The best games of all time are usually easy to recognise. They have some particular features and common aspects. But the best games ever made are mostly famous for creating a feeling in the hearts and minds of players. Putting up a best games list takes many things into account, but it all starts with the emotion that these legendary titles have brought up for millions around the world.

What Makes a Best Game

Games that have made it on any top lists have a few common traits. First, there’s the disruptors of the industry. Those games that have completely transformed their genres. If you think about open-world exploration and car theft, Grand Theft Auto is the first game that pops into your mind. If you think shooters, Counter Strike is the all-time favorite. Huge, multiplayer games with immense worlds to explore? World of Warcraft is the first and most important title.

Second, a best game ever contender is played by at least millions around the world, regardless if because of the original title, or the many expansions and remakes over the years. PUBG, although a new game in terms of age, has over 600 million players all over the globe. Solitaire, one of the simplest of games, comes in at around 400 million, but has been around since forever.

Third, a best game has to be successful in financial terms. This is to help the studio that has made the game into creating even more incredible titles. Minecraft is the clear leader here, selling over 200 million copies so far, followed by GTA V at 135 million copies, and Tetris from EA, which has been sold in over 100 million copies.

The Best Games of all Time

Choosing a game you’ll love and play for your entire life has little to do with lists. It’s a matter of personal preference. You might love, and then you might hate every game on this list below. But based on the criteria we’ve just discussed, these games are at the very top of the lists of most beloved titles ever made. And they’re there for the best of reasons!

World of Warcraft - Out of all the games in the world, this MMORPG is probably the one who deserves a special category. No other fantasy game ever made was as inspirational and has gripped players for so long than WoW did. Now at its eight expansion!

Red Dead Redemption - One game that has stood out for the exploring and the questing with a Wild West and modern fight features, the Red Dead Redemption series has made headlines and is one of the most famous titles ever to be released by Rockstar Games.

Minecraft - Worldbuilding is one of the most popular genres of games. And Minecraft is the absolute king of the lot. The unique looks, the ease of gameplay, and the many features make Minecraft a true legend.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV - Coming from the most acclaimed game designers of all time, Civilization IV is the pinnacle of the turn-based strategy series of empire commanding and expansion.

Quake - Guns and ammo, three different races to fight for or against, and an arena in which everything is at stake. This is Quake, a FPS that’s made history and is still considered one of the top shooters in the entire world.

bioshock best games

BioShock - Save the innocents of Rapture, a city destroyed by God knows what cataclysm, and make the epic journey into discovery, evolution, and overcoming. BioShock is a series like none other, in which shooters met action, fantasy, sci-fi and even elements of arcade gaming!

Grand Theft Auto V - As far as PC gaming goes, GTA is the most popular series of games ever made for this device. And Grand Theft Auto is the game that has broken all records. This is the series that transformed the open-world exploring and mission passing into a phenomenon.

gta best games

The Best Games of the Future

A best games list would not be complete without taking into account the games that are about to be released, and are promised to deliver a legendary status amongst the already veterans. For 2021 and beyond, these are a few of the games everyone’s raving about.

Deathloop - A release from Arkane Studios that simply looks sick, in which you play an assassin trapped in a time loop which goes back to the beginning at the end of each day.

far cry best games

Far Cry 6 - The legendary series will be back soon with a sixth episode, in which you play a dictator in a Cuba-like virtual world that’s the biggest and most detailed Far Cry map to date.

Gran Turismo 7 - This acclaimed series of racing games promises a huge comback in 2021 and beyond, with a seventh title that's all about visual details, fast cars, and competition!

gran turismo best games