Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a stunningly immersive and highly engaging construction and management simulation game brought to you by Frontier Developments, the creators of the beloved game Planet Coaster and the venerable Zoo Tycoon series.

Step into a world where nature reigns supreme, as you nurture your very own global zoo. Your mission is to build habitats, manage animals, and keep visitors happy to ensure your zoo's success. It's a game that combines advanced technology, beautiful graphics, and a profound respect for nature to create a remarkable gaming experience.

Key Features:

  1. Authentic Animals: The game features a large array of lifelike, interactive animals that behave, interact and react just like their real-world counterparts. Watch them explore their habitats, socialize, and even breed to create the next generation.
  2. Detailed Management Tools: You are in complete control of every aspect of your zoo's operation. This includes hiring and managing staff, dealing with financials, tweaking pricing, and ensuring that both animals and visitors are happy.
  3. Creative Freedom: The game provides players with an unprecedented level of creative freedom. Build detailed habitats, place shops and facilities, and design landscapes down to the last pebble.
  4. Global Community: With Planet Zoo's online features, you can share your unique creations with the world, or download the most popular habitats and designs from other players in the community.
  5. Conservation Focus: Planet Zoo emphasizes the importance of wildlife conservation. Your zoo is not just for show, it's a place to educate your visitors about the wonderful creatures that inhabit our planet and the importance of protecting them.

Downloadable Content (DLCs):

The developers of Planet Zoo have released numerous DLCs since the game's launch, continually expanding the roster of animals and adding new gameplay features.

  1. South America Pack: This DLC pack introduces five new animals, over 250 new scenery pieces, and offers players a chance to build their dream jungle-themed environment.
  2. Australia Pack: Embrace the Land Down Under with this DLC pack, offering five iconic Australian animals, and a plethora of unique, regional scenery options.
  3. Arctic Pack: Journey to the poles with this DLC, introducing four new cold-weather creatures and over 200 new icy-themed building items.
  4. Aquatic Pack: Dive into a new aspect of zoo management with five new water-dwelling species and a host of underwater plants, decorations, and facilities.
  5. Southeast Asia Animal Pack: This DLC adds eight amazing animals native to Southeast Asia, letting you enrich your zoo with diverse fauna from this vibrant region.

Planet Zoo is a must-have for simulation game fans and animal lovers alike. It provides a mix of fun gameplay and educational value that is hard to beat. Discover the beauty and challenges of managing a living, breathing ecosystem today!

Planet Zoo Base Games:

Planet Zoo Standard Edition Includes:


✅ Planet Zoo Base Game

Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition Includes:


✅ Planet Zoo Base Game

✅ Three unique animals: Pygmy Hippopotamus, Thomson’s Gazelle and Komodo Dragon

✅ Set of Wallpapers

✅ Original Soundtrack by JJ Ipsen

Addons for Planet Zoo:

Who should buy Planet Zoo game?

Planet Zoo is an excellent choice for a wide variety of gamers. Here are some groups who might particularly enjoy it:

  1. Simulation Game Fans: Anyone who enjoys simulation and management games, such as Zoo Tycoon, Planet Coaster, or the Sims, will likely find Planet Zoo to be right up their alley. It provides detailed control over the operations of your zoo and the animals within it.
  2. Animal Lovers: The game features a plethora of different animals, each with its own unique behaviours and requirements. If you love animals and enjoy learning about them, you will probably find Planet Zoo fascinating.
  3. Creative Minds: Planet Zoo provides players with an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to designing and customising their zoo. If you enjoy being creative and designing unique environments, this game could be a great outlet for your creativity.
  4. Educators and Parents: The game has a strong educational component, with a focus on animal care and conservation. It can be a great tool for teaching kids about animals, their habitats, and the importance of conservation.
  5. Strategists: If you like strategy and planning, you'll love managing the finances, layout, and overall strategy of running a successful zoo.
    Community Engagers: Players who enjoy sharing their creations with others or engaging with a vibrant online community will also find Planet Zoo rewarding.
  6. Nature Enthusiasts: Those with a deep appreciation for nature and the environment will enjoy creating natural habitats for the animals and the game's emphasis on conservation and sustainability.

In essence, Planet Zoo is for anyone who enjoys a deep and engaging simulation game that blends creativity, management, and a passion for animals. It's an immersive game that can be enjoyed at your own pace, whether you want to build the world's best zoo, focus on saving endangered species, or just create a beautiful space for your virtual visitors.