They say you should know your history better than your possible future, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. This is why history-themed video games are so popular, or is it a mix between historical facts and strategy, action, and fun? Probably the latter, but we digress. The truth is, history is important, which makes history video games so popular and cool.

How can something that has to do with history be cool? Well, for starters, most extremely popular video games have a thing or two to do with history. If you were to think about five video games right now, chances are at least 3 of them have something to do with history. Think Age of Empires, or maybe Assassin’s Creed, just to name two of the most famous titles of all.

History Video Games, An Introduction

What makes a great, reputable history-themed video game? These games are usually either from the strategy or the RPG categories, but that’s not a rule. You can also find action games, puzzles, even sports that have to do with history, so in terms of category, there’s no definitive rules as to which one is better. It’s all up to what you enjoy playing, after all, isn’t it?

One definitive quality of a great history game is the accuracy. The more points it scores on the historical facts norm, the better. It means that the team behind it hasn’t just put together some levels and made them seem like they’re factual. Another crucial trait of great history-themed games is the mechanics, the freedom to do what you desire, and the many possible endings.

Our Best Selling History Games

Now that you’ve read through our introduction, here’s what you’ve been looking for all along. This is our definitive list of the best history-related video games you can play right now and are available on Egaming. Find one or more that you like, download them with our instant access service, and have at it in a heartbeat.

Sid Meier's Civilization 5 V - Gamers who're into strategy and RPG know about Sid Meier and his incredible series. Civilization 5 is one of the pinnacle of strategy games, the most revered and exciting titles you can play in the genre. Presented in the Complete Edition on Egaming, you can rest assured you're getting your money's worth out of this particular bundle. Prepare to go through ages of history while you build your empire from the ground up. A game released in 2010, Civilization V is still at the top of the charts when it comes to historic strategy games.

Command and Conquer - Coming to you as an Ultimate Collection bundle on our site, Command and Conquer is the amazing simulator of history and survival through wars and despair. The main proposition of this title is as simple as they get: raise an army, establish an unbreakable base, and then put fear into the hearts of your enemies no matter how impressive they might be! Stop at nothing to erect the powers of your empire with every strategic move that you make. Command, and then conquer, just as the title suggests, going through each of the titles in this collection, one of the best ever made.

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin - This is one of the most acclaimed secondary titles in any series of history-related games. "Destination Berlin" is a game that must be tried by all who're into simulators, war, and historical accuracy. In this game, you’re taking over a team of commandos as you move towards victory in the Second World War, the most important military conflict in the world. Travel from France straight into the base of the Third Reich, killing the beast from inside out, while taking as many precautions as you can battling one of the most notorious evil forces to have ever existed on the planet.

Conan Exiles - Many are the legends about Conan the Barbarian, one of the most famous heroes in history. Said to have lived right after the disappearance of Atlantis, Conan is a fictional character based on the warriors of the Cimmerian people. In this game, you follow the hero as he battles through the lands and makes a name out of himself, surviving even the most impossible quests in what is one of the most acclaimed MMORPGs in existence. You get your fair share of MMO elements like mounts, combat, legendary lands and items, as well as a mix of PvP and PvE that enhance your entire experience.

Age of Empires - Coming to you in the Definitive Edition by Egaming, this is the ultimate history-related gaming experience you can get. It follows no actual historical tale, but it allows you to make your own, starting with the very first blue or red-tiled house. Expanding your little settlement into the ultimate empire is all that you need to care for in the development of the gameplay. If you can do that, you can master the entire thing. Age of Empires needs no introduction to all of us. It's the game that most of us started with. And it will always be there for us.

Age of Wonders III - Presented by Egaming in the Deluxe Edition, Age of Wonders the third is another example of how incredible and nostalgic a game about history can prove to be so exciting even ages after its release. This particular title, AoW III, focuses on your powers to run an empire and erect the most impressive, out-of-this-world wonders on this planet. You can also raid over 50 locations with your men, and then expand on your grounds and settlements as you cater for the needs of your troops and meet their demands. It's history in the making, this game, and you're its maker.

Oriental Empires - If you're ready for a journey down ancient lanes, get Oriental Empires right now. This is one of the most history-driven, challenging, and powerful overall strategy gaming experiences you could wish for. Get ready to take full control over your city,  starting with a tribe, and be part of this history in the making of China. Grow your troops of brave warriors, as well as your villages, towns, and borders into one of the most important empires ever to exist. Turn China, one of the most fascinating places in the world, into your ultimate playground of war, strategy, gains and losses.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - If some history games have some history in them that's accurate, this game is the exact opposite of that. It's nothing but fiction but based on one of the most gruesome, important conflicts in the history of humanity. "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" is about you trying to get rid of the dreadful Nazi Army and its leader, SS commander Himmler, before his men and magic powers forever turn the world into chaos. Many say that this was the start of the shooter genre, and we'll not get into that. We just think this is a classic, and one you should try regardless of your preferences.

The Saboteur - Many were the saboteurs of history, and much trouble they caused. Or did they? Regardless, this title is as impressive as the name. A new take on the gameplay-related to World War II, The Saboteur is an open-world action game set in Nazi-occupied Europe. It combines the freedom of single-player stealth with the racing gameplay and the third-person shooter elements. The player becomes the hero and turns into an obsessive vendetta to the Nazi regime, with good intentions for getting rid of the bad. It's up to you if you're going to make it or break it.

Company of Heroes 2 - Coming to you in the Master Collection edition from Egaming, Company of Heroes 2 is the ultimate game about camaraderie, fighting, war and historical reenactment in a free-form way. Join the battle now and sprint towards victory in one of the most acclaimed RTS titles about World War II ever made. And with such an incredible deal presented by the Master Collection, you'll get your hands on some sweet extras like The Western Front Armies, The British Forces, Victory at Stalingrad and other packs and expansions. Make the most out of this game by personalising your experience to the maximum.

Port Royale 3 - Whenever we think about the Caribbean, we think of smooth sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, boats sailing in the distance carried away by the silky winds and the calm waves. But this hasn't always been the case in these parts of the world. In the 17th Century, these islands and waters weren't as heavenly as they are now. When forces like Spain, England, France and the Netherlands were fighting to overtake these islands, there was more blood than the water around the beaches of heaven. Port Royale 3 is the game that tells this bloody story, and you're the main protagonist.

Battlefield 3 - Although a shooter and not much of a historical game in a conventional way, we couldn't leave Battlefield out of this list. It screams perfection, action, excitement, battling and teamwork, this title. This series is the pinnacle of the FPS genre, no doubt, with intense gameplay, a massive environment, and a hot, everchanging battling system. Explore the battlefield as you turn yourself into the ultimate shooter, strategist, and hero overall. Fight the dangers of the planet by turning you and your men into fighting machines, and stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

How To Win At History Games

With so many amazing titles at hand now, you should be ready to dive right into some that caught your eyes. But don’t rush into it just yet until you read our tips on how to win at history games! The best news is, you don’t have to be a history teacher in order to do well on these games. Not even a history major! All you need is a bit of practice, and you’re off!

Passion - The first thing you should put on when you play a game of strategy, RTS or whatever else has a historic theme is passion. You will learn tons about the game mechanics and whatnot if you’re 100% dedicated to the process. And this can only be achieved through passion. If you simply don’t like historical facts, events, or anything having to do with it, you won’t find the urge to play and learn the secrets of the game. Passion is at the core of these games, it’s the best way to approach any new title.

Facts vs. fiction - A great deal of historic games are based on facts. And then, a ton of them are just fiction. When it comes to this part of the deal, you can go for the fact-based titles, which may require you to know a thing or two about history and important events, or you can go for the fiction-based games, which are basically fantasy made to look like historical happenings. It’s all up to you, of course, the fun is usually the same. Factual games are usually more challenging, as they are made to a specific script. Fictional history ones, on the other hand, offer a more free experience, as you can literally write the history yourself.

Practice - Lastly, what you need to do in order to master any history-based game, or any title for that matter, is to practice a lot by playing them. Learn the rules, the commands, the way you can make the experience your own. Try all of the modes, both single-player and multiplayer ones, the different campaigns, and make sure you leave no stone unturned. And when the harder levels or missions come up, don’t give up. Practice, practice, practice! Great leaders of history had no idea what giving up is. They kept trying until they turned victorious. Or failed, but kept their head high and then tried it again.