Welcome to this new buying guide, this time for those of you who are into building. What do you like to build? Well, for one there’s cities. It’s just something so satisfying seeing the next great virtual megalopolis come up from nothing. You start with a few buildings, some roads, and maybe one or two intersections. And soon enough, you’ve got an entire city at your disposal.

Another thing is building worlds. Everyone loves to see fantasy places being built on devices, regardless if they’re fortresses, or entire empires. We then adore to defend them, or put our people to battle when we want to expand our fantastic worlds even further. Regardless of your type, this buying guide will serve as your ultimate list into building games, so keep on reading.

What Makes A Great Builder

Games in the city and world building genre have been around for a lot of time, but they do have some ancestors. They’re not the oldest type of games out there, as these huge world erecting games are much more demanding in terms of resources. Hence they need newer computers to be able to run smoothly. Because of this, most world builders are relatively new and sharp.

A great city builder like Cities: Skyline is the perfect example of what a successful game in this genre is all about. You’ve got the amazing user interface, complete with way too many options, some might say, the pristine graphics, the unlimited expansion and the many features you can choose to customize your next megacity the way you want it to be. In a word: customizable!

This is the main feature of a legendary builder, customization. How customizable your world really is, that’s what separates the good from the incredible, when it comes to city and world building. Another aspect of a great builder is the freedom it gives you in terms of financials. It’s one thing to play a free builder, and another to play one that asks for real world cash.

Our Bestselling World And City Building Games

If you’ve paid attention thus far, you know what the brief history of city builders is, as well as what constitutes an incredible game in this category. Egaming is always on the lookout for titles that have to do with city and world building, so the list you’re about to read through below is always growing. Here are our favorites from our current offer.

Cities: Skylines - Presented by Egaming in the Deluxe Edition, this is the pinnacle of city building as we know it. "Skylines" lets you build the ultimate megalopolis starting with just a few simple houses and roads. You have to put in the work though, not just the hours but also the technique and strategy. You cannot do things just because you feel like it. One tiny mistake can overthrow the entire neighbourhood, or city, into chaos. When the city is somewhat done, you can always add some more features and buildings to it. And when you're "done" done, the managing part of the game has just begun.

Cities XL Platinum - Building cities has always been on the minds of gamers from all over the world ever since arcade times. There's just something about being able to create an entire metropolis from the ground up, it's simply driving gamers nuts. Cities XL Platinum is one game you can rely on when talking about making a city come to life that was just in your imagination moments ago. It gives you the entire spectrum of features and options to sink your soul into the ultimate builder. More than 1000 buildings are at the ready, as well as over 60 maps and 50 brand new structures, making for the ultimate experience.

Surviving Mars - In this game, you start a new human life on Mars, the mystical Red Planet that has fascinated mankind for generations. As you colonize Mars and discover its secrets, you will try to avoid as many casualties as you can. What is more unique than building a city and hence a new life on another planet? Yes, that's what we thought when adding this particular game to our list of must try world builders. You'll rely on resources heavily throughout the game, with the most important being oxygen. Don't run out of it, as that will lead to life's end.

Tropico 4 - Made into the special Steam edition on our website, Tropico 4 is the ultimate builder for lovers of classic leadership. Become El Presidente and rule your people with an iron's fist. Demand and offer with control, as this will also keep things under your belt for as long as you can maintain a balance of the two aspects. Slip out of it and the people will rise against you. Negotiate peace or war with many superpowers, elect your ministries and other officials, and bribe your way towards unlimited leadership. There are no rules when it comes to expanding your empire but the ones you set for yourself.

Port Royale 3 - Enter the Caribbean Islands, where the war on land and resources is an evergoing event. Powers as massive as Spain, England, or France are all ready to give it their all to take over these amazing islands, a true Paradise on Earth. Port Royale takes some elements from actual history and turns them into customizable happenings, which you have complete control over. Make what you wish out of the turbulent history of these islands, and create a world in which nobody is able to defeat your forces. Regardless if you're an Adventurer or a Trader, you're in for days of fun.

Europa Universalis IV - This series of games is notorious for the world-building capabilities with medieval-to-modern themes for buildings, people, adventures and mishaps. You will go through 400 years of history in a game that's part strategy, part building, and part historic events. You are literally god over nations, as they move through the most important parts of mankind's history, the Renaissance, the Revolutions, and many more all the way to the modern world of today. Made by Paradox Studios, this game is surely one to write home about, and the level of customization put into it really speaks volumes as it makes it a great title for all gamers.

Prison Architect - Sure, most city and world builders are general, taking gamers through erecting a beautiful settlement like a modern town, a medieval fortress, or even a new colony on a distant planet. Prison Architect does just that, turning you, the gamer, into a maker of a prison. Complete with cells, yards, wards, offices, and detention facilities. You run the whole thing from top to bottom, and your decisions will directly influence the good or bad nature of your inmates. Make sure you respect their needs and rights as best as you can, and keep them out of harm's way. Which is the biggest challenge of them all.

Big Pharma - Worldbuilders don't always have to be about building an actual world with buildings and lands. A game such as Big Pharma is also part of this category, although the world you're building is inside a pharmaceutical conglomerate. As you might've guessed, Big Pharma focuses on producing and then selling drugs to the masses, all from your own factories and stores. Build your pharmaceutical empire and become the top seller and producer of meds for all diseases on earth. Will you be gentle and do things the right way, or will you thrive on the misfortunes of the sick and dying?

Tricky Towers - A game that's a builder and a puzzler and then some? Tricky Towers is about building, well, some tricky buildings that may or may not collapse at any moment. If you're careful enough they will reach the stars. If not, you won't be able to reach the second floor. It all depends on dexterity, movements, and patience. Also, it helps that you know the spells from the book, just so that you can perform some magic to erect the towers further, or to face the wrath of your enemies. Skills required here are engineering, magic, and life itself.

ARK Survival Evolved - Chances are, if you're into builders as a gamer, you also love survival titles. Well, this game is about both of those extremely appreciated genres. ARK begins with you as a stranded man or woman on a mysterious island right in the middle of the ocean. You start by gathering some food first and then harvest the other resources that you need in order to, of course, start building on your home and items around it. Then, you move one level higher and grow a source of energy, researching your way to building new houses and features to keep you away from harm's way.

Kerbal Space Program - Here's a builder and simulator combined into one sweet, animated space-themed game. Kerbal Space Program makes you into the chief engineer of a space program, called Kerbal, in which you have to build and float a spacecraft through space. Based on physics, data, and science, the game will have you build this world of yours and only let you enjoy it, as in fly it, if it fits certain rules. Once the spacecraft has been done, you have to launch it into space with the crew, and keep the creatures alive, which is another adventure in itself.

Northgard - Ending this list right with this viking-themed simulator and world builder. Introducing Northgard, a game that's about worlds, stories, legendary heroes, and building your viking village from scratch. If you're just now starting to realise just how amazing viking games are, you're in the right place with Northgard. Start by exploring the lands with many dangers, treasures, and other mysteries. Enjoy the quests, the adventure, the magic and the melee battles. And then, build your new settlements on the brand new continent of Northgard. Make your viking into a farmer, a warrior, or a sailor, and reach for the legendary status with them.

The Fundamentals Of City And World Building

Now that we’ve covered the best city and world building games Egaming has to offer, we’ll take a closer look at the tips and tricks, or the strategies gamers should look into when starting to play these games. What are the best ways to go about these games?

Practice - As with any game, you have to practice its main elements before you can truly dive into the gameplay. With builders, it’s easier said than done because every element, such as for example infrastructure, apartments, industrial areas, fun facilities and malls, in a city builder, depend on one another. Just by practicing building these and failing at them a couple of times will you be able to truly master the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

Patience - Practice and fail as much as you want, but you’ll never be able to move on to the next level without patience. As with any game, a great builder requires tons of patience from gamers. If you’re into shooters and world destroyers, maybe try those only! Building by building, road by road, and level by level, builders are made to be enjoyed by patient people. We’re so sorry if you’re not that kind of a person, and strongly advise you to learn that right away.

Power - Last but not least, power! If you want to master a city builder, you’ve got to make yourself into the most powerful manager that can ever be. And that’s only possible by perfectly timing your money and resources with your next objectives. Be one step ahead of the game and claim all that is yours, and when you do, don’t waste a single nickel on irrelevant stuff. Stick to the important matters at hand and rule your city, empire, or other world with a powerful fist.