Chances are, if you’ve ever played a video game before, and you’ve had, one of the very first ones must’ve been a shooter. This genre of games has been around ever since the inception of the industry. One of the very first games ever made, Gun FIght, or Western Gun, was a shooter made into an arcade that forever changed the way people saw and understood fun time.

Since then, shooters have turned into an industry of their own, with countless annual releases and hundreds, if not thousands of titles that have all enjoyed popularity and amazing communities built around them. It’s not easy to come up with a list of the very best shooters. But a good try? That’s what we’re willing to give you with this ultimate list of FPS games of all time.

The Definition Of A Great FPS

Before diving into the matter, let’s look at the characteristics of a great shooter. What makes the ultimate shooter? First, it has to do with weapons. The more weapons, and the more diverse the arsenal at your disposal, the better. Second, it has to do with looks, mainly camera angles. That’s why most great shooters are first-person shooters, or FPS. Third, missioning and multiplayer. The better the shooter, the greater the missions, and multiplayer options.

Best Shooters Of All Time

Listing the top 100 shooters of all time here was not in our books. We’ve searched far and wide and disposed of 93 of those 100 best shooters ever made. Leaving you with these 7 titles you may or may not know, but probably do. If you don’t, you’re ready for a few days of trying some new, incredible shooter games from this ultimate, best FPS games ever made!

F.E.A.R. - One of the first horror shooters that really stood out, F.E.A.R. is the ideal shooter for most situations. It's got monsters, big, colourful guns, and a ton of ways in which you can enjoy it. From 2005 onwards, this game has terrified the masses.

Call of Duty - Another legendary series, this time about the wars of the world, the military conflict simulator Call of Duty has become a staple of the FPS genre. It's mainly the shooter after which every other shooter has been made. An inspiration for the industry.

Half-Life 2 - Ever since its release in 2004, Half-Life 2 has forever changed the way people enjoyed their shooters. Wanna fight aliens by throwing toilets at them? Fine, do it! Finding its stride with the sequel, Half-Life 2 is still holding up strong!

Bulletstorm - Coming out in 2011, this particular game is now on the rise, 10+ years later, as it's slowly becoming a favorite especially with streamers. It looks great, it works great, it is great! It is one of the densest, most vibrant FPS games ever made.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Here's the game you've heard of even if you've never played a video game ever before! PUBG is one of the most played games in the world right now. It introduced a new genre, Battle Royale, and now has 100s of millions of fans across the globe.

Best Shooters Of Today And Tomorrow

Now when it comes to the shooters of today, and of tomorrow, there are a few titles that stand out. Mainly because they seem to be on top of the charts for eternity now. Let’s look into some of these incredible titles.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Very few shooters are as popular as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is THE team shooter you want to play. Tournaments, leagues, eSports superstars, are all a reality thanks to this title. If you can live through the tension, you'll make it victorious.

Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus - You can't have a FPS best games list without the OG, Wolfenstein. And this "New Colossus" title has reinvented the legendary series, bringing back even those players who've maybe stopped following the new titles. Killing those Nazis is now even more thrilling!

Metro Exodus - A more laid back and underground title, this game is completely driven by its story, which is mostly left on a second plan with FPS games. Blast through mutants in some hostile environments, making it out alive and eager to tell the tale of how you pushed through it all.

Doom Eternal - Finishing this list strong with the one, the only, DOOM Eternal. You've never really been scared by a video game before playing a DOOM title, really. This is the pinnacle of FPS games, the most creative and exhilarating shooter of the last few years. It's a must even if shooters aren't your thing. They will be, after trying DOOM out.