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Do you want to do more with your Xbox? If so, Egaming urges you to buy Xbox game pass. The game pass has been specifically designed for dedicated gamers who are committed to their console. With an Xbox game pass, you can play more than a hundred high-end games and also enjoy exclusive EA play membership and the perks of Xbox Live Gold membership. Once you’ve subscribed to the game pass, the subscription will continue automatically. However, you do have the option of cancelling your subscription if you think you’ve something better.

The Xbox game pass provides you with three tempting plans including Ultimate, Console, and PC. With the Ultimate plan, you get to access 100+ PC and console games. However, the PC plan only gives you access to PC games and the Console plan lets you only play console games. But, all three of these plans give you exclusive member discounts and great deals from the Xbox store. 

At Egaming, we are only committed to enhancing your gaming experience. We bring to you the most exclusive Xbox games that you can purchase, along with Xbox memberships and game passes. Buy an Xbox game pass today and get hooked to your gaming console. Invite your friends over and show off your skills. 

For more information or to clear any doubt, reach out to Egaming right away. We have a team that consists of gaming enthusiasts like you.