Games have been demanding by nature ever since their invention. You’d have to physically push some hefty buttons at first, on those heavy arcades, and then hope for the best in spite of knowing that you’ll fail hundreds of times before being able to make it through the level. But with time, as the gaming industry evolved, so did the actual difficulty of the games themselves.

What Makes A Demanding Game

When it comes to the difficulty of the games you’re playing, there are certain aspects you have to look into before declaring that, yes, this particular title is demanding. First, look at the length of the game. How much time is this game going to cost me, start to finish? Is this a day-long game? Then that’s not that bad, is it? Is this game over 100 gameplay hours? Oh boy...

Second, you need to look into just what makes the game hard, as in, what specific skill you have to master in order to master the game itself. For example, some games require you to look for hidden clues. If you’re not great with discovering these hidden secrets, you’ll have a hard time passing through the title. Third, it’s also about the graphics, mechanics, and sounds.

The Most Demanding Games Ever Made

Every game has its own set of graphics, which can work for you or against you. The same goes for the mechanics of the game, as well as the sounds you’ll encounter along the levels. Let’s just put the most demanding games ever made into perspective, and see what makes them hard for you and your PC, because most games that are difficult will take their toll on your computer as well as on you.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey - This is one of those games that's just superb to play no matter how bad you are at it. It just looks amazing. But it comes at a cost for your graphics card, processor, and so on. To play Odyssey in its complete pristine form, you'll need at least a 4GB graphics chip, and a generation 7 or higher processor.

Project CARS 2 - Looking for a stunning racer? Project CARS 2 delivers, but at a cost for your machine. Just for the 1080p version of the game, you'll need a good i7, as well as an at least GTX 1080 graphics chip. But the gameplay with those? Unmatched!

Far Cry 5 - The legendary series of Far Cry games are known to run smoothly on most devices, but not so much the fifth episode. Why? Because the game looks like the ultimate creation in terms of visuals, thanks to the Dunia engine. 16 GB of RAM are required, along with at least GTX 1080 and an i7 processor.

Hitman 2 - By far the best looking Hitman ever made, the second instalment of the legendary assassin series offers unique visuals, like the reflections of objects. But if you want the game to run in pristine 4K, you'll need at least the RTX 2080 Ti, along with a hefty processor. Worth the upgrade? Oh yes!

Metro Exodus - If you put it on the highest levels of visuals, Metro Exodus becomes the most demanding game we've been able to track down out of all of them. It really brings out everything from any graphics card or processor power. Even the most powerful cards on the planet are still struggling to reach 40fps with this title, so gear up before installing the mighty game.

Tips On How To Run A Tough Game

Competing with a demanding game without a great PC or gaming laptop is like going to war with a broken guitar. First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re in for the task ahead technically. Make sure your PC has at least the recommended specs for the game you’re about to play, if not the advanced settings in terms of power, RAM, graphics card and even memory.

Second, don’t just beat yourself about how slow your PC is. Most of the time, it’s not its fault but yours. Make sure all of the drivers in the terminal are up to date, and even initiate a system upgrade if there are some good, reasonably priced pieces you can buy on the go. Third, physically clean your laptop or PC. It makes a TON of a difference when running demanding games.