With the constant rise of the PC and its gaming powers, consoles have sometimes been put in a secondary position in gaming. But fortunately, the mighty console never let go and continued to perform as gamers would expect from such a fury machine. Even in the golden era of the personal computer, this device can never be outperformed by a calculator.

What makes the console versus PC battle so unique and serious is releasing the games on both gadgets, thus letting the gamer decide which one they’re most comfortable to play on. It’s not a battle of performance anymore, but of taste, style, fingers management (yes we heard it too!) and personal choice. If you do choose the console, the benefits are greater.

Why Play On A Console

Why is it that a gaming console is far superior to a personal computer? If it’s not obvious, here are some things to keep in mind. One, the gaming console is just that, a device made specifically for gaming, such as the Xbox, does just that, runs games at the best quality possible. On PCs, you can do many other tasks, as it is natural to have broader use.

Two, consoles let you play your favourite games on the largest screen in your home. If you’ve got a 2-meter TV in your living room, you can play your top games on it. This makes the entire experience so much more immersive, and real. Three, gaming consoles are now the first to get the best games before they reach the PC. Just a few years back, the situation was the opposite.

The Best Selling Xbox Games Of 2021 And Before

Xbox from Microsoft is one of the most important gaming consoles ever made, and still is in the top two consoles alongside the Playstation from Sony. When you play a game on these devices, you’ll know why these consoles are so popular in a heartbeat. What are some of the best games you can play on your console in 2021? Here is our shortlist with the top 10!

Minecraft - Well excuse us for starting with the obvious! Minecraft is no longer just a game. It is a movement, a true symbol of the generation that grew up building worlds with nothing but pixelated blocks. And loved every single second of it. This little popular game grew up to be one of the worldwide phenomenons of the gaming industry. Now on the Xbox, Minecraft is surely one game that's available to all age groups and nationalities, because it speaks the same universal language of building worlds. Which is, after all, one of the all-time greatest motives in video gaming history.

Cyberpunk 2077 - One of the most anticipated games of the decade, Cyberpunk 2077 delivered, but then also underdelivered on some parts. Met with not just positive but also negative reviews, this game is all about exploring and living that 4K gaming life people are all raving about. In this game, the main character can be personalized to the maximum, as well as the actual story and progression of the storyline. You basically do whatever you wish to do out of your character and happenings, in the metropolis of Night City, where V needs to discover who he really is. Are you up for helping him find himself?

Anthem - The mighty gods have left this world unfinished, their creation blocked by unseen forces. A new faction comes up from the very shadows of the evil, seeing the opportunity to destroy the work of the gods, and as the evil emerges, the chances of salvation are getting slimmer by the hour. You are the only one left to defend the humans from entering complete, irreversible chaos. With a power that comes from ancient times under their belt, the mighty Dominions are preparing to strike. Get your team and hero ready and start saving the world right away. There is no time to be wasted in this land of might and magic.

A Way Out - This game for Xbox starts as a breakout. When things go bad though, as you'd expect from such an event, terrible happenings unfold. This is one unique, unpredictable and emotional journey, no doubt there! Although playable by one's self, the game is best experienced when there are two gamers at the time commanding the two main characters. This is how the game was thought beforehand by the producers of the title. Vincent and Leo are ready to go and escape their prison term. Over a bond that's unbreakable, the two are ready to get out of prison once and for all. But when everything can go wrong and goes wrong, the only thing that will keep the duo alive is their vows to one another.

Battlefield 4 - Presented in the Premium Edition by Egaming, Battlefield 4 comes with all of the fixings of a game that's battling and war and military training all in one. The Premium membership made especially for the Xbox is coming with 5 expansions of the base game, all of which are themed differently, thus allowing you to enjoy hours upon hours of new, fresh, and different content for the single and multiplayer games. The game in this version comes with over 20 maps, as well as new models, vehicles of war, weapons and fighters. In this most celebrated war simulator ever made, the Xbox surely can put the visuals into a greater perspective.

The Outer Worlds - One of the most anticipated games of the few last years, The Outer Worlds puts you in a deep sleep before the story begins. As you wake up from this coma, you start to make sense of your surroundings, which is a colonist ship that got lost in transit, before reaching the very end of the known galaxy. You're left with nothing, and abandoned for decades, and after so much nothingness, you are waking up right into the middle of a conspiracy. The colony Halcyon is in danger, and as you explore the vast space, in which every creature is desperate for power, you become whoever you want to be. Either good and helpful for your folks, or a pirate and evil to those who cross your path.

The Sims 4 - Many gamers lived for years under the impression that some games are just for the PC. However imaginative they'd be, they just could not see a few titles transported to a machine such as the Xbox. Well, they were very wrong! The Sims 4, one of the most popular PC games ever made, has now made it to the console, and in a big way. Everything good about the personal computer version of this legendary title has been made better with the help of greater graphics, impeccable controls, and new and improved functions. One take at the Xbox version of Sims 4 is enough to convert you forever to the console version of the famous character and world builder.

Watch Dogs 2 - While the first Watch Dogs was a good game, the second title of the series is when the designer really started to get a feel of just what the fans want from the franchise. In this second title, you will team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers who are ready to tackle one of the largest hacks in the history of mankind. As the mission goes, they have to take over the ctOS 2.0, the most invasive system in the world. The OS has been taken over by criminal minds, who are now controlling the population by monitoring their every move and taking a stand on what they can and cannot do. Freeing their existence is your goal.

FIFA 21 - Out of all of the games out there that are made for consoles now more than for the PC, FIFA and its series has to be one of the most important. The gaming community transitioning more and more from the personal computer to consoles such as the Xbox has made it possible for designers to put more work into these versions of their titles. FIFA 21 is the ultimate way to enjoy the pristine graphics and high-quality sounds, as well as the best mechanics of the football simulator that absolutely everybody plays. It's the closest you'll get to a field without putting on shoes.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag - This fourth instalment of Assassin's Creed is not new. It was released years ago but still, according to the statistics from Xbox (and our own Egaming ones) the "Black Flag" title of the series is one of the most famous even today. In this game, you play the role of a good-intended assassin, roaming the streets of the ancient city and taking down pirates from where they don't belong. Or helping them if your own life is on the line. Befriend the devil until you pass the river, as they say. With superb graphics and mechanics, Black Flag is a joy for the eyes and hands.

Forza Horizon 4 - The main reason why this out of all racing games makes it on this list is the realism you can only experience on the latest Xbox consoles. The game literally puts you in the driver's seat of a racing car, which goes as fast as they'd go in real life. You get behind the wheel and can freely explore the majestic beauty of historical parts of Britain, all while you drive one of the many hundreds of cars, the best ones ever made. The racer is displayed in perfect 4K Ultra HD format, ready for all of the high-end television sets that can replay the settings for the incredible native graphics, all at 60 frames per second. The image looks and feels real, and the more you play, the more your eyes will adjust to it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - One unique Call of Duty, which runs as smooth as it can run on an Xbox machine, Cold War is that ultimate experience that the Black Ops series can bring. It even has zombies, a singular and unique addition to any CoD title. As far as the story goes, you will be put in the middle of the battle for power and geopolitical turmoil, set in the beginning of the 1980s. First impressions don't matter here, as nothing is what it looks like in the first place. In the main campaign game, you are all alone and on your own, and have to figure things out as you go by.

Most Anticipated 2022 Console Games

Now that we’ve noted the best games you can still play on your console in 2021, let’s look at the main releases of 2022. Which are some of the games that gamers all over the world are waiting for with their heart beating strong in their chest? It’s all about that personal taste here!

Dying Light 2 - The second instalment of the now-famous game, Dying Light 2 is a continuation and betterment of the first game. The open-world and the zombie-kicking game is now elevated to new heights, and the gamers looking forward to it will be able to play it starting February of 2022.

God of War: Ragnarok - Nobody in the realm, not even Death or the Sisters of Fate, could never hold him back. Now Kratos is back and once again, the God of War. His story is far from over, and as you move back into it, you start by picking up the pace from the 2018 ending of the tale. Ready? This bestseller is back and in a huge way!

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Interested in a new Pokemon game? How about one you can play on the Xbox? In Pokemon Legends: Arceus you will be transported back in time when pokemon old and new are ready to be captured. Are you ready to catch'em all?