One of the most extensive of all gaming types, RPGs, or Role-Playing Games have been around from since the very start of the industry. These games can be about anything, happening anywhere, and including some incredible mechanics, questing, races, all of the elements of the best gaming types combined into one, glorious release. And when it comes to the best ones?

There are many incredible RPG games of today and the past. And many role-playing titles that are about to be launched. You’ve heard about Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher, Grand Theft Auto, for sure. These are all examples of legendary RPGs that have forever turned the tables of the gaming industry. What makes a great RPG though? What are its core elements?

What Makes An Incredible RPG

When speaking about the best RPG games ever made, the most important thing to look for is opportunities. What is this title allowing me to do while I’m playing? Can I ride into cars? Can I go into fights with NPCs, just because? Are there quests, chained or random? Is the open world in the game worthy of my time, and pristine enough to hold me interested for hours?

Then, it comes to modes. Can I go alone in a gorgeous single player mode filled with hours of excitement and fun? And when I’m done with that, can I move online and blast through my friends in the multiplayer mode? Third, it has to do with the story. A great RPG starts with a story you want to discover, and mingle with, and go over with all of your guts and feelings.

Best RPG Games In History

What are the very best RPG games in history? That is not an easy question to answer. Here are a few examples of RPG games that have made it to legendary status soon after their release.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - It goes without saying that this title is one of the best ever role-playing games. While most RPGs are centred on a story of lonely adventurous travels, very few of them are actually able to deliver the quality of the story that's present in The Witcher 3. It's pristine, to say the least. If there's one RPG for you to play and then ignore the rest of this list today, this is the one!

Outward - This is more of an underground title, and by that we mean, it hasn't been publicized as much as the previous one, for example. But Outward is different, as it focuses not just on the lonely hero going for wolves and other beasts, but also on the training part, the growing part of your hero, before the actual wild encounters. Training here is seen as missioning, not just tutorials before the start of the game. They're part of the game and an important one.

South Park: The Stick of Truth - It's simply crazy, how popular this particular RPG is. Tens of millions around the world have played and enjoyed it. And if you look at the title, you can't help but laugh about it, if you've seen at least one South Park Episode. A game full of withs and jokes, "The Stick of Truth" happens in the legendary Colorado town of South Park, where your favorite characters take on challenges and quests for saving the town from chaos.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - No RPG top would ever be complete without a Final Fantasy title in it. This one, The Zodiac Age, has been for ages seen as one of the very best of the series. The art in this game looks superb, and the system allowing you to program your party members into what they should do while fighting is unique to this series. Characters look, behave and fight the way you want them to. Make this fantasy world your own dream.

Fallout: New Vegas - Concluding the list of the very best RPGs ever made with Fallout, in this "New Vegas" configuration. It comes with things like reputation, factions, and many other features that weren't there with Fallout 3, which was still a very successful game. The new Hardcore mode in New Vegas is incredible for survivor gaming fans, as it makes it so much more challenging, demanding, exciting, you name it. New Vegas is loveable for the way it adds the Fallout feeling right back into Bethesda's first-person RPG genre.

Best Future RPG Games

Before you leave to enjoy one of the legendary RPGs listed above, these are the titles you should be looking forward to if this genre of game is your top priority. The first one is Baldur's Gate 3, the title about which the entire gaming community is going nuts for.

Then, Final Fantasy XVI is up for release this year, and you cannot miss that one. Last, Biomutant has appeared so many times in our feeds, we just need to try it out when it comes out later this year.