great build and ambidextrous design. Responsive mouses? This is THE one!

3. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless - Gamers know that a wireless gaming mouse, although cool and hustle free, are mostly not great because of latency. This mouse though? The Corsair Dark Core RGB is impressive, allowing under 1ms speeds, virtually no latency, and serious reliability. And it comes with RGB lighting, of course, so it looks sick!

4. MSI GM30 Clutch - Not all gamers are made the same, and therefore not all gamers have huge mouse budgets. This is a mid-range creation by MSI that will not break the bank. Lightweight, configurable, reliable and affordable, the GM30 Clutch might be the mouse you've always wanted. It works for both gaming and day-to-day regular usage.

5. HP Omen Vector Wireless - Finally, we've got this HP creation, namely, the Omen Vector, another wireless mouse for gamers and not only them. With impressive zero-latency and great battery life, of up to 180 hours, this mouse is minimalistic and fairly priced. It's a steal, considering it's way over the mid-range mark in terms of build and functionality.

How to properly use a gaming mouse

Using your newly bought mouse for gaming the right way is crucial for a good chance of winning whatever title you’re playing. First, it’s about how you hold the mouse. Your palm should be relaxed and your index and middle finger comfortably resting on the two main buttons. Second, the mouse should be on a surface that allows it to function perfectly. And third, it’s all about getting familiar with your new mouse, so game away and practice as much as possible.