Fortnite is one of the most appreciated games that have ever been made. It works for both the lonely and the team player. You can become whoever you want to be in the game, which gives this shooter an allure of MMORPG, without the massiveness of an open-world like you’d in World of Warcraft. Fortnite has many secrets, and so if you want to discover it, you better start with these 10 tips on how to play Fortnite like a complete pro!

Fortnite in 100 words

There might be some of you who’ve stumbled upon this piece by mistake. For those of you, here’s what you need to know about Fortnite. This game was launched back in 2017. It is an online game that lets you do pretty much whatever you want. It’s a free Battle Royale game, but also allows you to watch a concert, fight with your enemies, or friends, or even build a city, or an island. You become whoever you want to be in Fortnite, hence the massive popularity.

Top 10 Fortnite tips

We’ve scattered the entire internet, forum by forum, and blog by blog, to bring you this list of the most important 10 tips for playing Fortnite. These are not cheats, nor easy ways to get by with the game, just tips that will help you ease into the gameplay and make the most out of it!

Where do you start?

Starting the round right will increase your chances of making it to the end. Jump on structures for more loot. Jump remotely if you want to be able to breathe better. Landed? Get out into the open, grab a gun, and start collecting resources.

Gear specs

Begin to recognise the sounds chests are making to ensure you're in proximity of a great gear item. Search for weapons in basements and attics. There are six colours, from grey which is common, to gold, the mythic gear.

Take cover

Probably the best tip for Fortnite is to learn how to hide. Taking cover and surviving for as much as possible during a round is key. Find cover spots even when going for a run over the map. Bushes are your best friends.


New areas need to be explored with caution. New structures mean new bases, and players. Damaged buildings say the same things. In a word, learn to read the surroundings, listen and see, to discover the opponent before they stumble upon you.


Consumables are a key part of Fortnite. Supplies come from everywhere, including chests and fallen foes. They recover your shield and health, so they're very handy as a reserve. Don't carry them around for long, just use them! An unused potion is an embarrassment after being taken down...

Power of height

In a game where everyone is looking for opponents, being higher than them is most of the times an advantage. Go up on buildings or over the hills, and make sure you get your cover going. Don't forget about those long-rangers...


In the small area of the endgame, when there's just a few of you left, cover is all you have to think about. It's about waiting and thriving under pressure. Bait other players, and keep yourself hidden until they come out. Slurp Juice is great for the endgame.


In this game in which everyone takes cover and even the smallest sounds are crucial, playing with a headset on is key. It's better for the immersion and you'll be more aware of everything happening around you.

The Dead Player Trap

Some loot on the ground, right next to the corpse of a defeated player? Be careful! As inviting as it might look, the killer might be just around the three to the left. Ready for his next sneaky attack...

Building as a weapon

There's no better way to go about Fortnite than building upon your next attack. While in cover, build upon your next few shots. Take them, and then build on the next ones. These fights will take longer, but will leave you with full health and more resources.

Bonus: 3 Fortnite secrets

Fortnite has many secrets, but the best ones? Hiding in plain sight! Here’s three of them you can use during your next round.

-Weapon use - Snipers are great from afar, terrible from up close. Shotguns take care of closer targets. Submachine guns are great for quick fire, but terrible when afar. Crossbows have no limits on shots.

-Do not hide for too long - Try engaging in firefights as soon as the battle begins. There’s plenty of time for hiding and planning as the map goes smaller. Players feel vulnerable by the start of the round, so take advantage of it.

-Runners - Whenever you hear someone running away from you, that’s a clear indication they’re either low on life, or have terrible weapons. Don’t waste another second, go right after them, and take them out.