Games are simulations of life and fantasy. Mostly the latter, but they do encompass life-like scenarios and events even when going full-time magical and surreal. When a game is more like home, to say so, we say about it that it is a simulator. Gaming simulators can be about anything. For example, one of the most famous simulators ever made is about football or soccer.

Simulators can be about sports, like football, basketball, Formula 1, you name it. But they can also be about farming, medicine, fashion, cooking, anything you can think about. The success or failure of these games is all about how real they feel to the player. Or how real-fantasy, if the game is taken with a sparkle of magic. Now, let’s talk about the most famous of all sims!

A Short Sims 4 Introduction

Sims 4 is the latest game in the franchise that has revolutionised the life simulator genre. Sims 4 is all about creating the life you want in virtual terms, by creating not just your virtual version but also your home, family, neighbourhood, and so on. You can even take on jobs, go on trips, have many different features and life events happening to your Sim and even take him out if you want.

One of the greatest things about Sims 4, as with most other games in the series, is that there is no end goal to it. You just make your Sim’s lives better and richer by adding value to them, just like in real life. Sometimes though, the base game is not enough for you to move forward. This is where the expansions of the game come into play. If you’re ready for an upgrade, here’s that!

The Best Sims 4 Expansions Of Today

What are some of the most famous and downloaded Sims 4 expansions of today? We can only tell you which are the most famous ones in our store, so if you’re ready to upgrade the lives of your Sims, here are our top ten most amazing Sims 4 expansions you can play through today!

Toddler Stuff - Sims 4 is all about customization. When you get the game and install it, you will spend months upon months working at your Sim and house. But then, you will want some more... like having kids! And then those kids will grow up and turn into toddlers. This is where this expansion pack comes into place. Toddler Stuff comes with new cute outfits and adorable hairstyles for the little ones. You can also use the decor in the home to your advantage to make a more kid-friendly house for the youngsters. Finally, there's the possibility to create an outdoor playground for them as well. If you love raising kids when they're between 3 and 6 or so, this is the pack for you!

Island Living - Sims usually live in towns or cities. They don't really go out of their boroughs much unless they've got some big events happening in their lives. Or if social norms are implying it from them. How about a Sims city made to look just like a paradise, set up on an island that is simply pristine. You can either move entirely on the island or just have your Sims do a retreat, or off-the-grid living for a few months. The island will meet them with events, traditions, different joyful clothes, delicious food and drinks, and that sweet, chill way of the island living. Get ready to be at the doorsteps of Heaven and have at it!

Parenthood - If you desire for your Sims to have a more blessed life, turn them into parents! Surely you don't have to do that, but why not? There comes a time when you just want to take life to that next level, and there's no better way to do this than bringing new life into the world. With this Parenthood pack for your Sims 4, you can either encourage your kids when they do good, or punish them when they do wrong. Teaching them is the most valuable asset a parent can put on their little ones, so do your parenting job well and you will end up with well-educated teens and therefore adults.

StrangerVille - Sims 4 is a game of life simulation. And life also means strange, weird, sometimes illegal things happening to you, or around you. When you reach StrangerVille, you will learn the true meaning of strange, and uncommon. Begin right away with your investigation into the strange happenings in the city, and uncover the mysteries of this town in the middle of nowhere, a place as surreal as they can get. It looks calm, this town, from the outside but once in, you will start to uncover the secret that's so dark, you are lucky to get out of there in one piece, or even with your mind right. This is a Sims mission like none others!

Eco Lifestyle - When you recreate life in a video game, you ought to include the more innovative parts of it in it, if you can. Including the ecological lifestyle that so many of us humans are into, or starting to learn about. Being careful with your surroundings and how you treat nature is crucial. With the Eco Lifestyle expansion, your Sims will move to Evergreen Harbour, where everything is about preservation and nature. Your main activity is reducing your footprint, as well as eating well and exercising, walking a lot instead of driving, and the rest of it. When you get to live like this, you will feel it in your Sims behaviour.

Realm of Magic - What do you do when you live in a small countryside village when nothing happens? You open a secret portal and the magic will simply go all over the town, overflowing with might and mystery. You'll get everything magic-related with this expansion, such as potions, wands, floating beings and objects, the whole norm. All of which are ready to charm your Sims, and turn their boring days into a realm of magic. Surely with so much power, there are infinite things that can go wrong, and will go wrong! Before it's too late, learn some wizardry that will help you overcome some of your bigger burdens. Summon some protection if things really go Voldemort-style, while you get more and more protected by your quivery of spells. 

Get to Work - All of us here on planet Earth are dreaming of that perfect work position. Some want to become doctors, others want to become lawyers, CEOs and business gurus, while many just want a peaceful job that will pay the bills. Regardless if you want to become a billionaire or a police officer, you will get to experience life-work unbalance for sure with this Get to Work expansion for your Sims 4. With the introduction of workplaces, your gaming experience will turn into a richer, fuller, more motivational and goal-oriented experience. See, you're already talking the corporate talk, and haven't even downloaded the thing! Get to experience the whole work environment right away.

Cats & Dogs - Probably the most famous and most downloaded expansion for the Sims 4, Cats & Dogs is a must for all who're into pets. The level of personalization you can achieve with this pack is simply incredible. You start with the famous Create A Pet function, a feature that allows you complete customization over how your cat, or dog, or both, will look like. New looks, behaviours, and outfits have been added in order to get your gaming experience so much more enhanced. These companions, lifelong friends, amazing and loving, are clearly going to change the way your Sims are going to live and behave. Surely, their lives will never be characterized as boring or uneventful.

Seasons - Regardless of the season that you love or hate, Sims will make the best of it with this Seasons expansion, one of the more famous ones ever made. It matters less if there’s snowfall or extreme heat outside their windows, as Sims can quickly turn the outside conditions to their advantage. Seasons, the famous pack of the legendary game, comes with unique features and events, so it’s up to you to create that movie-like story for the winter, or a magical Halloween party, or even a great afternoon in the spring when the rains pours down like never before. And finally, a pool party like none other when the summer heat is close to unbearable. With the Seasons pack, you are dependable on the weather but you don't have to be a slave to it. Instead, embrace rain, snow, heat and so on with all of your being. Enjoy it, while it lasts!

Get Famous - Who hasn't dreamed about going to Hollywood and making a name in the movie business for themselves? Most people did, but what does this imply, actually? Filming and acting are not always the glamour superstars let it out to be. It is also many times hardship, working late, despair and menace. When you enter this business, there's usually no way out but through all of it, paparazzi included! This Get Famous pack comes with all of the fixings you need in order to make your Sim into a movie celebrity. You take them from the very bottom and reach the very top of the celebrity food chain with them. And although they will feel the pressure and horrors of the industry at times, usually the money overcomes most problems. Not all of them, but many! Ready to get famous? Be careful what you wish for...

Tips On Sims 4 Mastery

A game as complex as Sims 4 comes with a lot of tips and tricks you have to master before you can safely say you’re an expert at it. It has its own cheats lists, with a plural ending! We’ve got an entire article on that, and you can find it on our site. But for the basics, these are the most important tips you have to consider in order to have a great gaming experience with Sims 4.

Practice - Naturally, as with all other games, practice makes perfect when it comes to the Sims 4 base game as well as the many extras and packs you’ve been introduced to here. Get your facts straight, learn the short commands, and practice your gameplay on a daily basis. It might seem like a simple game, creating a character and putting them into a home, but it’s not. It has many elements that are dependable on one another, and one simple, forgetful action can quickly turn into an unforgivable consequence.

General view - When playing a game with so many elements like the Sims 4, it’s easy to forget the big picture while you mingle with the details. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of these either, and you should. After all, picking your favourite everything is what gives this game its flavour, and uniqueness. But just don’t forget to literally zoom out, from time to time, and look at the general view of the story. See where you’re at and what you need to do next, in order to improve the lives of your characters. Keep them in a healthy balance, and focus on their general happiness, not just on the little aspects of daily life.

Keeping up to date - Finally, have the interest to always check for new updates as the creators of the game are putting them into your play. There are many packs that simply come for gamers to download, and they are usually full of new features and additions. As the packs keep coming, either general or installed by you, the rules of the game are naturally changing. Take some time to learn these new rules, and have at them when you start using them in your gameplay. Have fun, most importantly, and remember that this is just a game, after all.