Upcoming games are always a fun thing to look forward to for gamers of all types and from all corners of the globe. There’s just something so amazing about being the first in the virtual line when a new title gets to be released. Grabbing it the moment it comes out, and then installing it and going on with its single player, or jump straight online to level up your heroes, like it’s the case with a phenomenal MMORPG.

When it comes to the best upcoming games of 2021, the list down below is pretty much the only one you’ll ever need this year. We’ll start with a few games that are about to be released in the coming weeks and months. Then, we’ll look at some expected titles for the later part of 2021, games that are going to be put out for the holiday season.

Best Upcoming Games of 2021

With so many gaming releases this year, putting together a list with the very best future games of 2021 is no easy feat. Yet we’ve done our best to look for the very best, the ones we are sure you’ll enjoy and are looking forward to. Here are the most expected games of the next weeks and months.

RESIDENT EVIL 8: VILLAGE - With a release date set on May 7th, this episode of Resident Evil promises to be spectacular. "Village" is set in a Transylvania-inspired place, where enemies look and act like werewolves, and the perspective you have on the environment is claustrophobic, just as you'd expect from the first-person series. It is terrifying, in all the best ways. The game also launches with the RE: VERSE, the online multiplayer mode for deathmatches. This mode lets gamers play with some of the most famous characters in all of the 25-year history of the genre.

MASS EFFECT LEGENDARY EDITION - Planned for release on May 15th, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a jump back in time to the SSV Normandy, for a great reunion with Liara, Garrus, and the rest of the crew, for a modern makeover. The Legendary Edition of the acclaimed game is a remake of the trilogy, a transformation of the original into the modern, the high-definition resolution, the faster frames per second, the more enjoyable visuals. Every single DLC and contents of the trilogy will be added, in 4k Ultra HD quality.

DEATHLOOP - Set to be released on May 21st, Deathloop is another Arkane creation. Set on the island of Balckreef, a fictional place, two acclaimed killers turn towards one another. Waiting for the release of Deathloop, one can online imagine the creativity, the inventiveness, and the details Arkane Lyon will put into this new, legendary release.

BIOMUTANT - Here's a game nobody was even aware of it being prepared for release. This game presents a mysterious, vibrant world as per its trailer, which has made gamers look forward to it with open hearts. As far as gameplay goes, the game will focus on RPG, as well as character creation. Biomutant also comes with a Karma System, as well as a ton of locations that are attractive and fun, from snow-covered mountains to lifeless desserts. Biomutant will come out on May 25th.

BACK 4 BLOOD - Coming out on June 18th, Back 4 Blood is a new masterful release from the people who've brought us Left 4 Dead. This time, you'll be fighting with your buddies against Ridden, some zombified humans who are covered with parasites. You may enjoy the release as a member of a four-player co-op all along with the Story Mode, but also as a competitor in the multiplayer where you turn yourself into a zombie, chasing your terrified pals around the maps.

Best Games Of Late 2021

Later in 2021, there’s a few games one should also keep an eye open for. Here are just two examples of what’s to come later in the year.

HUMANKIND - This new historical turn-based strategy game is filled with tactical elements, 60 historical cultures from all over humanity, and how important fame and battling were in our history. It's set to release on August 17th.

FAR CRY 6 - One of the most awaited titles of the year, the sixth Far Cry is set for release sometime in the latter part of the year. This is the first Far Cry with a city setting in it, so that's something to look forward to.

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